Sunil Kumar Thakur, Country Manager – India, BMC Software


“With the increased focus on digitisation in India, ‘digital’ has become the latest buzzword in the country. However, traditional businesses are yet to embrace the new challenges and opportunities provided by digital transformation. Most companies are trying to understand what digital transformation really is and what they need to be doing to accelerate digital business in a period of massive cross border and cross industry disruption.
In 2017, we predict that we will go beyond talking about digital transformation to having a real dialogue about what organizations actually need to be doing to evolve, survive and thrive in the era of the Digital Industry. This era is being fuelled by three core elements that act as accelerators for Digital Industry, and they are, firstly, a culture of high speed innovation (as much about business model as technology) which is underpinned by both modern elastic infrastructure and digital-enabled employees. Secondly, organizations across all industries need to know how to leverage the power of digital technologies to create new and disruptive business models. And lastly, only those businesses who embrace a new mindset to protect and preserve their existing infrastructure while investing in new digital technologies will reshape markets, deliver apps and services at hyper scale and become the leaders of the new digital industry.”

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