Acreaty Management: Focused towards Delivering Effective Business Solutions

The Indian recruitment industry is driven by numerous factors including the growth of key client industry, entry of multinational companies in the Indian markets, large conglomerates entering into new business domains among others. Indian economy has been growing at an attractive rate supported by growth in its key customer industries like retail, banking, IT, ITES, hospitality and health care among others. Moreover, the industry is characterized by the increasing trend of private equity transactions and a number of M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions), Join ventures, etc. Besides, myriads of companies mainly SMEs have started outsourcing their recruitment/ hiring processes to third party recruiters. With an outlook on changing needs, hiring would not be only about tracing, interviewing candidates, and getting the vacancy filled. Instead, employers will utilize data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, to increase diversity, and target passive candidates.
Acreaty Management Consultant is a leading HR Consulting & Manpower Outsourcing Company providing a wide range of staffing solutions to its clients. The core set of offerings include Business Strategies, Process and People Outsourcing, Recruitments/ Executive Search, Training & ITES. Working on a strong technology platform, Acreaty Management Consultant has the capability to perform job-candidate matchmaking and deliver world class experience to the client’s while simultaneously managing cost and time efficiencies. It is increasingly adapting to innovative tools like video interviewing, job mobile apps (job portals, job boards, etc.) and online assessments tools (performance appraisals, etc.) that not only will increase the efficiency. The consultancy has built a strong brand position through successful business associations & delivery of quality services to various industry verticals i.e. Construction, Healthcare, Automobile, Real estate, IT, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical etc. The vision is to be one of the premier and international player in global hiring solutions worldwide and the main purpose is to deliver result oriented services for the most prestigious customers. It is a multi-national company with global presence across countries like Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa), United States and the Middle East (Bahrain, Philippines and UAE).
An Exceptional Leader Delivering Highly Innovative Solutions
Paramjit Anand, Co-Founder & Director, has over 20+ years of experience, in general management of small to large size organizations, corporate development, complete HR operations, business operations, product marketing, and strategy across the globe. He is leading the global management consulting firm with a core set of offerings including Business Strategies, Process and People Outsourcing, complete HR solutions, Training & ITES. He also co- founded Ascentaz, a global business consulting & advisory firm with the focus to serve organizations globally, tend to enter specific geographies and to scale up their businesses worldwide. Prior to Acreaty & Ascentaz, he was into Strategic Sales marketing and brand empowerment with leading national & international brands like Gillette Group, ITC Limited, Cavinkare and Unilever for over 12 years.
Staying Uniquely Competent
As one of the leading recruitment agencies, Acreaty has faced a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Recruitment companies act like catalysts, constantly mediating between employer and potential employee. The connected pressures on this mediation of a fast-paced recruitment process and an increasingly saturated job market should not be underestimated. So, in order to stay at the top of their game, the consultancy mainly concentrates on considering what the best brands can do and then try to implement new strategies to improve the quality of hiring. Candidates are relatively easy to track down through different sources; Acreaty Recruitment Consultant is jumping up into new and leading-edge software and HR tools. The experts provide entirely unique hiring services. For junior level positions, they personally engage in field work. On the flip-side, for mid-level or C-suite, the specialist recruiters personally meet the clients, and thoroughly research about the specific roles and job descriptions. The consultancy also handles any recruitment needs, by giving one the access to resources and expert staffs and that to with timely delivery. To set services apart from the competitors, the recruitment consultancy completely analyzes the spokesperson; and creatively analyzes the client’s specific requirement. Acreaty always takes a complete responsibility while recruiting the best talent- starting from screening, shortlisting to employing, reference/ background check, etc. and provides HR solutions for almost all major industry verticals.
Innovating Future with Exceptional Services
The war for quality talent is bound to strengthen and intensify in the coming decades, with more & more companies tapping to new innovative forms of screening candidates or exploring newest forms of technologies. The focus is on diversified corporate solutions & services. Companies can deliver good recruitment solutions, but can’t perform up-to-the mark, as compare to the companies, who are into hard-core HR outsourcing business. Acreaty global recruitment team is operating across different continents with an established network of potential candidates. The consultancy is concentrating more on innovative technologies to widen the networks and communicate with potential candidate and to stay at the top of the recruitment game. Acreaty Recruitment Consultant is keenly focused towards delivering exceptional services for our clienteles.
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