Sarjen Systems: Promoting Indian Pharma Research on Global Scene

Sarjen Systems

Today, everyone is well aware that Pharma Research is the sector where there are only a few predominant players. There are many companies, which are embracing the changes and creating a niche in the pharma & life science sector. Sarjen Systems is one such company which is providing affordable solutions by supporting and promoting pharma research – a small step to bring Indian pharma and pharma research on the global scene.
With the Vision of “Having a world-class organization with operational excellence and global reach”, Sarjen Systems has always maintained standards to excel with minimum fuss following on the Mission of “Spreading the power of business technology solutions to customers across the globe; adding value to their businesses. And, encouraging support for our employees who in turn would provide exceptional service to the customers”.
The Outset of the Sarjen Systems

Nikur Mody is the Founder of Sarjen Systems and ever since, he has always been interested to strike out, pursuing that seed of an idea with a zealous rage. Coming from an IT background, his interests led him to think of introducing simplified approach to software development.
In 90s, a lot of business software were entering into the market and gaining momentum to get recognized. By the time, Mody realized that there were ongoing gaps between business expectations and technology enthusiasts who would understand those expectations very differently. And, amazingly, Sarjen Systems was a result of this ideology and was founded in the late 90s to offer technology solutions understanding and serving precise business expectations.
It became easier for Sarjen Systems, to meticulously study customer processes, variations in them from customer-to-customer, and employ a dedicated team of business technology consultants. Its primary function is to fulfill customer expectations and deliver that last-mile customization to achieve significant improvement in work efficiency.
Leader, Motivator, and a Mentor
Nikur Mody is a visionary, at the nucleus of the team of brilliant experts, guiding and providing directions to the organization through the emerging industry and technology changes and evolving methodologies. This has helped Sarjen Systems start the next “great big” walk, playing a key role in shaping the corporate functions of business development as well as finance.
Nikur has completed an MBA in International Business and Finance after finishing his Bachelor’s in Engineering with specialization in Computer Technology. His innovative but practical approach has helped Sarjen Systems’ customers to realize value proposition through software solutions. Having worked with all functional areas at grass root level, has helped in envisioning innovative projects with great detail. Prior to Sarjen Systems, he has worked with IT companies like L&T Information Technology and Mastek Ltd. in strategic planning where he engaged his technology and engineering skills to solve significant corporate challenges.
Notable Software Solutions
Since its founding, Sarjen Systems has stood out through its own unique business style. And, has been known to architect, design and develop proprietary technology stack with enormous careful thought and consideration.
The product story includes three flagship products which are an evolution of solutions progressing to address client demands. It starts with Sarjen Systems developing PharmaNET for supply chain and sales ‘n distribution, for sales force automation – FFReporting, and then FForce – a Field Sales Excellence platform.
Some other unique solutions are:
KnowledgeNET – a global Drug dossier publishing and lifecycle management; RIMS for regulatory information management.
ProcessXE – an MES in the form of pharmaceutical manufacturing automation with eBMR, Dispensing and logbooks.
QEdge – an automated enterprise-wide quality management (eQMS) for quality processes to maintaining training records and eLearning to document control and management for controlled processes and practices.
PvEdge – Drug safety database for pharmacovigilance of drugs, vaccines, devices, clinical trials, veterinary vigilance – incorporated with signal detection and literature automation.
BizNET – Paperless clinical trial management which can cover several different types of trial protocols, study types.
Whereas consulting on SAP deployment, Computer System Validations (CSV), Data analytics and AI & Machine Learning (ML), extending applications as Mobility solutions are Sarjen Systems’ forte.
The Plus Points
Starting with the sales and distribution solution, PharmaNET and then integrated it with ERP to give a robust boost to have some vital complexities outside of ERP, Sarjen Systems kept on adding one solution after another in its solution list. In this broad spectrum, mobility solutions on one end and on the other end, developing and implementing solutions for digital transformation of clinical research organizations, drug safety database, enterprise-wide quality management and many more. At the core of Sarjen Systems’ solution implementation success, there is a flexible delivery approach where it efficiently merges its domain expertise with the proprietary technology stack. All the products can be easily integrated with industry standard enterprise applications. Also, the project management and consulting teams seamlessly execute integrating of projects ensuring high throughput.
The solutioning for pharma and life science domains was the precursor of implementing processes and maintaining high quality standards with continued improvements. This would help in ensuring that there were no defects or bugs in delivery, documentation and maintaining all-around quality standards. Sarjen Systems provides solutions and services across several industry domains including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Life sciences, FMCG, and few others; complying with global regulatory guidelines.
Sarjen System’s USP

  • Expertise in Pharma and Life science domains
  • Proprietary Technology Stack
  • Global Exposure/Presence
  • Complete solution basket – from Drug Development to Sales
  • Expert on cGxP and Regulatory guidelines
  • Solutions compliant with Part 11 (Annex 11, EMA and 21 CFR Part 11, US FDA) and global guidelines
  • Multiple Licensing models to suit enterprise needs

Unlocked Milestones
Getting ISO 9001:2008 certification was the natural progression and it gave way to very structured quality management integrated with Sarjen Systems’ SDLC. Then, upgrading to risk and opportunity based ISO 9001:2015 standards to achieve and maintain control, and continual improvement for processes, products and services. Continuing them forward ensures structure, process-driven approach for seamless quality. Also, implementing compliant GxP computerized systems using GAMP5 driven risk-based validation for part 11 compliance.
Dynamic project management with the right set of people to develop solutions using cutting-edge technology, stretching the limits to get the best, achieving timelines in the budget, rising to the challenge of defining milestones, planned commitments and deliverables, maintaining quality, tracking progress and overall strategizing the various stages of software development is Sarjen Systems’ highlighting forte.
Rewards and Recognitions
Sarjen Systems was recently shortlisted as “Best Software Company” @ Vibrant Gujarat Technology Summit. Sarjen Systems is a Microsoft Gold partner. Also, NASSCOM and Gesia member. Their core team members have been invited to speak at numerous events on various topics. They have recently hosted a NASSCOM event.
A Piece of Advice
“One must focus on deep domain expertise and user-centric design with persistence to adapt, adopt and innovate. Small and meaningful improvements will lead to hugely differentiating product in the long run. – states Nikur Mody.
Exploring Market Leadership
Sarjen Systems’ ongoing adaptation of AI, ML, Blockchain and Deep Learning has brought impactful change across its solutions. These technological advancements of now and tomorrow, would not only improve overall efficiency and inculcate good practices but also indirectly contribute to better and greater patient safety.
Sarjen Systems is all set to continue its habit of innovations by embedding new technologies and achieve a higher position as a leading software solutions provider globally.

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