Rooftop Ad Is the new way to go for this Taxi Provider

Rooftop Ad

Uber had drawn out a deal that encompasses putting ads of the rooftops of some of its vehicles in order to generate revenue so as to be able to compete with its so-called competitors, ”old school taxis”. Adweek stated that Uber had struck a deal with an Ad-Tech company Adomni which would start advertising on some of its vehicles from April 1st. While Uber could have involved third party companies such as Firefly for the advertisement of its brand, it involved this Ad tech company which had plans of its own.

Approximately 1000 vehicles would be carrying the rooftop ad initially. This association with Adomni would provide new business units for Uber. This provided a new business stream known as Uber OOH powered by Adomni. This business would be an extra source of revenue for Uber. Cargo systems had a partnership with Uber to provide in-car offerings such as beauty products and snacks.

Cargo had a deal with Uber in 2018 to provide accessories and snacks but had recently switched its platforms to car top advertisement. This ad display will consist of both the location and time of the day. These ads would be synced to Adomni Display. As Uber does not own its vehicles, they would have to provide the drivers with some incentives for them to want to install these ad boards on top of their vehicles. Uber would be walking a fine line as it would be immensely closer to looking like local taxis.

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