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Technology and our increasing demand for security have put us all under surveillance. From its earliest stage, CCTV was only used by the few people who could afford it to monitor live video.  As it changed, it was primarily used by businesses to record video. Now because of the advancement to the field and the simplicity of the equipment, CCTV is being used by a broader group of people than ever. Most systems are now being sold to small business and homes for the purpose of live monitoring with mobile devices. People can view their cameras from anywhere and that peace of mind and security is the main attraction.
Passion for Pursuing Out-of-the-Box Solutions
With the rapid expansion of the technology sector over the last few decades, the demand for those who can create, understand and alter electrical control systems has risen accordingly. Suresh Vishnu, CEO of Saatvision is a graduate, a persistent leader and has a passion for electronics. He has been fascinated with technology from a very young age. During those formative years, Suresh gained the experience and technical expertise in service, quality, and innovation.
Saatvision is a label in the electronic domain. This 28-year old conglomerate is uniquely poised attaining leadership in every area of their operation. They are driving the growth in CCTV Camera, Attendance Machine, Fire Alarm System, Burglar Alarm System, Video Door Phone, Door Locks and Gate & Door Automation, etc. constant evolution and innovation are the pillars of their sustainability in this ever-growing, competitive sector.
Igniting Curiosity in CCTV
CCTV is now something we take for granted. Many premises, streets, and even homes are fitted with such technology, and it is something we have come to accept and expect. Back in the year 1991, Suresh introduced CCTV cameras for the first time in Tamil Nadu. When the business was launched, the prices of the CCTV cameras were exorbitant and to create its awareness whereas to get the first customer has taken much time.
Saatvision focuses on launching mid-range CCTV systems. These are designed to meet the video monitoring requirements of larger single sites or multiple sites connected via a dedicated communication link. When designing and deploying a mid-range CCTV camera system, the company takes into account the specific security requirements and decided on the best possible positions for the cameras – entrance/lobbies, parking areas, elevators, hallways, aisles and more.
The most significant factor driving the industry growth has been the recent innovations in surveillance, security, and network offerings, gradually reducing costs of specialized products and increasing their overall effectiveness. Suresh further adds that the customer has the guarantee on products what we sell.
Launching a Business is No Small Undertaking
Every company is different. Every market is different. However, every successful product launch example has one thing in common: The business had an effective strategy and stuck to it.
It’s easy to get ahead of yourself, envisioning all the sales, recognition and success that will stem from the offering. But like any other business initiative, a product launch takes time and careful planning – rushing to market without having your ducks in a row is a recipe for disaster. Suresh Vishnu says, “Marketing the product and convincing the customer was the initial difficulty.” Slowly through referenceable customers, the business started receiving its clients and hit the bigger leagues.
‘Security is not expensive; it is invaluable’
Later Saatvision has grown with collaboration with brands such as American Dynamics, Arecont Vision, Auric, Panasonic, PELCO , Toshiba etc.,
Delivering High-End Services
The company focuses mainly on Safety and Security equipment, Virtual Sensing for large agriculture areas, Thermal cameras were it can detect any movement of human or animal up to 100 kilo meters. It has also introduced Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarms, Gate alarm as a car enters the compound, the gate automatically opens; Video door phone, Biometric locks were one can use the finger or eye to open the doors.
The industry is expected to experience robust growth due to fast innovation and shifting market frontiers. The ongoing digitization and the ever-increasing deployment of IP-driven surveillance systems are further catalyzing the market growth.
The company aims to offer the highest quality products by consistently updating the selection with affordable prices and high-quality security equipment. Saatvision works with all type of business industries, government agencies, and residential users. It also provides high-end safes apart from CCTV cameras that are known for their durability, longevity, and overall protection. The range of its customers ranges from Government, Multinational and Public Sectors. These projects are mainly focused on Hospitals, Schools, Jewellery Mall, Shopping Mall, IT Sectors, Villas, Apartments, Industries, Hotels, Business Establishments, Public Streets and Roads, etc.
Moving forward
Saatvision has recently planned of introducing CCTV cameras with Digital Video Recorder. The customer will be receiving emails triggered by motion in a snapshot for their reference. The settings can also be customised for each camera input. For example, a camera in a workshop can be recorded continuously while a camera in reception can be set to record only on motion.
The ongoing technological adoption has embarked India on a new journey where transformations and disruptions are the only constants across the market. Soon, as digitization further increases and covers the rural geographies under its ambit, Saatvision is going to act as a catalyst within India’s collective growth story.

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