This app to have Top 10 viewing options to improve convenience


Netflix has been making it convenient for its users to keep a tab on what people are watching throughout the country by introducing its Top 10 features. The company’s blog stated that the subscribers would be made aware of the most popular titles and these series would keep on changing according to necessity.

Netflix feels that its subscribers can get a better understanding of what is trending by clicking on the individual movie and Tv series tab. Netflix first started this with the UK and Mexico in 2019. They felt that if the users wanted to watch what everybody else was watching, having such a top 10 series would be a better idea.

Towards the end of 2019, Netflix had released most of its popular Tv shows and movies with the exception of Disney Pixar’s Incredible’s 2. Every title on this list was a Netflix original. Netflix had lost many of its top titles from licensed studios including Disney, FX, Warner Bros, and NBC Universal. Netflix wanted to launch its own streaming services. This, in turn, makes the shows and movies that Netflix produces more beneficial to their platform.

The top 10 rows began from the 25th of February, 2020 and would be visible throughout different platforms and would be easy to distinguish from the rest.

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