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Sneh Desai
Sneh DEsai

In today’s time, people are living a life full of conflicts and trying to find solutions for everything. Sometimes in this fast-paced and competitive world, life becomes more of stress than happier days.

Finding solutions to everything is getting so chaotic as all the wheels of life are not balanced properly. To mitigate this loss in everyone’s lives, Life Coach comes into the picture, but what a blessing it could be to have a Life, Mental, Business, Relationship, and also Spiritual Coach in one person.


Mr. Sneh Desai gives the ultimate life-changing experiences to everyone through his training programs. Mr. Desai dedicates his large part of success to his parents as they were the only ones who had inspired him to begin his real-life learning journey at the tender age of 4.

He began learning meditation at the age of 4, followed by in-depth learning of the conscious and sub-conscious mind at the age of 7. His journey of learning had just begun, and there was so much more awaiting him. He became one of the youngest yogacharya at the age of 14 and also learned about alternative healing therapies then. By the time Mr. Desai had already started coming on the stage, since the age of 9. He achieved a huge milestone by becoming one of the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals in the world at the age of 12.

Attending many workshops and seminars during his school time had fully inspired him to add value to the lives of people from the time when the Internet and YouTube were not so common. From a very young age, he started inspiring others. At a time when there was no clue of what the future lay as a motivational speaker, trainer, and life coach, he aimed to become one. He believed in himself and was sure that he could reach heights with it.

Today the sky is the limit for Mr. Desai in adding value to people’s lives. He aims to train and build a community of 10,000 trainers who are carrying his legacy further by adding value to the lives of people and making this planet a better place to live every growing day.

Giving value and sharing his knowledge was his passion till the age of 16, Until his father’s factory got closed and they went into a debt of 22 Lakh rupees. Then, Mr. Desai knew that the time had come to convert his passion into a profession, as he had decided to become a pillar for his family during those tough times. The era of Mr. Desai began.

Mr. Desai started his own training company at the age of 17, and in the last 18 years, more than 2.6 million people have attended his seminars and workshops across India and seven other countries of the World.

Mr. Desai says that “I don’t ask what’s in store for me; rather, I always ask how I can add more.”

Because he strongly believes that “The more you give, the more multiplied returns you’ll get from nature.


The wealth of knowledge doesn’t come easy. It requires a lot of inputs to produce some true outputs. Mr. Desai says that attending a lot of seminars, being in the company of great successful people, getting inspired by them, and one of the most powerful ways is reading books; books are the primary sources of wealth of knowledge. Until the age of 17, he must have read a minimum of 200 books based on success, money, business, and psychology, and at present, the count has raised up to 2000 books.

He believes that reading is an essential element in gaining knowledge. Even with his tight schedule, he can spare some time and reads a minimum of 5-10 books per month.


According to Mr. Desai, in this digital era, to impact lives and stay motivated, there are lots of videos available, and everyone can have easy access to any information they want. But the path that he follows is different. His way of impacting or transforming people’s lives is by asking powerful questions. He strongly believes that everybody has answers within them; they just need to realize it and write it down on paper. If someone from outside comes and tells us that this is what we should do, it won’t work that way. Rather when that answer comes from within them, it becomes a commitment for them to do so.

Secondly, Mr. Desai suggests people to meditate. During guided meditations in his training programs, he helps people to affirm what they want, and this way, it goes to a deeper level in their subconscious mind. Real change in the lives of people happens when affirmations are made at a subconscious level.

Quoting an exemplary example of one of his participants, Mr. Atul Kasat, who had been suffering from depression for the last 11 years, and used to take 16 medicines every day, had tried everything to come out of it, from doctors to psychiatrists to saints, but was unable to fetch the results he wanted. He then started attending Mr. Desai’s seminars. Adding more details on it, Mr. Desai said, “He went through meditative techniques and subconscious mind programming, and he was able to bring that change in his life immediately. Just in two days, he left all the medications, he came out of depression, and the person who was just earning 14,000 per month started earning 4 Lakh per month just in three years of timeline. And today he’s a very big businessman. He handles seven different businesses. He’s doing business in millions.”


“When the mindset is changed, one can change the entire world.”

Quoting a story that relates to the mental health of Ms. Jagruti, who had an issue with her feet since birth. She was operated on 17 times and had major surgeries, yet she was unable to walk. But then, after attending Mr. Desai’s sessions, she understood that her major issue was her mindset rather than her physical challenges. Inspired by the seminars, she has attended many workshops and understood that her mindset had become an excuse throughout her life. Getting inspired by him, she kept on attending his seminars and workshops. Nevertheless, for the first time in her life, she traveled alone, and for the first time in her life, she performed activities such as Bungee Jumping and Skydiving along with Mr. Desai. Being a skydiver himself, Mr. Desai shares that Skydiving even seems difficult for a normal human being, but imagining the way she got motivated and confident in herself and performed it while being physically challenged gives goosebumps to everyone.

