Satyajeet Pradhan: A Heroic Mind who Makes Business Fly High

Satyajeet Pradhan | Co-founder & CEO | Bizydale Nets - Insights Success

Entrepreneurship is ‘an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. It’s not about skills to do something; it’s all about identifying the problems to solve, planning the right solution, and drafting right strategies for right execution at right time. With the same leadership attitude, a fearless leader, Satyajeet Pradhan, Co-founder & CEO of Bizydale Nets is captivating the client’s businesses to the next level.
Coming from a middle class family with no business background, he consistently learned from his failures and passionately worked towards tackling immense challenges that he faced. “I never believe in explaining my failures and take it as a step towards success. I thrive until I achieve.”-  says Satyajeet.
Satyajeet has worked for many top companies and has also been a part of startups, which enhanced his skills further on Operations, Sales, Client Management, Product Planning and Marketing. This helped him on his entrepreneurial journey and gave the insights of good understanding on the market scenario and plans to sustain better.
Distinguished Structures that Makes the Company Culture Great
Within 4 years of its establishment, Bizydale Nets started to build solutions for many prominent companies. Nonetheless the release of ‘trip n howl’ – an innovative Social Travel App- has paved the path for Bizydale Nets to emerge as a prominent brand among technology startups. Till date, India’s Top media companies have listed trip n howl among the 5 apps that one should have on their phone during travel.
The company is aimed to modernize the planning for users and frequent travellers; the application is likely to set a revolution among travel apps by bringing all travel solutions under one umbrella. Satyajeet is all set to make its another product Autoconnekt , a sales performance improvement app, grow on similar lines and establish itself a prominent brand in automotive industry.
Some of the USP’s of trip n howl are as follows:
– It makes your travel plan efficient by helping you to locate nearby required amenities
– One can create their own travel circle
– Solo travellers can find who is travelling to their destination and join trips
– Help in finding nearby attractions with maps
Some Noticeable Elements of the Company
Talented Troops: Hiring right people who fit their culture. They don’t hire jerks or people who work just for the sake of working with no vision. The company has a rigorous hiring process where they understand the mentality and patience level of the candidates. They hire people with never give up attitude and who respect their values.
Focus on Mission: For company, every individual working is a second family who is on a mission to achieve a common goal i.e. Company Success which in turn would lead to their individual success.
Passion towards Work: The Company helps employees to deliver their passion. They mentor the employees on their strength to achieve their professional goals. They aim to deliver solutions irrespective of size of challenges.
Creative Thinking: The company ensures that every individual in the company share their opinions for the growth and development of the company. They do not limit the freedom.
Journey to Reach the Best
Satyajeet feels that his journey with the company is adventures. He has been through both darker and brighter side of the entrepreneurial journey. He faced many challenges, struggles and failures and some unforgettable achievements which is received as an output of his Perseverance and Patience.
In this journey of Bizydale Nets, there are few people who have a phenomenally supported Satyajeet so far. His wife Vrushali who is the business partner of the company, stood like a pillar during his journey so far and have consistently motivated, encouraged and has always boosted Satyajeet’s confidence during his worst days. She sees of her luxurious job and joined him as a partner to ensure that they both can achieve their dreams together.
Second person who played a significant role on entrepreneurial journey of Satyajeet is his Guru, his ex-boss Mahesh Vasanth who has guided and mentored him. He is the one whose guidance made him the successful person today. He always believed on Satyajeet’s idea and hard work. Also, his parents, sister and his friends encouraged him to put efforts to achieve these results.
Failure is the First Step of Success
For Starting up a business with hard earned savings, as your only financial backup is itself a biggest risk and the risk doubles when you are married and wins or failures would directly impact the family. However, it is also to be understood without risk, goal would be way far to achieve. Satyajeet has seen many failures. His first product was a flop due to delay in development and by the time it was released the concept had already become outdated.
trip n howl has redesigned and iterated twice before the final release. There were even failures in hiring right team however he never gave up. His vision was very clear and the only thing that he had in his mind was achieving the goal. And that led him to deal with all failures with Patience and Perseverance. In this hard time of failures he learnt that, “nothing can let you fail until you lose in your mind.
Challenges are meant to be Met and Overcome
Satyajeet confidently says that, “only losers have all excuses to not excel. For Satyajeet, the 3P’s are a must to succeed. That is Patience, Perseverance and Perspiration. Second would be Passion to achieve your goal irrespective of any challenges. Success is never sudden nor one shot. It comes slow and after years of hard work. The sudden success is only luck however to sustain that success hard work is required.”
During his difficult time, he read the success stories and motivational quotes of icons like Dhirubhai Ambani, Shahrukh Khan, Ratan Tata and then questions himself “If they can, why can’t I?” This question boosts the self-confidence within Satyajeet that helps him to resume his journey again.
Words of Inspirations
According to Satyajeet, “Never consider money as the objective as it is only the by-product of what people are doing. He always tells people to focus on delivering passion, money would eventually flow. Be determined to achieve long term goals than being happy with small term achievements.”
He also guides aspiring startup entrepreneurs to think creative and that is what he always expects from his team. He gives his team the Freedom of Expression which his team follows in the organization. The company passes on their requirements and objectives to the team and let them share their thoughts. They discuss frequently with the team on their passion, aim and strength. “For us All Idea Matters!”– Satyajeet States
Satyajeet suggests budding entrepreneurs to watch movies like, Catch Me If You Can, Wolf of the Wall Street, Guru, and Rocket Singh. He believes that these movies will inspire them to cultivate their strength and achieve their dreams.
Advancing Future Goals
“I always ensure that before I start my day I always ask myself “What’s next?” I never allow Success to kill my brain! I am always a beginner and learn everyday from my team and people I meet. In the next five years, I wish to make my products trip n howl and Autoconnekt to become the integral part of people’s life, and Bizydale Nets an overall should be the only BFF (Best Friends Forever) for businesses to achieve growth and profitability.”- Satyajeet concludes.

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