Sunita Goswami: A Guru Nurturing Your Mental Health to its Tranquil State

Sunita Goswami
Sunita Goswami

What is more mysterious, thrillingly sensational, yet beautiful than nature? Its replica – Our mind. Like millions of living beings, their species, subspecies and layer upon layer of environment, the mind is a home to millions of thoughts, emotions, nerves, perceptions, desires, and much more. It keeps receiving sensory info infinitum.

With such a vast amount of data it processes, it might face problems sometimes. An imbalanced mind spiralling down into depression can be the most dangerous stage of anyone’s life. Over the years, along with physical health, mental health has also gained importance, and people are now aware of treating the same with dignity.

Still, the treatment is often avoided because of fear or shame or the unavailability of appropriate options for mental health coaching. Those searching for an exceptional life coach can now be stress-free as caring for their emotional well-being, a light that guides and understands the natural language of their inner self, has arrived on the horizon – Sunita Goswami, the Founder and NLP Coach at Scintillating by Sunita Goswami. A mother, a counsellor, and a successful women leader, Sunita is influencing people’s lives with her excellent skills and empathetic Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) counselling.

A Touch of Motherhood

Sunita’s journey started when she was expecting her first child. Previously, she was in a different profession. Due to pregnancy and suggestions from her family, Sunita had to rest and start thinking about the baby’s health. It proved to be a golden chance for her to work on her hobbies while taking care of herself for her child. She also thought of studying child counselling for the welfare of the baby. She also realized that 80% of a child’s behaviour depends on parenting, which plays a huge role in their development. “So, during my pregnancy, I started reading a few books related to this subject, and soon my passion became my profession,” says Sunita.

Another incident that motivated her to learn counselling was her friend’s suicide. Sunita narrates the horrifying story, “After my marriage, a very dear friend of mine committed suicide. Thinking of this incident still gives me goosebumps. I strongly oppose suicide. In my eyes, life can be tough sometimes but killing yourself is not the solution.” After this incident, a spirit of confidence gleamed her and inspired her to study counselling and NLP. She was also interested in exploring the functioning of the brain and the way to teach people to face various challenges in life and take their abilities to the next level.

Learning from Experiences

These incident was a turning point in Sunita’s life, so because of that she studied general counselling, family, and child counselling. Shortly, she started implementing her skills on her daughter and her family. After two years, she opened a toy library and started counselling people out of passion and helping them. This journey was inspiring, and without taking any halt in studying, Sunita achieved a diploma and master’s degree in general counselling.

However, simple counselling was not enough to solve problems, and there was a need for better solutions. “After some time, I realized that general counselling is not the ultimate

solution and that problems can arise again. So, after doing much research, I came across NLP,” says Sunita. Understanding the role and importance of NLP and how it is beneficial for personal and professional growth, she first pursued the NLP practitioner program. Later, she acquired a master’s program and stepped into relationship, general, business, and mental health counselling.

Mental Wellness Counselling

Being a master in counselling and NLP coaching, Sunita reflects in her personality a positive attitude and works with tremendous energy to help people in clearing their ardours journey. She has achieved mastery of all types of counselling, and her main forte is corporate counselling and solving problems related to mental health. As an NLP coach, she has been known as Life Trainer and Healer. An inspiring personality like Sunita has excellent skills in solving problems such as Relationships issues, Parenting, Anxiety, Stress, Business Development, Goal setting and wellness programs, etc.

With in-depth knowledge and passion for helping people improve their mental conditions and peace of mind, Sunita has paved the way for success. She has thirteen years of experience in counselling and two years of exposure to NLP training and counselling. In this busy and frenetic life, Sunita’s counselling is a way to bring peace and stability to the inner self. She understands people’s concerns and helps them grow and strengthen their inner selves by showing an optimistic way to live.

Sunita has conducted seminars for business people, senior citizens, kids, adolescent groups, women, etc. More than 20k people benefitted from her sessions. Additionally, she has been leading and managing an institute named My Little Arrows Preschool and is responsible for child counselling. Besides personalized counselling, Sunita works for a centre called

Scintillating.’ This centre offers all types of services related to mental health. “We work on the root cause and give staggering results,” says Sunita. The company has a team of well- trained professionals who help a person improve mentally, physically, and socially.

Erasing the Negative Imprints

Mental health is a big issue and needs to be addressed before it is too late to control, and the patient’s life sees severe impacts. Sunita’s journey was tough, from starting a counselling centre to expanding her career to an NLP counsellor. The initial challenge she faced at the start of my career was marketing. “13 years back, people were not well aware of mental health diseases and problems, and even if they had a tough time with their life, they would avoid a doctor and try to cure it through medicines,” explains Sunita about the challenging situation. Mental health awareness was important to overcome this challenge, and she started creating awareness in the context of emotional well-being. Apart from that, marketing her business was the biggest initial challenge, and it remains a big obstacle.

Boasting a Sense of Empathy

A weak and unhealthy body needs appropriate treatment. Likewise, the powerhouse of emotions also needs boosting and permanent treatment if it encounters unwellness. Under Sunita’s leadership and guidance, Scintillating helps cure the mind and aids in achieving goals. The USP of the company is that it does not give temporary solutions. It works on the root cause and provides a permanent solution, ultimately leading to staggering results. “We

naturally treat our clients and avoid medicines. These qualities and values make our brand unique,” says Sunita.

Moreover, mental health counselling comes with putting oneself in another’s shoes and understanding their concerns from their way. What makes Sunita’s clients happy is its confidential policy. They appreciate the confidentiality and privacy of their states and situations. The counsellors in the company have a sense of empathy, and they understand the client’s emotions without being captious. The company’s most important value is that the team works on the root cause and gives staggering results in a very short period.

An Eternal Light to Your Brightest Future

A person who helps clear a tough road and aims to improve people’s mental health is a boon to society. With her extensive experience and empathetic counselling skills, Sunita has also become a renowned leader in the mental health sector. For budding professionals who wish to take care of people’s mental health and make a career in NLP, as an experienced

professional, she advises them on their better careers. “I would advise young budding aspirants to first and foremost develop patience. Never be scared of any problem,” concludes Sunita.

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