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The Information Technology industry in India has played a key role in putting India on the global map. IT industry has been one of the most significant growth contributors for Indian economy. It has played a significant role in transforming India’s image from a slow moving bureaucratic economy to a land of innovative entrepreneurs and a global player in providing world class technology solutions and business services. It has helped India transform from a rural and agriculture-based economy to a knowledge based economy.

ABM Knowledgeware Ltd. (ABM), the IT Company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, is one of the few IT companies in India with 20 years long exclusive focus on E-governance and undisputed leadership in E-Municipality in India. ABM’s e-Governance Solutions are currently delivering more than 3 Crores G2C and G2B services yearly as on 2017-18 which has grown 8 fold in past 8 years.

A Persistent Leader of the Organization
Prakash Rane is the Founder & Managing Director of ABM Knowledgeware. Rane made his foray into Information Technology and pioneered his career by providing IT hardware and networking solutions to Government customers. While he was intensely involved in this business, he felt the need for competent E-government Solution Providers to Government customers. By the late 90s, he realized that an investment in e-governance could actually make a qualitative difference in citizen services or improve the efficiency of their functioning. He initiated this concept with two Government projects by subsiding it on him and left it for the government customers to pay only if it worked.

Outshining amongst many of its innovative projects, ABM highlights a project, which was about improving citizen services by blending ICT and Administrative Reforms in a Collectorate and other was automating functioning of a Government department in the Secretariat. The Collectorate electronic services delivery project became a benchmark in the state and was noticed by the ecosystem. The success was overwhelming and his contribution towards the company led to the trend-setting contract for Automation of Citizen Services in 1998; which was the vital moment for the company, ‘ABM Knowledgeware’. Since then there has been no looking back and as of now ABM has the unique distinction of most number of State wide projects in e-Municipality in India, Smart governance services delivery in 23 States of India and moreover, there is a 8 fold increase in citizen services delivered in last 8 years. His contribution towards the company has been of great value to the citizens of India.

Flagship Product of the Smart Government
E-Municipality solution (MAINet® 2.0) is a flagship ABM product. It is an integrated enterprise e-Municipality solution deployed and running over more than 500 e-Municipalities in India.
Some of the key offerings by ABM are e-Municipality Solution, SAP Practices, Tourism Portal, Cyber security solution, Smart City Solution, Automated Building Approval System, Web Portal Development under NICSI Empanelment, Tax Reforms Solutions, Mobile Applications, ERP for Government and Accrual base Double Entry Accounting Solutions.
ABM has maintained its exclusivity for being totally dedicated for e-governance sector. ABM has been working full-fledged in this sector for more than 20 years. Starting from its flagship product and ending towards its various offerings in today’s time is all into service of making the nation digitized or in simpler words ‘Smart Government’.

A Team of Stalwarts
ABM possesses a team of committed IT professionals of which large numbers of employees are certified on different skills to implement e-governance effectively. The project manager possesses vast experience in the e-Governance sphere, domain knowledge in citizen services delivery and the intellect to operate projects of big magnitude.
ABM Knowledgeware has been the first choice by the major states of India for e-Municipality & e-Governance solutions. Some of the key differentiators for ABM are:

  • Unique distinction of most number of State-wide projects in e-Municipality in India.
  • Services delivery in 23 states of India (Central & State Government Projects)
  • Digital Governance services to 1000+Urban Local bodies in India.
  • ABM is a unique blend of technical skills and deep knowledge of Government domain.
  • ABM is a SEI CMMI Level 3, ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 20000-1:2011 company.

Hassle-free Work Environment
ABM strongly believes that company’s overall development is directly linked to its Employees Development. Therefore, the organization takes different steps for overall development of employee which eventually creates the healthy environment to work and grow:

  • Promoting a healthy workplace culture.
  • Identifying and bridging the gap through Quarterly reviews between mentor & mentees
  • Trainings to the identified employees to enhance their skills.
  • Engaging the employees on the quarterly & a biweekly basis in activities like Happy Hour, Fun day contest and so on.
  • Rewards & Recognition – Appreciating the employees’ contribution on a timely basis in various ways by sending appreciation letter to the employee’s family member, appreciating them during various occasions like happy hours, annual Event, etc.

Progressing Forward with a Positive Outlook
The company plans to expand the e-Municipality business which includes long-term relationships with customers. By giving increasingly better quality of service and retaining the patronage of these important customers ABM is adding more states as customers. The organization is blending technology with more reforms, maintaining proper processes and a sound value system to address various challenges which will be encountered in the urban sector reforms.

ABM evaluates the emerging technologies for its fitment to its solutions and client’s need in an ongoing manner and takes pragmatic decisions of incorporating the same from time to time. Thus, it keeps enhancing its existing key offerings. As ABM has a number of ambitious propositions under its wing, it endeavors to enhance pre-existing offerings with regular upgrades on their technology. The organization is focusing now on the new segments like Cyber Security, smart water management solution, integrated building plan approval system, etc.
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