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TCI Express Limited
TCI Express

When it comes to express delivery services, there is only one name India relies on: TCI Express Limited. It stands out as one of the country’s fastest-growing express delivery companies, backed by extensive experience and profound domain expertise. This expertise enables TCI Express to provide tailored express delivery solutions to its customers, ensuring the timely and professional delivery of every shipment from the initial customer contact point to the final leg. The company has built a vast and loyal customer base across India.

Established in 1996 as TCI XPS, the express division of Transport Corporation of India Ltd. (TCI), TCI Express became an independent entity in 2016. Since then, it has been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), swiftly emerging as India’s fastest-growing express delivery company.

It’s important to note that TCI Group was founded by Shri. Prabhu Dayal Agarwal in 1958 with just one truck in Kolkata, marking the inception of this extraordinary journey. Mr. Agarwal has remained the driving force behind TCI Express’s growth and success.

An Extensive Network

TCI Express has consistently expanded its presence in the express logistics sector, serving various B2B and C2C clients. The company’s standout feature is its unified, multimodal network, allowing customized delivery solutions. This approach aligns with TCI Express’s niche philosophy, which involves substantial efforts to establish technological leadership, push boundaries, and seize emerging opportunities in the express delivery domain.

TCI Express stands out as a leader in South Asia’s express delivery sector, driven by an unwavering commitment to its clients and guided by its core brand values. At its core, TCI Express aims to create a customer-centric, multi-technology, and multi-specialist transportation system that serves Indian and international markets. This mission underscores the brand’s resolute dedication to operational excellence and its commitment to value-based principles that resonate with the collective aspirations of society, customers, vendors, employees, shareholders, and the entire transport industry.

TCI Express is more than just a leader; it embodies a visionary perspective encapsulated in its acronym:

  • Loved by customers in Indian and International Markets.
  • Express multimodal fastest Company.
  • Always ahead of the rest in speed and professionalism.
  • Delight customers every time.
  • Excellence in service using the latest technology.
  • Reliable to all customers and respected by all the stakeholders.

The guiding principles of Shri. Prabhu Dayal Agarwal, the visionary founder of TCI Group, have illuminated the company’s journey since 1958. TCI Express is not just a delivery brand; it represents trust and excellence, setting industry standards through its customer-centric excellence mission and a vision encompassing leadership, innovation, and unwavering trustworthiness.

An Avant-Garde Firm

The logistics landscape is continually evolving. TCI Express stands as an avant-garde presence in the express delivery industry, offering a comprehensive array of services meticulously designed to cater to the market’s ever-changing demands. Rooted in a firm commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and unwavering customer satisfaction, TCI Express continues to redefine the landscape of express delivery solutions.

The company is actively driving growth and fostering innovation within the logistics sector, marked by recent pivotal developments. The introduction of cutting-edge services such as Pharma Cold Chain and C2C Express, in tandem with the expansion of Rail Express offerings, significantly augment revenue prospects.

Over the past seven years, the firm’s network has experienced remarkable expansion, as evidenced by the surge in delivery locations from 32,000 to an impressive 60,000. Furthermore, branch offices have flourished from 500 to well over 950. The strength of TCI Express’ network is unmistakably showcased through its 28 advanced sorting centres500 express routes2,500 feeder routes, and an extensive fleet of 5,000 containerized vehicles, emblematic of its robustness and operational efficiency.

On a global scale, TCI Express operates in over 208 countries and maintains a substantial presence at 73+ air gateways. This expansion is a testament to their steadfast dedication to reaching a wider customer base and capitalising on emerging market opportunities. This endeavour is underscored by the surge in their customer count from 1.6 lakh to an impressive 2.25 lakh.

In fiscal 2022-23, the premier express brand added 35 new branches and inaugurated the ‘GIGA Sorting Centre,’ a groundbreaking feat as India’s first and largest fully automated B2B sorting facility. An extraordinary milestone was achieved when TCI’s Gurugram-based B2B automated sorting centre was bestowed with the prestigious LEED Gold Rating Certification, a first in India and Asia for its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Moreover, the firm’s exceptional profitability within India’s logistics sector has propelled the brand into the echelons of the Top 500 Companies by Market Capitalization.

A Strategic Leadership Vision

Mr. Chander Agarwal, the Managing Director of TCI Express Limited, is a distinguished business leader who has played a pivotal role in the company’s remarkable growth and accomplishments. An unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a strategic vision characterizes his leadership approach. Mr. Agarwal’s tireless dedication has propelled TCI Express to the pinnacle of India’s multimodal express distribution landscape, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.

The decision-making process within the organization is greatly influenced by Mr. Agarwal, who personally oversees critical strategic and financial decisions to ensure the company’s continued excellence. TCI Express owes its success to his foresight and dedication. Under the astute leadership and guidance of Mr. Agarwal, TCI Express has experienced rapid expansion. His relentless efforts have led to the establishment of numerous branches, sorting centres and an extensive network of pickup and delivery locations domestically and in overseas markets such as Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa. His strategic planning and approach have substantially increased the company’s customer base and overall profitability.

