Sevenseas Global Express Logistics: Moving Ahead with Unstoppable Zeal

Sevenseas Global Express Logistics

Logistics is considered as the backbone of the economy, ensuring an efficient and effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend. India’s logistics industry is changing rapidly, and it is the interaction of infrastructure, technology and new types of service providers that determines whether the logistics industry can help customers reduce costs  to provide effective services.
This is where the organizations like Sevenseas Global Express Logistics get vivid exposure. Sevenseas came into existence in the year 2001 at Bangalore as an Ocean forwarding company. Starting with one office the company has seen a steady growth over the years and now after  nearing two decade the company has a pan India presence of 18 own offices and a staff strength of about 450. Since its humble beginning as an ocean forwarder, Sevenseas has grown into a truly Integrated logistics service provider having a wide portfolio that includes Import Export, forwarding by Air and Ocean, Customs clearances using its own license, Project cargo, DGR movements along with warehousing and distribution through an own subsidiary by the name Sevenseas Metro Express. With the unique leadership of Mr. Biju Thomas, Managing Director Sevenseas today sees a turnover of 300 crores.
Ocean Freight has Grown Multifold
Sevenseas now handles approximately 20,000 containers and a good amount of LCL shipments, which enables it not only to provide satisfactory services but also to remain competitive in the market. With an experienced workforce to manage bulk goods, off-dimension goods, LCL consolidation, project shipping, etc., Sevenseas has developed export consolidation opportunities in collaboration with some of the best consolidators in the world.
The days are past when it was just an Ocean specific company. Today, Sevenseas has made its presence in the air forwarding market with experience in handling shipments of varied nature as DDP/ DDU, Project Cargoes, Exhibition and Carnet Shipments. Handling varied cargo types including Garments, Leather, Machinery, Engineering goods, Perishables, DGR Cargo, Medicine, and Chemicals Air freight forwarding has become a prime product.
Becoming a Complete Logistics Service Provider with Custom Clearance
With its own Customs house License, Sevenseas has presented the product that the customer looks for in a logistics company. Currently with 60,000 plus clearances of Air and Sea freight pan India, Sevenseas has become a major player in its product category.
Sevenseas conducts the customs clearance activities in very professional yet unconventional methods. The staff is well trained and they approach the activities with the right attitude, which makes a lot of difference in the whole exercise. Among other value added services the organization commits to send the DSR/ daily updates for all the shipments under clearance till delivery.
The Unique Key Factors
Sevenseas believes in transparency and easy accessibility to all levels of its hierarchy. After undertaking customs clearances for existing customers, the company is now providing Customs clearances to new customers on exclusive basis. With years of glamorous presence in the Indian market, Sevenseas brings in a rare professionalism into the Customs clearance activities.
Sevenseas Metro Express: A domestic pioneer
A strong believer in diversification of business, Sevenseas ventured into the Warehousing and Distribution market with Metro Express, a new-generation express cargo company with cutting edge technology to iron out the wrinkles from the face of logistics managers and supply chain heads.
Sevenseas Metro Express is a domestic pioneer in the organized cargo delivery market in India. It is a tactful blend between technology and unparalleled market understanding. Sevenseas Global Express Logistics brings in an incredible amount of credibility and expertise to Sevenseas Metro Express and thus aspiring to be a leader in Inland cargo transportation by the year 2020.
Sevenseas Metro express has one of the fastest point-to-point domestic express cargo delivery system, some of the key features that give Sevenseas Metro Express a clear distinction in the crowded Indian market are as follows:

  • Lightning Express Delivery Schedule for the Fastest Transit Time
  • All weather proof containerized vehicle for pickup and delivery
  • Multimodal Freight Services with customized solutions
  • Door to door delivery using Air, Rail express and WH solutions
  • Track and trace facility with 24/7 customer service
  • Dedicated and well experience staff

Additionally, Sevenseas express offers supply chain management; cost effective solutions; integrated warehousing and distribution system; World class security; Wide area reachability.
Sevenseas Metro Express has the privilege of serving customers across industries, from FMCG to the auto industry, and retail to pharmacy and much more.
Autoline is a special service designed for the auto-industry that comes equipped with dedicated warehouses in all major auto hubs and connects the cities across India. The harmonized and flexible road transport system ensures the reduction of costs in inbound/outbound logistics and warehousing and distribution. With autoline, Sevenseas Metro Express connects the auto sector seamlessly and on time.
Featuring the Future
The organization’s future vision is to become the largest international logistics solution provider in India by 2020, specializing in the optimization of the supply chain for customers, providing them with well-tailored, innovative and scalable solutions which will reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness.
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