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School of Legal Education
School Of Legal Education

The recent transformation of the Indian legal industry with the wave of digitalization has been a pleasantly welcoming scenario. Now, the next logical step must be bringing society into the gambit of the scale and scope of the law, legal awareness, knowledge, and fundamental understanding. For too long, the legal knowledge domain remained out of the reach of the masses, including our future generations.

As the digital revolution has paved the way for virtual court hearings and technological advancements embraced by the majority of the law firm, it is essential to spread all these modernistic benefits to the students, learners, teachers, educators, professors, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, business entities who are interested, engaged, or are aspiring to enter the field.

Grasping the urgency of the issues, the School of Legal Education (SOLE) has emerged as a pioneering institution. According to the FounderMrs Surbhi AggarwalBA-LLB, SOLE is a unique initiative aimed at bringing the knowledge of the Indian legal system to the doorstep of every person.

Your Online Legal Guide

SOLE is a user-friendly online coaching institute with an exclusive focus on everything legal in India, including all the popular law subjects, technical articles for thesis and research, current affairs (blog) and more. SOLE encourages e-learning and is designed in such a way as to provide the best-specialized support to its learners at an affordable fee without undergoing a usual burdensome and prolonged law program.

Surbhi informs, “We offer practice quizzes, educational videos, customized course eBooks and a personalized learning dashboard to enable the learners to learn at their own pace inside and outside the classroom.”

All the online courses and eBooks have been designed and drafted by our in-house team of legal experts. The courses are concise, straightforward, and easy to understand, followed by Certificates. Every course is concluded within one month, and learners are allowed to undertake a self-evaluation test (optional). “Right Law the Right Way is our motto, and we sincerely stand by it to ensure its accomplishment,” she states.

A Soul of the Law

School of Legal Education is a one-click guide to all law requirements and information. Its target audience benefits from extremely broad versatile services, including law students, teachers, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs, businesses and more. Not every time is it possible to enrol in a law college to get legally aware. The school makes legal aspects simplified and easily accessible. Some certain short advantages of choosing us are:

  • Legal Simplified– Law, at times, can be too complicated and technical. The school faculty teaches the same course in a more interesting, absorbing, and easier manner through its customized lectures and literature.
  • Accessibility and Reach– Bringing legal learning into virtual space widens accessibility and scope. Be it a housewife, lawyer, or student, everyone can avail of the classes at their own suitable time and requirements.
  • Convenient Learning-The Lectures can be taken any number of times.
  • Freedom-The learner can learn at his own pace and convenience.
  • Affordability– The school ensures that the learner doesn’t spend big bucks to get legally aware.
  • Efficient Learning-The Crash courses ensure that the learner learns more in less time.
  • Effective and everlasting– Encouraging practices with smart teaching techniques make the entire process engaging and interesting.

The Core Buzz

School of Legal Education was founded in 2017 by Mrs Surbhi Aggarwal (Advocate)(BA-LLB). She is the Sole Proprietor of the School of Legal Education. She is the daughter of the widely renowned IPR lawyer Mr Shravan Kumar Bansal, Advocate (Senior partner, M/s United Overseas Trademark Company and Sole Proprietor at M/s K.G. Bansal and Co.) with over 35 years of legal standing and practice; based out of Delhi and offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. (

Several factors motivated the founder to form this initiative:

~Law is a very technical field that not every layperson can understand in one go. It takes law students some time to understand the technical terms in the statutes and law books. To this effect, the founder deemed that if the legal terms could be simplified, the provisions would be better understood. The main intent was to make law learning fun instead of a general impression of it being too hefty and cumbersome.

~To this effect, SOLE’s teaching methods involve using various everyday examples to make the user understand difficult legal concepts; at the end of the day, the law falls in the scope of everyday life. Moreover, using presentations and visual interpretations makes the complex, mundane theoretical provisions look and feel better to engulf students’ interest.

~Thirdly, it’s every person’s right to know the law. They shouldn’t need to enrol in university and undergo a five-year term. If their interests are in understanding law facets. Through SOLE, the management brings the law to every person’s doorstep and improves its accessibility and reach.

~Fourthly, the founder Surbhi who has been in the legal practice for seven years now, specializing in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, used to find the need to brush up on law basics of other legal areas, for example, criminal law. The crash courses of SOLE will address the revision need of most lawyers who sometimes want to quickly go through the law basics of fields other than their expertise.

~SOLE doesn’t require the user to be associated with the law field or a law student. Its target audience is huge. People other than the same may also be interested in areas of law on and off, such as entrepreneurs, who are often interested in tax law, doctors who want to be aware of the implications of Medical Negligence etc. For such people, SOLE provides unique solutions through their user-friendly short courses that can be availed online.