Mr. Agarwal’s meticulous planning and strategic direction have transformed the organization into the industry’s fastest-growing and most reputable B2B express delivery provider. His customer-centric philosophy has been a driving force behind the company’s ascent to industry leadership. His vision, foresight, and strategic acumen continue to be instrumental in TCI Express’s sustained growth and success.

Mr. Agarwal’s commitment to personal development is evident in his active membership in the Entrepreneur Organization since 2006. He has demonstrated his proactive industry leadership by navigating competition and regulations adeptly. His role on the EICI management committee showcases his dedication to shaping the logistics sector and advocating for regulatory changes that foster industry growth. His efforts have earned him several prestigious awards, including Influential Leaders of India 2023, Most Promising Business Leader of Asia 2022-23, Asia’s Greatest Leader for Sustainable Practices 2023, and Youth Icon of the Year 2022-23.

Fostering Robust Solutions

The essence of logistics lies in seamless SCM and efficient delivery mechanisms. According to Mr Agrawal, the key to their uninterrupted 24x7x365 service lies in their robust network infrastructure. TCI Express boasts over 50,000 pickup points and 60,000 delivery locations, serving various industries, including manufacturing, textiles, engineering, electronics, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. “Our strength lies in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector. Continuous innovation and expansion underpin our commitment to excellence, with a nationwide presence featuring 28 sorting centres, 500 express routes, 2,500 feeder routes, and 950+ branches, ensuring comprehensive coverage of over 29,000 pin codes.”

Mr. Agrawal adds that they’ve invested strategically in cutting-edge technology, automation, and business intelligence tools to optimize operations, reduce turnaround times, and enhance efficiency. Their GIGA Sorting Center facility incorporates rooftop solar panels, energy-conserving practices, and paperless documentation.

Additionally, their GPS-enabled vehicles enable real-time tracking and temperature monitoring, and their 24×7 customer support ensures that they are always accessible and responsive to their customers’ needs. “These technological advancements are integral to our commitment to providing excellent service around the clock, every day of the year.”

TCI Express offers a comprehensive range of logistics services, including:

  • Surface Express
  • Domestic Air Express
  • International Air Express
  • E-Commerce
  • C2C Express
  • Rail Express
  • Pharma Cold Chain Express

Optimum Innovations

TCI Express’s success lies in its ability to provide seamless supply chain management and efficient delivery mechanisms, making it a key player in India’s logistics landscape. What sets it apart from other express logistics firms is a combination of strategic innovations and operational achievements:

  1. Pan-India Reach:TCI Express covers 700+ districts in India, spanning 29,000+ pin codes. The company ensures efficient nationwide deliveries with 950+ branches, 28 hubs/sorting centres, and a fleet of 5,000+ containerized vehicles.
  2. Asset-lite Strategy:TCI Express stands out with its asset-light strategy, offering flexibility during market shifts and ensuring profitability. Instead of owning fleets, the company hires from vendors, maintaining strong liquidity and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Customer-Centric Approach:Customer satisfaction and convenience are paramount. Real-time tracking, seamless communication, and user-friendly interfaces enhance the customer experience, reflected in the rapid growth of the customer base.
  4. Technological Advancements:Integrating cutting-edge technology, from GPS-enabled vehicles to automated sorting centres, optimizes efficiency and transparency. Establishing India’s largest B2B fully automated sorting centre showcases technological leadership.
  5. Innovative Sustainability Practices:TCI Express’ commitment to sustainability includes solar power, eco-friendly energy sources, and waste management initiatives, reducing its ecological footprint.
  6. Multi-Technology Approach:The company’s multi-technology, multi-specialist transport system serves diverse industry sectors, meeting specialized logistics needs.
  7. Strong Leadership and Vision:Under Mr. Agarwal’s guidance, TCI Express emphasizes operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. The company’s distinctiveness in the logistics sector is defined by its customer focus, technological strength, sustainability, global reach, and visionary leadership.

The Transformative Reflections

TCI Express has embarked on an impressive journey of growth and transformation, exemplifying its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. This transformation is reflected in various aspects, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering top-tier express logistics services.

Over the past seven years, TCI Express has achieved remarkable milestones. TCI Express has introduced innovative services such as Pharma Cold Chain, C2C Express, and Rail Express. Rail Express, in particular, has witnessed remarkable growth, increasing its customer base from 250 to 2,200 and expanding its network from 10 to 125 routes

The company’s financial performance has been remarkable. TCI Express’s revenue has surged from ₹755.24 crore in 2016-17 to ₹1,241 crore in 2022-23, registering impressive growth of 14.8% in 2022-23. During this period, the customer base expanded from 1.6 lakh to an outstanding 2.25 lakh, clearly indicating its customer-centric approach and operational excellence. Key financial indicators, such as EBITDA and Profit after Tax (PAT), have grown substantially, with EBITDA soaring from ₹67.63 crore to ₹202 crore.