Being challenged is an excuse in some or the other way, Mr. Desai says. He proudly mentions that Ms. Jagruti is an entrepreneur today, she is making money, and she is self-dependent. And is also helping so many others like her so that they can transform their life. This story is very close to Mr. Desai, and he gets inspired while sharing this while helping him make a bigger impact in others’ lives.


Mr. Desai and his team conduct more than 50 different types of seminars and workshops on topics such as spirituality, relationships, health, business, and finances.

However, when it comes to the magnitude of the event, the Growth Summit, held in Surat on December 2022, was one of the largest, which had legendary speakers on stage, says Mr. Desai. Deepak Chopra from America, Sunil Tulsiani from Canada, Suniel Shetty from Bollywood, Gaur Gopal Das from spirituality, and a couple of billionaires who are the diamond kings of Surat. According to Mr. Desai, this was one of the major and biggest events and memorial experiences that were conducted. Along with that, one of the programs which is very close to his heart is the ‘Train The Trainer workshop.’ Mr. Desai rightly added that because he himself can’t reach every individual in the world, he wishes to make more people like him who can add value and can reach millions more.

“The world can be a better place if we have Transformational Coaches.”

He says that the knowledge and experiences gained in school and college life are not enough. There are some real-life challenges and resistance which need to be overcome by various real-life skills, and that’s where the coaches come into the picture.

Mr. Desai and his team have trained around 1300 people who are motivating, transforming, and changing lives positively. The coaches under him who train others have been trained through Train the Trainer Program, and their training is reaching the world now.

For Mr. Desai, this is a very massive mission. He says he is on his way to training 10,000 such coaches. Being a coach, one is earning money, but you’re earning money in a good way by adding value to people’s lives, and this brings more satisfaction. Mr. Desai calls it “Earnings with Blessings.”

Asking upon that how does he manage to keep his events jam pack and houseful for years, Mr. Desai shared that he’s not great with marketing, and majority of the participants who attend him either come through referrals or word of mouth, and this helps him fill up faster and months before a seminar or workshop.


When he began his career as a trainer, his family was facing financial challenges and was in debt. He was hoping to become a professional trainer when the Internet and YouTube were not so common in India. People did not believe in him and his career choice. But he was firm; he believed in himself. And that’s all how it started. Initially, with struggles and a lack of resources, but slowly and gradually, everything worked out because he listened to his inner calling rather than to other outside voices.

Another Challenging situation described was the Pandemic. It was a worldwide challenge, but specifically for Training Industry, they bore a loss for ten months, as there were no auditoriums open. Salaries were pending, as no-shows were going on. Sustaining the situation was getting difficult. But with the challenge comes the solution, and they adapted online. They created a studio and started delivering lectures online. This was a bigger opportunity; though the personal physical sessions were canceled, people from all over the world were able to attend his lectures online. And this opportunity made him a known person in over 30 countries. He proudly says that he is not just known in India, but people from all over the world attend his classes now.


Mr. Desai’s core principle or strategy is defined as ‘Authenticity’ he says that in every industry, everyone is focused on selling something by exaggerating or giving pseudo hopes. But this is not the same scenario with him; he is not a pro in marketing and believes that when people start liking your product when they experience it on their own, they will be the marketers. The only point that comes here is to satisfy the customers’ expectations. Mr. Desai is obsessed with delivering value. And he has got major inspiration from his role model, Tony Robbins, who always has over-delivered.

What kicks Mr. Desai is the energy with which Tony Robbins walks in and out of the stage; by the time he’s on the stage, one can Clearly state that he’s given all he could.

Quoting thoughts of Robin Sharma that define him as having an “Obsession with delivering above average.”

Adding more, Mr. Desai informs that “And yes, I shared the stage with Robin Sharma in Toronto, Canada. And I got to attend him again in Mumbai. And he also inspires me. And yeah, I mean, when you go the extra mile, I personally believe that you’ll always achieve success.”


There will be bad days that might cause stress, and we do face challenges. Mr. Desai believes that he is into the noble job of adding values to the lives of people, and he adds more to it, saying, “This is what I teach, that whenever you are adding values in lives of people, if somebody is negative and you’re bringing positivity in his life, if somebody is into stress and you’re bringing peace to his life, somebody has problems and you’re bringing solutions to his life, then in a way you are working in God’s organization. Mr. Desai believes that he is God’s Agent.

Adding upon this, he says that not necessarily everyone has to be a trainer/coach to work in god’s organization, no matter who the person is or what is his job role. When a person is performing his role in the right way, then he is the higher organization man, as he is performing his duties right.


“I have many role models in my life because I personally feel that at every age and every stage of my life, role models have changed. And in different fields, I have different role models.”

Spirituality – Sadhguru & Mother Teresa.

Life Coach – Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma & Dr. Deepak Chopra.

In addition to this, he added about Sunil Tulsiani, who is his mentor and friend. Mr. Desai says, “I just got in touch with him last year in December. But just in one year, he has added so much value in my life as a mentor, as a friend, as a partner.”


“You don’t need to be depressed. If you want to help somebody who’s into depression.”

