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According to the Government’s policy, it is anticipated that mixing of 10% ethanol in petrol has a high potential, and thus has a potential for new ethanol projects to come up in India. The country’s yearly growth in petrol consumption is approximately 30 billion liters with annual growth of about 10%. Considering India’s existing petrol consumption of around 25 billion liters per annum, its present requirement of ethanol at the rate of 10 % mixing is around 2.5 billion liters per annum.

To achieve ultimate aim of mixing 22% ethanol in the petrol, it is not possible to meet demand with available feed stock. In order to meet the above requirement, alternative source such as biomass is an option to produce cellulosic alcohol in the near future. One such consulting firm that provides services to develop processes and plants is Satyan Consulting Engineers.
Journey of Satyan

Established in 2006 by Satish Yadnik, Satyan is a proprietary concern. It also develops ammonia stripping system, methanol recovery system and many other distillation systems especially for solvent recovery. Satyan Consulting Engineers was molded with an idea to provide process engineering support to distillery, starch, and evaporator market segments.

Satish is a Chemical Engineer and also completed his Business Management from Pune University. He is the corner stone of Satyan and seamlessly manages the functions of the company. He has a vast industrial experience and expertise in the field of distillery (alcohol technology); corn wet milling process for starch manufacturing, and evaporators for distilleries, chemical, pharmaceutical sector.

The technical team of Satyan Consulting Engineers is further strengthened by Sudhir Yadnik, a Mechanical Engineer with more than twenty-five years of experience in the field of design, fabrication, project planning, installation, and commissioning. The company consists of a small team of most competent & experienced process engineers in process design and process development.

Distinctive Services Offered by Satyan Consulting Engineers

Satyan delivers engineering solutions within a vast plethora of areas such as- General Consultancy, Feasibility study and report, Process Design Packages, Process Simulation, Process Modeling & Solution, Custom Solution, Energy Conservation, Process troubleshooting, Detail Engineering, Piping design and 3-D modeling, Project Management, and Commissioning and trouble shooting. 

The firm is known for its services to modernization, de-bottlenecking, and troubleshooting of existing plants. Its services to the process plant simulations, of distillation systems for industrial, potable, fuel alcohol, and evaporator, are notable. The company has configured numerous of most energy efficient distillation system based on the available energy. This was achieved by cascading distillation columns, using distillation column energy for evaporation, and evaporation by evaporator dryer vapors.

Noteworthy Associates & Clients of the Company
The company has long standing association with AdvanceBio LLC, located at DuPont Circle, Ohio, USA; with expertise in bio-based fuel and chemical consulting services & technology. The key persons, of AdvanceBio LLC Bipin Shroff has more than forty years of experience with equipment fabrication, ethanol plant design, project management experience including multiple biomass-based ethanol project. Services offered by AdvanceBio LLC include- technical due diligence, process design package, process trouble shooting & process, and technology upgradation.
For process plant automation, Satyan is closely working with a Pune-based Ditap-V Automation Pvt. Ltd. The company provides process support for wet milling corn starch technology to Meinhardt Group, a Singapore-based company.

Satyan also provides support to the pharmaceutical industry mainly in the field of solvent recovery system; it has designed one such system for methanol recovery with its associates Herring Plus Co. Ltd. The company is also associated and well acquainted with fish meal technology and works closely with its customer Janatha Fish Meal, one of the biggest manufacturers of fish meal and allied products in India and abroad.
The company provides technical consultation to Sri Renuka Sugars, in the process development in the area of design and process engineering in all their units located in India. It has also designed ethanol plant 300 KL/day capacity for one of their units in Brazil.

Major Assignments & Achievements
The company was honored with a fastest growing Indian consultancy company award, in the year 2014 held at Bangkok (Thailand) in the international achievers conference.

  • Design review and vetting complete engineering and design including process simulation for distillation plant based on grain in Bihar having capacity 100 Kl/day.
  • Design of one of the biggest bio methanation spent wash evaporation plant for Bajaj Hindustan 1600 M3/D supplied by KBK Chem Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
  • Design of evaporator plant for Birla sugar plant (Two Plant) supplied by Shri Samarth Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
  • Vetting of design and drawings for Chandigarh distilleries. Design review of pioneer distillery Pathankot for their grain based plant. Complete design review and project management for 30KL/D grain based alcohol plant.
  • 200 MT/day turnkey starch plant. 300KL/D ethanol project for Brazil distillery for shri Renuka Sugars.
  • Bajaj sugar- Plant by Shri Samarth Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune.
  • Kranthigrahi sugar- Plant by KBK Chem Pvt Ltd, Pune.
  • Rena sugar- Plant by Naran Lala Process
  • New swadeshi, Birla group- Plant by Shri Samarth Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune.
  • Seohora sugar, Birla group (Only Degasification)- Plant by Shri Samarth Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune.

Future Scope of Work
Speaking of the future of his company Satish asserts, “Satyan Consulting Engineers closely working with their associates and looking forward for a role as a process validation for such projects being setup in India & to be part of team for meeting government of India’s objective.”
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Engineering Consultants in 2018

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