Smart Umbrella Made For Weather Forecast: Alert User Before Raining

Most of the time, people’s buying an umbrella but they forgot to carry with them or they leaving it another place. Mostly, People exhausted of leaving when they find out that it will start raining after few minutes or later.

But Nowadays, There is no need to worry about rain because researchers came up with a new umbrella that solves these problems in the smartest way. The smart umbrella will tell that when is going to rain before it starts.

Paris-based startup Wezzoo has developed ‘Oombrella’, a smart umbrella which alerts the user before it rains, which is connected through an “app” with the help of smartphones.

Oombrella tracks hyper-local weather data and alerts 15 minutes before it rains, also tracks activity, and sends a notification to the user if left behind. User can also track usage of the Oombrella, status of last trip (duration, weather conditions, temperature and humidity), browsing global usage statistic history (number of days used, times used, weather history), seeing all the other oombrella communities members in neighbourhood, and discovering the last location of users Oombrella when user took it with them.

In Oombrella, a smart sensor-packed ‘capsule (Brain of Oombrella)’ is available separately which can turn any umbrella smart easily. Capsule attached an end of the handle with contains four sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, and sunlight. The Capsule contains buzzer and light inside. This well-made product design is tough, hard-wearing, long-lasting, which can easily face windy conditions, collects weather data like; temperature, pressure, and light. Wezzoo has also put a screw thread on the top of the umbrella so the user can attach a GoPro to it.

The Oombrella has a waterproof, ergonomic handle and a UV-resistant canopy, has kevlar-made ribs to protect when come heavy rain, withstand rainstorms, snowstorms or even hailstorms. The Capsule can be bought separately and attached to a different handle to turn any ordinary umbrella into a smart one.

The Oombrella comes in a market with three designs and colors; white, black and shiny. This umbrella is not cheap; the capsule-only option is €29 ($32). A super early-bird offer will back €59 ($66). At the time of writing, the project, which is the first from Wezzoo on Kickstarter, had €15,478 ($17,458) of its €59,000 ($66,547) goal, with 32 days to go.

Last month, umbrella company Davek launched its Davek Alert Umbrella (after a successful Kickstarter campaign a year ago). Priced at $125, it has a Bluetooth chip, which notifies the user before they leave the umbrella behind.

The Oombrella comes within two sizes; one is the “classic” that is 95cm long (3.1 feet) with a curved handle, and second is the “fit-in-my-bag” that is 25 cm long (0.82 feet) with a straight handle.

According to Kickstarter, “we really want to create the smarter and the most beautiful umbrella ever seen. We are so excited about the launching and we believe that with your collaboration we can make the dream come true.”

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