The main objective of SOLE is to provide law enthusiasts, be they lawyers or students, immediate access to various laws practised in Indian Courts. For students, SOLE offers additional assistance in clearing complicated legal concepts that they learn in Law colleges and for lawyers, it provides easy access to various legal provisions which may or may always be at their fingertips. School of Legal Education is a one-click guide to all law guidance in India.

Unique Advantages

School of Legal Education offers several benefits to its users and solutions. One of the major hassles a user faces is the easy access to multiple laws and legal angles available in India, considering the magnanimous number of Statutes in practice. With SOLE, everything legal is brought to the client’s doorstep. SOLE is a law tutorial. The courses are accessible and easily understood, curbing the requirement of always enrolling on a law college or going through several law books to find the necessary legal points.

When a lawyer specializing in a particular field wishes to diversify, they can access any crash courses and brush up on their basics. For law students, the school provides easy additional coaching aid to their law school’s curriculum.

The Legally Adept Leadership

Mrs Surbhi Aggarwal, Advocate (BA-LLB), is the chief driving force behind M/s School of Legal Education. Coming from a strong legal background of a family of lawyers, having years of diversified practice in law with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights and under the guidance of her family, she has envisioned working tirelessly to bring legal education to the doorstep of every individual.

School of Legal Education has several experienced mentors who enrich the services through their valuable experience.

Mr Krishan Gopal Bansal, Advocate (MA-LLB), the grandfather and angel guardian of the Founder, Mr K.G. Bansal, is a pillar of the legal consortium and intellect with over 50 years of successful legal standing and experience. He has inspired the groundwork and formation of the School of Legal Education.

Mr Shravan Kumar Bansal, Advocate (BSc-LLB)- Mr S.K. Bansal, Advocate, renowned for his expertise and practice in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, is the father and the strong support in every way possible of our founder, Mrs Aggarwal. He had always nurtured a dream of easing legal education and making it as accessible and affordable as possible. At every step since setting up and vetting content to operations, Mr Bansal has been behind SOLE, giving it the necessary structure and credibility.

Mr Samir Kumar Aggarwal, Managing Director, M/s Samirika Exports (BCom-LLB)

Mr Aggarwal, renowned in the export industry of builder’s hardware and a lawyer by qualification, is the major motivating force in the M/s School of Legal Education venture. He has guided the founder at every step straight from the inception by sharing his valuable wisdom in management and operations and providing the financial backbone to this project in every possible way.


Surbhi opines the importance and the role of technologies, saying, “In my view, online learning solution is the most intelligent thing to do currently, and Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning is the way forward.” It remarkably solves many delays related issues of any company by reducing human effort and, at the same time, increasing efficiency. With so many online teaching programs (Khan Academy, Course Era, BYJU’s, Udemy), legal education is also finding a footing in virtual educational technology. SOLE is a form of ML itself where all its courses and eBooks are pre-recorded and fed into a database that users access, limiting one-to-one interaction with the mentors. Since the public so well receives the School of Legal Education, it clearly shows its good acceptability and benefits.

Surbhi has observed the changes in the legal industry from digitization to the implementation of several software and applications, which has increased the speed of the process, enhanced better interaction and communication, and boosted the efficiency of legal professionals.

Countering Challenges

Challenges have been important learning aspects in their journey. Surbhi reveals, “We face several challenges, the main ones being that if competition and off-course users confusing us with a law college several times. We have a dedicated marketing team that addresses such issues and counsels the users about the constitution of SOLE.”

Wisdom Strings

Steadily working on various clients and their requirements, Surbhi has gained decent experience over some time. As advice to budding law professionals, she says that with the considerable number of practising lawyers present in India today, many of them are not that well versed with the major aspects of the law and are still novices in their field. Legal teaching and learning are exceptionally noble and benefit society at large. Be it law learning or any other kind of education, e-learning has, over time, proved its worth business-wise too and should be adopted by business aspirants.

Preparing Future Legal Stalwarts

The school of Legal Education’s popularity has been gradually increasing. Surbhi adds that they keep introducing various packages and offers to entice the audience. SOLE has collaborated with multiple popular educational influencers and has been a member of esteemed institutions. (Details on the website-

Out of over seven hundred students enrolled, most are based Pan-India and often from two-three tier cities. She concludes, “Our Social Media Presence, Traffic etc., has increased by 70% since late 2020, mostly because of the increasing popularity of online learning in the COVID times.” SOLE books and eBooks have also been well received by the audience and are now being sold on Amazon and Flipkart.

Success Testaments

Mrs Surbhi Aggarwal and SOLE have been recognized and awarded by many institutions, including Member of PHD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and Listed under

  • India’s 10 Rising Startups to Have a Look at 2022 on Business Fame Magazine
  • 10 Best Online Learning Startups – 2022 on Silicon India Startup City Magazine

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