ShardaTech: Paving a Pathway that Leads to Innovation


Reaching the line of success after establishing a business is not an easy task. All the organizations are grappling to be better tomorrow than they are today. The main concerns in this process are to increase the sales and increase the team productivity. This is where ERP systems come to aid. With rapidly advancing technology, staying at pace with it is another major challenge. ShardaTech, a leading technology and services company, is one of the prominent partners for organizations that help them to transform their businesses and enable further growth. Established in Greater Noida, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of providing world-class services and solutions in ERP and Digital Marketing. The preeminent goal of the organization is to revolutionize the education industry. Today, it has extended its services to healthcare, finance, and other business sectors as well.

ShardaTech envisions to raise the bar for service delivery and to provide the best value in knowledge-based sectors through innovation, drive, and commitment. Its team of highly-qualified, motivated, and energetic individuals aims to add value to modern-day institutes, universities, and businesses by ensuring that every idea, every project, and every proposed method is put under thorough testing and is reviewed before implementation.

The Luminary Leading ShardaTech
Prashant Gupta is the Founder and CEO of ShardaTech. He brings with him a relentless drive for innovation and a passion for digitalized education. After completing his degree in Management from Nottingham Business School, he took over his responsibilities as the Executive Director of Sharda University in the beginning of the year 2012. He established ShardaTech in 2016 with a vision of providing cutting-edge technological solutions not only in India but around the globe. Prashant is always on a lookout to find out new trends and future technological solutions for the society and is an active supporter of the notion- “Digital India”. “I see technology as the main driver for economic progress and social benefit. It is an enabler to achieve the broader vision of ensuring basic human rights to every citizen like first-class education, healthcare, and a better quality of life,” says Prashant. He has won many prestigious awards through the years, one of the most recent and eminent one being “40 Most Influential Asians Under 40” by a renowned magazine.

Ingenious Products and Services
ShardaTech provides ERP and digital marketing services to its clients in order to empower them to produce maximum results. It specializes in digital marketing services giving online visibility to its customers’ businesses via social media marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, content marketing, and other traction-inducing strategies. ShardaTech helps organizations in maximizing profit and exponentially growing their businesses. Alongside, through Oracle PeopleSoft Business Solutions, the company offers services like IT & Business Consulting, Implementation, Upgradation, and Support. Its products include Technical and Functional Consulting, Web and Mobile App development, Software and Business solutions. The organization delivers high quality, out-of-the-box solutions augmenting customers’ businesses along with providing them a competitive advantage over other players in the market.

Our customer centric solutions shape the relationship that we have with our clients. We find it imperative to pair the right talents with our clients, every time, because quality work isn’t just derived by skill but by the will and ability of everyone to work well together,” asserts Prashant.

A “Clients First” Company
Talking about the company’s customer-centricity, the CEO asserts, “It is the mantra that good business means always putting the needs of your client above your own and combining this with an unrelenting focus, we have always been able to exceed expectations”.

ShardaTech’s mission is to ensure purpose fulfillment of its clients by understanding, effective collaboration, and supreme business ethics. At ShardaTech, they intensely follow the policy of balancing stability and innovation. The point of view of their clients matters the most to the company. The firm is quick to respond to every concern that its customers have and ensures the confidentiality of work. Experts at ShardaTech don’t refrain themselves from providing their honest opinions to the customers regarding their current business plans and suggesting changes that can help them improve. The company supports businesses right from the beginning till the completion of the project and does a regular evaluation and changes in the business plan to keep up with the changing market environment in the long-term. It strives to establish long-lasting relationships and exceed the expectations of our clients with every project.

A Dynamic Work Environment
Establishing a high level of integrity and respect, along with a fun work environment, substantial opportunities to learn and staying engaged; organizing fun activities for the team and nurturing their talent has contributed to ShardaTech’s happy and productive work environment. It provides extensive educational opportunities to its employees so that they can upgrade their knowledge and advance their careers. The company fosters a ‘lead by example’ environment that supports mutual trust, transparency, and full disclosure. These core values are the guiding force backing all of its initiatives. “With a will to win, we respect the suggestions and opinions of our client and our employees,” the management says.

Future Endeavors
ShardaTech has now embarked on an exciting journey to build some highly innovative solutions on mobile and AI platform which will help to address the challenges of higher education, healthcare, and other business sectors in the future efficiently. It aspires to build an end-to-end product for its clients that is assisted by AI and is driven by analytics. The company wants to take an active part in revolutionizing the industry by developing cutting-edge products taking future trends and changing consumer behaviors into consideration. “We believe that big challenges call for earnest conviction, and that’s what ShardaTech strives to achieve,” says the CEO.
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