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A successful company employs innovative strategies and out-of-the-box solutions towards achieving the desired goals. It employs state-of-the-art technology, research oriented procedures, and novel methods. Such companies not only work for personal benefits, but also look after the growth and development of the employees, the society, and the environment at large.

One such global leader in technology consulting and software services is Trempplin. It is a software development, consulting, and training house based in Bangalore, India. Leveraging its cutting edge infrastructure and highly skilled team members, the company is able to deliver quality software products for the business and provide consulting services. The significant overlap of ever changing technology and its leverage for banking products and services has been the prime motivator for the organization to create possibilities for the clients and the end customers. At the same time, it trains students aspiring to build a career in the Information Technology arena.

Embracing Technological Innovations
Trempplin Centre of Excellence (TCoE) is an Oracle silver partner fully specialized in all financial solutions and banking. Founded on April 24, 2016, the company’s programs are designed to help people advance in their career and be the achiever. It has been providing their services in more than 10 countries globally.
Trempplin’s specialized domain expertise is combined with proven implementation framework and a wide range of flexible delivery options. Its aim to implement Core Banking, Internet Banking, and Mobile Banking Solutions, have enabled TCoE clients achieve significant milestones. This is achieved through its experience of implementing these solutions in multiple geographies across banks of varying sizes and implementation complexities.
The company has been consistently delivering services and building long lasting relationships with customers and partners in their domain. It has always believed that its team and the team’s experience is the key differentiator with strong technical capability in developing interfaces, reports, and custom built solutions. Trempplin is an independent vendor with End-to-End Oracle FLEXCUBE implementations. Creating possibilities is what it does continuously as this is an integral part of its culture. The company is now pushing boundaries in the technology product Microflex, a path breaking web-based application targeted towards Banks and Financial Institutions (FIs) in emerging market economies.

About the Leader

Kalmesh Kallur is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Trempplin. A techno-functional expert, Kalmesh has built his career in banking technology with significant experience in Oracle’s FLEXCUBE core banking system, and Oracle’s SQL and PL/SQL technology.

He enjoys debugging and problem solving as much as a hobby and is well conversant with software development life cycle giving him an edge in software project management.
Kalmesh has led development and support projects in banks across 10 countries. He is a professional in the field of project management & have the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start and a finish.

Customer-Oriented Products and Services
The company provides a wide range of products and services to the clients. Its diverse array of services includes Banking, Flexcube, Optimization (Issues Identification and Solving Issues), Version Upgrade (System New Requirements, Live, and Support), Business Intelligence, Anti Money Laundering, and Consulting. It also offers customized software development services including ERP Development, Websites Development, HRMS Application, Leave/Attendance Management System, School/ College Management System, Technical Training, and so on.

Trempplin also provides a wide variety of products including Microflex, which is networking of branches, which enables customers to operate their accounts and avail Micro financing services from any branch of the Microfinance. It also allows customers to make online Loan Payment. MicroFlex web is available for customers to make their Loan Payment. Customers are also provided with SMS alert service. This allows customers to access their account information any time 24X7, such as checking the balance, viewing last 5 transactions, viewing payment due date of credit card, debit card, etc. on their mobile phone.
Maintaining a Competitive and Supportive Environment
The company strives to achieve excellence and aims to maintain a seamless work environment. It rolls-out various activities to ensure overall employee development. It communicates frequently and authentically with the employees and discusses about their issues and grievances. The company prioritizes employee health & wellness. Trempplin defines its mission, sets goals, and focuses on growth and development.
The company allows the employees to break up routines and gives all employees the opportunity to shine. It encourages time for passion projects and rewards employees for big wins. Trempplin provides its team the opportunity to face challenging situations and also celebrates their milestone achievements.  The company also motivates its employees to succeed in their career. It facilitates friendships and cultivates amazing managers.

Tackling Challenges in this Hypercompetitive World
Trempplin defines problem solving as ‘the ability to look at a problem, work through a potential solution and seek input where needed to validate the approach’. It believes that teamwork is all about being able to operate smoothly and efficiently within a group. This includes encouraging others, being able to compromise and put your own interests aside, and being able to communicate with, negotiate, influence, and advise the team.
The company believes that organizational skills and time management go hand in hand; having good organisational skills is about making the best use of one’s time to reach a specific goal. It believes in the saying- ‘customer is king’ and considers flexibility and strong customer relationship as the key to organizational growth.
Source :-The 10 best Oracle Partners to Watch in 2018

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