Webmaffia: Crafting Digital Strategies that Deliver

Veera Ghyara, Co-founder ,Sagar Jadhav, Co-founder, Prasad Devadiga,Co- founder, Webmaffia | Business magazine

Businesses today need to develop and execute a digital strategy in order to keep up with the digitally changing time. Along with the business strategy, it helps business with new technologies focusing on enhancing its digital capabilities and utilizing digital marketing services to multiply its brand value. While the market has many digital advertising agencies that aim to bring digital solutions to businesses, most of them lack the understanding of creative execution and impact of the good user experience in brand recall. User behaviour, user experience and user attention timespan vary in the digital and mainline medium. While working with different agencies, the entrepreneurs Prasad Devadiga, Veera Ghyara and Sagar Jadhav realized that brands can create better recall by focusing on improving user’s creative experience. Based on their own experience and the mentioned philosophy, the three co-founded Webmaffia.
Meet the Core Team
Prasad has the experience of over fourteen years in digital advertising as a Creative head and has won several creative awards for the campaigns he has headed.
Veera was a creative strategist and a business development head before starting Webmaffia. Her understanding of the brand positioning and the target audience has helped Webmaffia win several accounts.
Sagar heads the technology, SEO and media services of Webmaffia. Sagar has helped put creative vision into reality using modern tech tools. His understanding of new technologies has helped Webmaffia in providing innovative solutions to brands.
The Creative Company
With a creative first approach, Webmaffia has helped brands in improving brand reach and customer engagement with the minimum paid efforts. It covers all major services like creating 360-degree Digital Strategies for brands, Website design and development, Social Media Management, Digital video creation, Search – organic and paid marketing, Media buying and planning, etc.
Using thorough research and understanding, it conceptualizes an insightful and unique communication approach for its clients. It explores creative solutions to impact, connect and engage with client consumer for a recalling digital experience.
The Trendsetting Industry
The digital advertising industry has seen major changes in the last few years. There’s a marked audience shift from desktop to mobile. There are new laws for consumer data protection and content promotion is the latest buzz. These changes have pushed digital agencies to look beyond social media platforms. Webmaffia too has changed its strategy to not just understand the audience base, but the way the audience interacts through various mediums. This has helped it provide not just engagement but also actual conversion through multiple platforms.
Keeping up with the emerging trends and technology, Webmaffia created HTML5-based animation website in its first year of operation which won silver in ‘Goafest Abbys’. In 2014, it won two silvers in ‘Goafest Abbys’ and 2 awards in ‘Digital Crest’ for ‘Best Design’, ‘Best Use of Animation’ and ‘Best Use of Images’. In 2015, Webmaffia implemented the unique feature of WhatsApp share on Fitfoodie.in website which received the ‘Kyuoorius Digital Awards’.
Managing the Creative Souls
Being in a creative industry requires a mind and body that is sharp and ideating. Webmaffia organizes and encourages its employees to attend seminars from industry experts to keep its folks updated with the latest. Being a result-oriented organization; it does not enforce working hours on its employees which have helped it in improving the quality of work as employees work during the hours that fit their energy cycle the best.
It keeps its employees motivated by promoting a positive culture by creating a fun working environment. Setting up an incentive structure has helped in keeping the employees motivated and it’s the best kind of reward they receive by the end of their hard work.
It also organizes bi-annual #DonateYourWardrobe activity in which everyone in the organization participates and the belongings are donated to shelter homes.
A Word for the Newbies
The co-founders point out that digital advertising is evolving much faster than traditional advertising. There are new ad platforms being added every month. So for the young entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in the industry, their advice is, “Don’t try to adapt to everything that is being introduced as the next big thing. New technologies and platforms always tend to have spill-over until the audience gets used to it. They are good only for winning innovation awards. Entrepreneurs need to focus on skills at hand and help brands achieve their objective in the best way possible.” They also feel that focused approach always delivers on client expectations.
Designing the Future
Webmaffia started as a creative digital agency that concentrated on delivering good user experience. In six years, it has become an agency which is capable of delivering all the digital solutions like Social media management, Search engine optimization, Paid search, Media buying and planning through our in-house resources. It has helped start-ups become brands and brands amplify their digital presence. It now has clients across India, the US and the UK. Brand managers prefer agencies to have resources that understand the dynamics of change in demographics. With this consideration in mind, it has recently started its operations in Delhi and Bengaluru. The trio is focusing on providing hyper-local digital marketing solutions to the brands in years to come and scale Webmaffia’s operations across the globe.

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