Zicom: Shaping the Future of Security Surveillance with Novelty


The journey of securing lives began in 1994 for Zicom Electronic Security Services. With years of expertise and experience, Zicom etched a name for itself in the field of Electronic Security Surveillance in India. Over the last two decades, the company has expanded its reach to five countries, 1023 cities, and over a million happy customers; with an annual turnover of 1000+ crore. In less than two decades, it has established itself as a leader in the security domain, introducing distinct innovations that rest of the industry follows. At times, when security surveillance was facing its testing, Zicom stood out and was a key player in establishing confidence in security systems.
Quality Products
With a range of premier products developed with a state-of-the-art technology, years of experience and investment, the company has defined the true essence  of precision, quality, and reliability. Using cloud technology, the company is serving its customers with novel security solutions, which include CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control System, Fire Alarm System, Video Door Phones, Multi-Apartment Video Door Phones, Intruder Alarm System, Fingerprint Locks, and Remote Managed Services (RAM). Over the time, Zicom has not only gathered the trust of the customers but also their love for unparalleled services and superior quality.
The company is providing security solutions and ventured into IoT in 2013. Since then, Zicom has undertaken several innovations which distinguish it from its competitors.
End-to-End Security Solutions
One of the most recent and popular innovations of Zicom is the “Make You City Safe” (MYCS) initiative. Launched on January 26, 2012, MYCS is a Zicom SaaS initiative that aims to make housing societies more secure by equipping them with high-quality CCTV systems and security services at Zero-Investment and Zero-Management. The service provides 24/7 surveillance and technical support staff to cater to the people all through the year. Zicom provides end-to-end security solutions. The MYCS service is a distinct feature of the company with no competition.
Zicom Command Centre  (ZCC)
Zicom’s Command Center is a game changer for the company as well as the security industry in so many ways. Zicom is the first company to design and create a Command Centre in India which is now one of the most referred Command Centers in the industry. It is the distinguishing feature that helps Zicom SaaS to provide innovative solutions revolving around IOT & unique security and service concept. The Zicom Command Centre features the System Health Monitoring and Premise Monitoring, proving to be the best monitoring centre especially for Banking & Finance & Retail industry.
ZIMAN – Personal Safety Ecosystem
The company hasn’t stopped there. They have always been coming up with the various ways to help and cater to their customers. In addition, to provide help on an individual basis, Zicom launched Ziman – Personal Safety Ecosystem that provides unique features like Personal Safety, where Zicom Safety Officers get alerted that one is in an emergency situation once ZIMAN is triggered and gather intelligence in the stealth mode like – location, Pictures, Video and Audio. Safety Officers will swing into action and immediately call emergency services like Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance. Digital – Handset – Data Safety, the application also comes with a geo-fencing facility that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries like school attendance zones or neighborhood boundaries. This element ensures that their children are always in safety zones.
Apart from these featured products, Zicom keeps conducting various campaigns to bring awareness and alertness in their customer group. They appreciate real-life heroes who have helped in saving a situation with their sharpness and quick-wittedness. They ensure customer satisfaction in every way possible.
The Humble Persona
Having customer service and their happiness as his priority, Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Services, says, “With changing times, the security of every citizen is at stake. To keep ahead of the curve, we are also shifting focus from ensuring the best product for the customer to ensuring the best experience and service for the customer. Through our various awareness initiatives, we try to make the citizens more aware and alert.” Talking about the MYCS initiative, he further added, “Company thanks their customers for repeatedly encouraging them to come up with new and worthy innovative products to fulfill their customer’s need”.
Zicom ensures that they have solutions which will fulfill the needs of all kinds of customers. Also, they don’t just avail products to their customers but ensure that they don’t face any issues with these products either. With Zicom Command Center, it provides safety 24*7 with zero downtime with the help of System Health Monitoring; they make themselves available to answer all their customer queries.
Awards and Recognitions
Zicom has been the first Indian Electronic Security Systems company to have gained a number of achievements in such a small span of time. A couple of them include:

  • Be listed on the Indian Bourses in 1995.
  • Pioneered the category of Electronic Security In India.
  • Introduce 24 x 7 Zicom Command Centre (ZCC) in 1995.
  • Introduce wireless security equipment in the home and retail segment.
  • Introduce Security Services called e-SaaS (Electronic Security as a Service).
  • Enters Inc India Innovative 100 Club

Apart from being known as the “Best Security Application in Retail”, the company has won the following titles:

  • Most Preferred Security Equipment Brand Award 2012
  • Channel Leadership Award 2013
  • Most Innovative Brand in Electronic Security 2013
  • Brand of excellence Award 2013
  • Most Innovative Products Award 2013
  • Inc India Innovative Awards 2015
  • Lions CSR Precious Award 2016.

Future Assistance
With all the achievements and innovative technology, the company doesn’t rest. They intend to spread their security span pan India and intend to bring out better innovations and more ideas to help the society. Being at the topmost position, and always being focused on their customers, Zicom has a place in the hearts of their ever-growing customers. They intend to build and maintain long-lasting relationships in the future.

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