Mr. Desai started giving parenting coaching at the age of 19 when his personal life was nowhere related to it. If you have subject knowledge and expertise, there can be 1000 problems out there, but the solutions are only ten. Although solutions are tailored to specific issues, they can still be applicable to the majority of individuals. Because 80% of problems are inside and not outside, so once you start treating them right, everything changes.

Traits of a Learner 

  • Open-mindedness & Receptivity

An individual should always be a good listener. They should be ready to accept what is being taught. It doesn’t work for the ones who are not ready to consider the teachings given.

  • Eagerness & Energy

Information is vast and widely available, but what holds importance is the energy to put in to understand and eagerness to learn. If a participant has this quality, that he is ready to implement what is taught, then it is going to help him achieve his goals.

  • Stay focused & consistent

Based on Robin Sharma’s tips, Mr. Desai believes that one should always have two devices, for example, two mobile phones. One that has everything you need to focus on and one for your leisure. And the point of time you are focused on your work, carry the one which has your focus., so that you don’t get distracted and work on your goals. Secondly, he also said that an individual should set his goals the night before so that he is aware of the tasks to be implemented the next day.


Life Gurukul is a free app that people can download on their phones, and it has more than 30 different topics, workshops, and seminars to help people add value to their lives. It also has some health programs, some spiritual programs, and some business and goal-achieving programs. Their team uploaded all of these programs, envisioning that the way people use Netflix one day, they’ll also use ‘Life Gurukul’ to upgrade themselves, learn something new, and improve their lives. Because not everyone can travel and attend in-person events, but their phone is always with them, and they can watch and learn at any time, says Mr. Desai.

They have added a few learnings in the application so that when people enjoy their me-time through entertainment, they can also spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day learning something new.

Life Gurukul App is open for all coaches, where they can post their learnings and earn passive income, and add value to the lives of people.


The Super Rich Workshop – A Two-day event, 20 hours workshop that helps people to achieve their financial goals and also strategize to achieve them faster. When an individual fulfills his financial goals, he can do everything he has planned and achieve more, which in a way, contributes to society.

How to build a million-dollar business by authoring a book – Many individuals might be planning to become bestselling authors. Mr. Desai has written 11 books, and his 12th book recently got launched at Growth Summit, which has been co-authored with the legendary Brian Tracy and Sunil Tulsiani and is already a part of International Bestsellers. Mr. Desai believes that this is possible for everyone, and to make it possible, he has crafted these two days of the workshop. Jack Canfield, the legendary speaker, is also a part of this event. Jack Canfield is well-known for his book Chicken Soup for the Soul, which has sold over 600 million copies worldwide. That’s the world’s second-best book after the Bible. He’ll be teaching how he sold so many copies, how he was able to add value to people’s lives, and how he made millions of dollars after becoming an author. In addition, he sold the Chicken Soup for the Soul book’s title for $37.5 million. He’ll come down online, virtually, and share all his secrets; along with him, Mr. Desai and Sunil Tulsiani will be there teaching people how to grow their businesses by becoming an author and eventually achieve the fame that everyone desires. Everybody wants to be famous, and this is the right opportunity for every individual to show themselves to the world.


At present, Mr. Desai and his team are doing sessions in seven countries of the world, including Canada, America, the UK, and Australia. Africa and Europe are on the list they wish to go for sure. He adds more to it, saying, “I believe there is a need and necessity for all this knowledge across the globe now. Because post-pandemic, everybody is facing some or other challenges in their lives.”


Being asked upon an opportunity to reset his life, what would Mr. Desai chose to be like, he shared that – “If I have to reset my life and I have to start it again, then I’ll choose the same field, the same career, and the same businesses I’m into right now because I feel this is the day I’m living.”


A successful person can have a lot of money. But a person who has a lot of money is not necessarily successful.

Money is a tool for transactions, giving, and receiving. Money can provide you with financial freedom. However, the term “Success” has a broader meaning. Being successful in relationships, being successful in health or fitness, being successful in giving, donating, and helping others.


Mr. Desai, on smart parenting, says that these days parents need to understand that their kids are smarter than them. Concerning his experience in India, he says that parents want their children to be occupied with some or the other activities and keep learning something or the other. What matters is children are anyway going to learn, but what they need is the right environment and atmosphere at home. To make them learn, they should live in a love-filled environment because they learn what they see. For example, if parents are fighting and want to teach love to their kids, it won’t happen.


No book has a solution to all your questions because “It’s not about finding answers, but it’s about realizing that the questions don’t exist.” Change Your Life, a book written by Mr. Sneh Desai serves that purpose. He also adds that “The question and the answer are actually in the mind of the person. It’s a matter of time and dedication to realize it.”


When asked about how spirituality can help in making a business successful, Mr. Desai answered it in a very appealing way. He says that our bodies are supported by the spinal cord, and we will fall if the spinal cord is not present. Similarly, in business, when one makes money, they scale up the business to the highest point. Having a spiritual foundation helps an individual to work like a spinal cord. Spirituality becomes the spinal cord with which one can enjoy success and money. In the business world, spirituality also helps in easing the challenges and stress one faces.

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