TABP Snacks

In the ever-growing Food & Beverage segment heavily dominated by the unorganized players, the common man is increasingly bombarded with new products, almost every single day, as this phenomenon continues, there is a growing need for quality and nutrition combined with affordability. This where TABP set out on its journey with an array of foods and beverages which are within reach of the common man.

TABP Snacks and Beverages, manufacturers of snacks, healthy breakfast cereals, millets and juices was born out of a simple philosophy of offering nutritionally loaded food and beverages at prices that affordable to all strata of society.

Based at Coimbatore, TABP is part of Gandhikumar Group and one of the leading business groups in the city with interest in Manufacturing, Agro and FMCG. TABP is an exemplar of a sustainable FMCG brand with focus on producing healthy, nutritional line of products comprising of juices, beverages and quick-eat snacks.

The founder, Prabhu Gandhikumar discovered a niche segment- Rs. 10 for a 200ml bottle of juice / refreshing beverage – where MNCs have not made deep inroads and quickly sensed the opportunity that lay ahead of him and thus was born TABP Snacks and beverages in 2018 with the first batch of products- Mango and Apple Juice (Marketed under the PLUNGE brand name).

TABP’s range of 26 SKU’s across 5 brands – GULP, PLUNGE, TANVI, MILLET MIGHT and THIRSTY OWL – are available in about 1,19,000 outlets with 138 super stockists and 648 distributors ensuring the products are on the shelves of every neighborhood store and putting them within the reach of the common man. Additionally, TABP are also sells some snacks and Rusks under the brand name of TANVI. Today TABP’s range of products are available in most of the rural markets of Tamil Nadu and the urban poor regions of cities such as in Chennai.

TABP is also present in parts of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

With Consciousness about healthy and nutritious eating gaining momentum and becoming vivid more than ever before, TABP has its eyes firmly set on the breakfast cereals and Millets segment with a range of products, under The Millet Might brand.

TABP’s biggest strength are its distributors, none of whom left since they joined in 2018. They have also provided market information and encouraged them to launch multiple product segment, and with good reason. It was the market intelligence provided by the distributors to even out the sales seasonality of juices and beverages which promoted TABP to introduce the snacks range sold under the brand name Tanvi.

Widely accepted and popular among those seeking quality snack and beverages at a price point where consumers will not bad an eyelid, the usage of safe ingredients have fuelled popularity of its products among a wider section of the society.


PLUNGE: A Range Of Fruit Juices GULLP: Refreshing Beverages TANVI: Snack Range MILLET MIGHT: Range Of Healthy Millet Might Products THIRSTY OWL: A Range Of Light, Smooth, Non-Alcoholic Beer

Since inception in 2018, TASTY, AFFORDABLE and QUALITY have been the guiding principles of TABP, while the organization makes masalas for coating on snacks and concentrated for fruits juices and beverages, in-house, manufacturing is outsourced thus far with an overall capacity of 800 bottles per minute spread over 7 bottling locations. The R&D nevertheless, tightly controlled in house. This stems from the belief that the preferences of those who live in rural India could be a tad different compared to city folks and such nuances are best understood and captured by direct employees.


With a pulse on the ever changing consumer needs and demands, TABP has all the right elements in place to expand into the health and nutritious food segment.

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