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Tushar Santra , Founder , Streetlight Media | Business Magazine

Today’s connected world is all about breaking news. Each and every event, relevant or irrelevant, big or small, fake or real, spread across the globe in no time. What follow is social media scrutiny, and a thread of shares, likes, comments, reactions and more. In this age of viral news, it often becomes difficult to filter fake news from real news. Maintaining a public image or Public Relation Management thus becomes ever so crucial. Fake news about a company can damage its years of services and reputation. And so it takes someone like Tushar Santra, a former journalist, whose understanding of the news, mediums and the strategic outlook to things is impeccable. A strategic communication consultant or as some people say Crisis Specialist, he has created a media database of seven hundred cities across India and a system to monitor news even from the smallest newspaper from any district in India helping him to execute any work anywhere.
Finding his Own Light
Hailing from the rural side of West Bengal, Tushar’s early hardships taught him the lessons of the core to success. Working in the PR wing of a multinational company, his work drew appreciation from clients, but jobs come with their own perils and the limitations often became a hindrance. The work success gave him the confidence to serve the corporates on his own. Realizing that there is no substitute to integrity, transparency and hard work, he went on to establish his own company, Streetlight Media in late 2009.
The naming philosophy behind Streetlight Media lies in throwing light for prosperity to everyone including corporates to employees associated with the organization. From starting the organization with bare minimum capital to providing strategic communication services to corporates from around 700 cities/towns/districts headquarters, it is an achievement Tushar and his team always reflects on.
Creative and Customizable Solutions
Streetlight Media is a true strategic communication company from ‘Bharat’ with one of the largest network of people to deliver desired mandate for its clients. It has developed its own research team to design the communication tools and messages for the masses in extreme rural markets. Simultaneously it has created an in-house technology platform for monitoring specific news from any corner of India including print publications which don’t have an online presence. It is a multi-specialist, full-service firm that helps to both build and protect brands of some of the corporate houses, Technology service providers, Conglomerates, Banking and Financial Institutions, Infrascture , Automobiles, Healthcare, MSMEs etc. It also caters to a host of bright, young start-ups from Education, Healthcare, Lifestyle and Astrology sectors. It has a track record of successfully delivering on complex and challenging PR briefs – often characterised by high stakes, urgency and a sense of uncertainty about the potential outcomes.
Its range of services are broadly categorised into – Communications Shared Services, Consumer Marketing and Corporate/Public Affairs. Its team expertise encompasses a dynamic range of corporate services for organization ranging from SMEs to corporate behemoths in various industry sectors. Ranging from product/service launch, brand repositioning, or a full-blown crisis management scenario; the company handles it all. It leverages on its strengths to orchestrate effective communication campaign in a strategic, creative and timely manner thereby ensuring maximum mileage and goodwill for its clients.
Simplicity in Complexity
In media dynamics today, Tushar Feels that “Opportunities are always there for the people who understand the colour of the industry and represent the client’s thought process with honesty, integrity and detailed research report.” In this challenging and complex world with a trust deficit, Streetlight believes that a public relation is 50 per cent research, 40 per cent behaviour & dedication and 10 per cent communications. Its culture is its strength and is built on simple tenets of integrity, transparency, fairness and simplicity. Constant, incremental innovation for creating value for its clients is also a part of its value system. Its approach is process oriented with utmost accountability in terms of delivery and derived acknowledgment from customers. It rooted to the basic of problem-definition and customizing the solution. In an industry built on standard templates and processes, it explores differentiation & creative solutions for each client.
Innovative Environment
To have good growth and to provide time bound services, reporting management needs to be automated which will reduce the operating cost for the company in the long run. Investing the same amount for quality workforce will make the agency to stand out from the crowd. Tushar adds, “This is an age of VUCA (Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity) where application of information technology and robotics are changing dynamics of environment at work place/business. We try and stay a step ahead in terms of innovations.” The company is in the process of developing applications that can help it stay ahead in the race.
Simultaneously, through various initiatives, it tries to make its employees feel their workplace is like home. Through its multiple policies, the organization promotes educating the next generation for new India.
A Media-savvy Future
To the young and budding generation of media-savvy entrepreneurs, Tushar advises that “It’s uniqueness that will take you to place, but the execution is the key as well. There’s no substitute for hard work. Try to stand differently in this congested crowd and if you want to shine, first burns like a sun.”
Moving into the future with PR as its backbone, Streetlight is foraying into 360o. Its short-term objective is to be recognized as the most respected media house in the subcontinent.

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