Shahid Akhtar: A Courageous, Persuasive and Passionate Trailblazer of Immigration Business

Shahid Akhtar

Courage is one of most vital traits that has the potential to shape the destiny of any person. Anyone can transform their dreams into realities if they have the courage to pursue them. Having the quality of courage means the person is capable of taking risks even knowing the fact that there is no assurance of success. One such risk taking groundbreaker who is known for providing exemplary immigration services is Shahid Akhtar, Founder & Managing Director, Phoenix Global Resettlement Services Pvt. Ltd.
Shahid believes in building mutually beneficial partnership and relationship with clients, and is always focused on hiring and retaining high performance individuals that can become an asset for the company. He encourages strategic and tactical events that can boost professionalism in the immigration business and also guide company in creating a positive organizational culture.
As the Managing Director, Shahid works with the senior executives to oversee the operations of companies across a variety of functional areas, such as marketing, advertising, information technology, and operation. He develops strategic marketing and sales plans to boost profits and efficiency and always coordinates among the various departments such as legal, finance, operations, marketing, and sales, to maintain a hassle free business environment that can lead towards achieving the company’s goal.
Shahid is a judicious leader who always looks for an opportunity to grow even in the time of crisis. He never bogged down even in the adverse circumstances and is always ready with the contingency plan for the possible failures. These qualities make him a thoughtful leader and a dominant force in the business world.
Unrelenting Desire to be an Entrepreneur
Coming from a humble background, Shahid always wanted to become an ace entrepreneur. To pursue his entrepreneurial dream, he studied Bachelor and Master of Commerce at Ranchi University and then pursued MBA in International business at European University Geneva/Montreux. Switzerland.
Even after completing a top notch MBA from a reputed university in Switzerland, and when the job market was sluggish, he took up an entry level sales job just to get the vital exposure of his favorite industry. This was an intentional compromise as he always wanted to start a consulting company hence  taking up a job was a well thought move and a calculated risk in order to set foot in immigration consulting industry and learn the tricks of the business in the hard way.
The choice was conscious as he desired to come out of his comfort zone and face the harsh reality of the competitive world. He then worked for an immigration consulting company for 13 years and soon his risk taking attitude encouraged him to leave his well-established professional career to start his immigration business in a highly competitive market. In 2011, with barely any big financial support, he founded Phoenix Global Resettlement Services. With just one small office in Bangalore in the year 2011, the company has now its presence in most of the prominent cities of India and has grown into one of the most trusted brand in immigration consulting business.
Shahid’s patience, consistent efforts and trust on human capital assisted him to grow as a professional as well as an individual and in gaining meaningful insights of the immigration consulting business.
About the Company
Phoenix Global Resettlement Services is the leading immigration consulting company, which provides the best immigration services, consultation, advisory and supports to skilled professionals, who aspire to immigrate, work and settle in some of the world best economies like Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The company also assists entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals to acquire permanent resident status and citizenship through investment in business and property in countries like Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, St. Kitts and Nevis, Monaco etc.
With rich experience and a highly successful track record in serving its clients, Phoenix GRS is the undisputed leader in the immigration service industry. The company has a technical collaboration with one of the top European immigration consulting firm- SAVVA & ASSOCIATES to provide unmatched immigration services to their clients. As a result of having the strongest technical team, Phoenix GRS has been acknowledged as the best Immigration Consultant in the Immigration Service Industry.
Uniqueness of the Company
Decision to migrate to any country is the biggest decision a person can take in his lifetime. Moving to a new country in search of better life, thus not only an economic decision but also a very emotional decision, which is hard to take. The clients repose tremendous faith on a consultant; hence there always be the need of a consultant which can treat clients with lot of care and compassion and the immigration services require a very personalized and customized approach as process entails lots of documentation and other support works. The process requires very frequent interaction, including face to face, with the consultant. Phoenix Global Resettlement Services thus fits into the criteria by offering varied immigration services as per client needs and satisfaction.
This company provides a very unique customer centric and transparent approach under the guidance of senior consultants having 11 years of experience on an average. These adept professionals have robust back-end support in each of their branches. They have even partially decentralized their operation in order to ease the client interaction and ensure the faster processing and filing of clients applications. “It has been a malady that most of the consultants doing back-end operations at one node and other branches acting like their sales outlets. This model doesn’t actually work in immigration service industry as clients’ needs frequent interaction with the branch where he initiated the process. If the cases are at least partially handled by same branch where client has retained the services, it gives lot of confidence and transparency to the clients and ensures faster application filing thereby resulting in faster visa turnaround time” asserts Shahid.
They never do a false promise to any client for some monetary gain; client satisfaction is what the company strives for. They always pick only those candidates, who fit the eligibility criteria to go into the destined country. The company follows a stringent internal assessment process that too at free of cost with the assistance of their skilled immigration professionals before committing anything to the client. Owing to this distinct policy, the company has achieved a success rate close to 100% which has enabled them to acquire clients’ trust in a very short time.
Apart from the consultation and visa processing support services, the company also provides post landing services to its clients in overseas countries. These services include: booking accommodation, airport pickup, assisting clients in applying for the social security number, assistance in opening bank account and applying for a credit card and health card, providing information on various social welfare schemes, assist in applying for children’s admission in school/colleges, assist in buying properties and setting up businesses. The company also guides its clients on country’s laws, social norms and right as a permanent resident to make their living better and smoother for the longer run.
Notable Accomplishments
A persuasive personality, Shahid, has a huge influence of Jack Welch, Former CEO of GE over his life. Jack’s unique business style, character, and commitment to transform GE into the world’s most competitive enterprise inspired him immensely and made a deep imprint on his personality. For Shahid, a good leader always creates a vision and makes people passionate about their work. Shahid asserts, “Any leader should always come up with good ideas and should energize, excite and inspire others to execute it rather than enervate, depress and control.”
His commitment towards work and diligence has led him to win much recognition in the industry. A renowned business technology magazine recently acknowledged Shahid as of one of the most Influential leaders in the Immigration Consulting business. A renowned European media group also recognized him as one of the prominent personalities in Immigration Consulting business. He was even invited as a special guest to participate and support the prestigious International Immigration Expo in Cannes, France in October 2017. This event was attended by leading companies of more than 30 countries.
Future Endeavors
Shahid is an ambitious person and that reflects clearly through his vision which he has set for his company’s expansion. He is working to open new offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Dubai and has planned to add few more offerings in its services. The company also has plans to enter into the business of overseas education.
The company is also ready to diversify in the area of English Language proficiency training by opening few centers to train its clients for exams like TOEFL, and IELTS, who seek to immigrate or study overseas.
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