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In the present business environment, the courier and cargo industry in India is growing on a fast-pace. As a premium segment, this industry is a small but significant segment of the logistics industry. It is regarded as the backbone of the economy, providing efficient and cost effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend. It creates an integrated door-to-door linkage across domestic and international regions along with shipment tracking facilities and serves the need for time sensitive logistics services.
TCIEXPRESS is a customer oriented, ultra-modern technology driven, multi-specialist, express transport system, operating in India with 40000 locations and  202 countries in the world. Basically, it is providing time-definite solutions in express cargo distribution. The organization began its journey in 1996 as a part of its parent company Transport Corporation of India Limited (TCIL). It specializes in door-to-door delivery services and focuses on express cargo distribution with greater emphasis on the growing e-commerce business.
It gives effort to improve infrastructure, technology and services, which defines whether the courier and cargo industry is able to help its customers to reduce their costs in logistic sector and provide effective services. The company is well equipped to offer time-definite/day-definite solutions in India with its plethora of services that comprises of the surface, domestic and international air, e-commerce, priority and reverse express services.
The company consistently provides express delivery solutions to its customers. Its reliable performance is strongly based on two core competencies- speed and service excellence. TCIExpress carries $7 billion worth shipment every year. It is well equipped to offer solutions to 670 out of 675 districts in India. With 28 air gateways, it ensures a swift delivery service across the world.
The Enthusiastic Leader of TCIEXPRESS
Chander Agarwal is currently serving as the Managing Director of TCIExpress. He is in charge of expanding the organization’s footprint in the country by steering the conceptualization and execution of key strategies related to management and operational needs of the company. He is also responsible for the strategy planning and growth of the company, where he has been an active proponent in bringing significant expansion and growth in TCIExpress.
Assiduous in nature, he has worked his way through all levels in the parent company –TCI XPS, where he first joined as a management trainee. His knowledge of the international working environment, global logistics expertise, coupled with his perseverance and innovative approach enabled him to set higher standards for TCIExpress.
Endowed with an agile personality and multi-faceted skill-set, he strives to keep working towards establishing TCIExpress as a complete logistics solutions company in India providing end-to-end solutions to the express delivery sector in India.
Before being named Managing Director of TCIExpress, Chander was Joint Managing Director of TCI group and was responsible for establishing TCI’s presence in emerging economies like Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa, by setting benchmarks for TCI and the industry. He has also been involved with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals since 2004.
Chander is a graduate in Business Administration from Bryant College, Rhode Island, USA. His hands on experience with Transfreight USA, a 3PL specializing in lean logistics, primarily for Toyota Motor Vehicles USA, have equipped him with in-depth understanding and knowledge of the logistics business. His hobbies include traveling, technology, global politics, & reading.
A Reliable and Effective Customer-Oriented Service Provider
TCIEXPRESS provides an array of services and solutions keeping in mind the changing market trends and the consumer demands. Some of the value added services that differentiate it from others to ensure express delivery are COD (Collection on delivery), FOD (Freight on Delivery), TPL (Third-party location), Sunday/Holiday delivery, ODA services (Out of delivery services), EPOD (Electronic proof of delivery), DACC (Delivery against consignee copy), multi-modal services, and octroi clearance services. The company also provides variety of other services including surface express service, e-commerce, domestic air express service, international air express, priority express, and reverse express.
The company realized that they needed to keep their customers informed about the deliveries. Hence, they started utilizing GPS enabled vehicles that would give real-time update about the location. Customers can go onto their website and track the exact location of their packages. This helps them to ensure on-time delivery process towards their customers.
TCIEXPRESS strives to provide effective, reliable and on time express delivery services through continuous development of human resources, operational systems, information technology and infrastructure, while adhering to the best Quality Management System for customer’s delight.
Future Expectations
TCIEXPRESS expects that the courier and cargo sector will grow to USD 580 billion by the year 2020. Further, the impetus provided by government initiatives, e-commerce penetration, GST, and the impending E-way bill will help the sector to grow further. They hope that the sector will grow at a CAGR of 19-20 on an average in the coming years with an inflow of new investments that will create new opportunities for the sector.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Corporate Courier and Cargo Companies

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