Stalwart Management Consulting: Creating Productive and Profitable Organizations

An organization is only as good as the people they hire. The fate and future of any organization therefore rests in the hands of these multi-faceted human resources. Key industries such as IT, retail and banking, pharma and manufacturing are growing at a rapid pace and this combined with today’s continued focus on innovation in the Indian economy, is an interesting eco system that the country is currently observing. As a result, the demand for unique talent is increasing across many sectors to deliver rapid and sustained growth. Keeping a hawk-eye on this trend Stalwart Management Consulting has a strong industry focus, with multi-discipline teams dedicated to key industry groups in both global and national markets. Debunking the “One size fits all” approach, Stalwart Management Consulting partners with companies to hire these future ready human resources by offering customized and curated talent solutions that are industry aligned.
At Stalwart Management Consulting, the aim is to offer a distinct and comprehensive array of workforce and talent solutions ranging from talent acquisition, advisory and consulting solutions, HR Analytics and outsourcing. With a definite effort at partnering with the clients to build a highly engaged and motivated workforce, Stalwart Management Consulting contributes and enhances the brand value of the clients. It is committed to partnering with clients on their growth journey by designing recruitment and talent solutions that pre-empt and meet any business challenge that is encountered. The integrated strategies are designed to increase workplace productivity by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining and utilizing people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs.
Relentless Determination and Thoughtful Approach for Leading the Organization
As the Founder, Director and Principal Consultant of Stalwart Management Consulting (SMC), Stalwart Business Consortium LLP (SBCL) and Stalwart Learning Solutions (A vertical of SBCL), Divyashikha Gupta is the one behind the company’s signature characteristic. While her approach is thoughtful, open, analytical and often challenging; her insight, integrity, and candor to the partnering process have become renowned throughout the industry.
Divyashikha has 15 years’ of vast experience in various facets of Human Resources and has held critical roles across APAC and Indian sub-continent in global organizations like JP Morgan, Temasek Holdings (through Fullerton Financial Holdings) and Hutchison 3 Global Services (now acquired by Tech Mahindra). Her expertise rests on Staffing (Including Leadership / CXO Level), Learning and Organizational Development, Change Management, Talent Engagement and Talent Development. At Stalwart (Group Companies), her responsibilities are client management, strategic planning, evaluation of operational capabilities, risk assessment along with monitoring and assuring profitability of the group. With an excellent analytical ability, Divyashikha has been a pioneer in her field who dares to dream and achieve the impossible.
Staying Competent and Facing the Challenges
Stalwart Management Consulting started their journey in 2009 as a traditional recruitment company and over the years has added some very unique solutions to their talent consulting cartel and these solutions have helped maintain the UVP(Unique value Proposition). Since its inception, Stalwart has been very particular about the UVP offered rather than USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Although Stalwart uses Technology, AI, Machine Learning and other disruptive technologies to make recruitment extremely fast paced, the company retains its core values by not replacing the human connect in recruitment and talent solutions.
The team at Stalwart Management understands that in a constantly evolving and changing business environment, a good recruitment and talent solutions company should help clients to be prepared for VOLATALITY, UNCERTAINTY, COMPLEXITY, AND AMBIGUITY – commonly known as VUCA in the business world today
Innovative and Disruptive Solutions
Stalwart’s bespoke, highly customized and solution based approach ensures that recruitment and talent strategy is aligned with the client’s core business. The team of functional and technical experts is committed to one of the lowest turnaround time for delivery in the industry. The consultancy provides innovative and disruptive interview solutions such as Video Interviews, Virtual Screening that has gone a long way in satisfying the clients. The mature retainer solutions of the consultancy have consistently saved 15-20% of the client’s talent sourcing budgets. Stalwart’s in-house outreach initiative extends educational and social support to the underprivileged and poverty struck masses of the society. WOW which means Women of Worth is Stalwart’s signature campaign to encourage and promote gender inclusion in the workplace. The WOW Stalwart initiative ensures that the client’s diversity inclusion targets are met within the budgeted time lines. Stalwart provides exhaustive data base encompassing active and passive talent which ensures that the client’s never compromise.
Delivering Support and Providing Benefits to the Clients
Stalwart Management Consulting offers Stalwart Assessment Sheet, which is a scientific, AI- based and professional assessment of the candidates’ capabilities and suitability for the respective role. This is a premium offering and it helps the clients to make an informed decision about the suitability of the profiles being shared. It is a comprehensive talent solutions company that maps the right talent for organizations.
Stalwart Management Consulting offers recruitment services such as Permanent Hiring, Contract Hiring, Payroll and Compliance, Staffing Solutions. The talent firm has various solutions to be provided in Learning and Development such as Training, Signature Modules that are experiential and impact based. Functional, Behavioral and Excellence Modules are designed and curated to meet industry and role demands. Art-Based modules which are based on Drama, Theatre, Music, Films and Reflections are provided by Stalwart. Candidates need to be assessed to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, Stalwart provides Assessment Centers with Biometric Testing, Graphology Supported Assessments, Psychometric Tests that are used for recruitment as well as Learning and Development.
The fastest way to build trust, especially with a new or potential client, is to provide clear evidence of the professional values. Value Based Consulting provided by Stalwart has Advisory & Consulting (Technology & Analytics in Human Resources), Capability Building, Learning & Talent, Change & Culture Transformation, Executive Search, Design Thinking and Innovation, CEO and Leadership Coaching.
As the demand for quality talent surges, Stalwart Management Consulting continues to leverage its expertise by providing talent that suits one’s needs. Their range of talent solutions expands from talent acquisition, advisory and consulting solutions to HR analytics and outsourcing, which allows the talent firm to remain the most preferred talent solutions partner for the esteemed clients.
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