Notably, TCI Express has made significant strides in sustainability and innovation with India’s largest automated B2B sorting facility, the ‘GIGA Sorting Centre.’ Covering an impressive 2 lakh square feet, this centre features a cutting-edge 600-meter fully automated loop sorting system, reducing parcel handling and vehicle halting times by 40%. Incorporating rooftop solar panels at Gurugram’s GIGA Sorting Centre and Pune sorting centres, with 600 and 280 kWh capacities, respectively, demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable practices. These initiatives have earned the centre LEED Gold certification from USGBC and GEM5 certification from ASSOCHAM.

These expansions have solidified TCI Express’s presence in the logistics sector, making it a formidable player. Furthermore, the company has achieved a substantial 10% market share in India’s express delivery industry among organized players, a testament to its industry leadership.


TCI Express leverages technology as a cornerstone for optimizing its services and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital age. The company’s approach revolves around an asset-light business model seamlessly integrating technological innovation and operational efficiency. This strategic framework empowers TCI Express to prioritize cost-effectiveness and enhance customer satisfaction.

TCI Express places significant emphasis on automation to streamline operations and drive efficiency. In the fiscal year 2022, the company made a substantial investment of ₹80 crore in automation. A prominent outcome of this investment was the launch of India’s largest automated B2B sorting centre in Gurugram in March 2022. This cutting-edge facility can process a remarkable 15,000 packages per hour. Additionally, TCI Express expanded its capabilities with another 1.5 lakh square feet sorting centre in Chakan, Pune, further enhancing its services in Western India.

Digitalization is another pivotal aspect of the company’s technological strategy. TCI Express proactively embraces transformative technologies, sustainable practices, and digital solutions to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. To minimise its carbon footprint, the company has implemented paperless digital documentation processes, including digital dockets and e-invoicing. It offers customers access to advanced technology solutions such as APIs for bespoke logistics and real-time vehicle tracking via GPS. The organization has developed a robust digital infrastructure, encompassing customer login facilities, Auto-MIS, e-DWBs, e-PODs, e-billing, and online payment options, ensuring seamless 24×7 support.

TCI Express is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry by implementing digital initiatives like business intelligence software, API integration, CRM-integrated ERP systems, and GPS-enabled fleets with real-time tracking, all aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing customer value.

TCI Express has made significant strides in integrating its API tracking system with the government initiative Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) to enhance route optimization and fuel efficiency in surface, air, and rail transportation modes. Furthermore, the company has made substantial progress in integrating with ULIP services, including E-Waybill, VAHAN, SARATHI, FASTAG, and the Freight Operations Information System (FOIS). This commitment to innovation drives TCI Express to set new industry standards and achieve operational excellence through seamless technological integration.

Technology has been a driving force behind TCI Express’s growth and operational efficiency. The company has strategically invested in digital technology and automation to optimize its logistics operations, enhance customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

TCI Express leverages technology to enhance various aspects of its operations. The company has invested in trending and advanced technology and analytics to optimize processes, streamline operations, and deliver unparalleled speed and reliability. Using ERP capabilities, barcoding on packaging, remote temperature monitoring, GPS-enabled trucks, and CCTV monitoring has further improved operational efficiency while reducing the company’s ecological footprint.

In the logistics industry in India, technology adoption is a growing trend. Companies are increasingly embracing GPS tracking, IoT, automation, AI/ML, and blockchain technologies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. TCI Express stands at the forefront of this technological transformation, leveraging innovation to provide efficient and customer-centric logistics solutions.

Obstacles Outsmarted

TCI Express faced various challenges while striving to maintain business continuity and adapt to evolving circumstances. One notable instance of resilience and ingenuity involved the demerger of TCI Express from TCI Group. Mr. Agarwal, as the leader, navigated this transformation with exemplary leadership and a strategic mindset. He collaborated effectively with the newly formed board of directors and skillfully managed stakeholder relationships during this critical period.

Mr. Agarwal’s ability to devise thorough strategies ensured a smooth transition without disrupting operations. Overcoming regulatory, financial, and logistical hurdles, he successfully positioned TCI Express as an independent entity listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). This achievement solidified his reputation as a visionary entrepreneur, steering TCI Express to phenomenal success.

Under Mr. Agrawal’s leadership, the company thrived during the challenging GST era in India. Beyond strategic acumen, Mr. Agarwal instilled innovation and a strong customer-centric focus within the organization. By nurturing a dynamic management team and fostering a culture of collaboration, adaptability, and empowerment, he brought the company to unprecedented success in a landscape where even established competitors faced difficulties during GST implementation.

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Agarwal’s leadership at TCI Express has been pivotal in navigating the rapidly evolving logistics landscape. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, TCI Express, under his guidance, has exhibited remarkable resilience and adaptability, ensuring the continuity of its services.

A Resolute Pledge 

One of the core pillars of Mr. Agarwal’s approach is an unwavering commitment to meeting customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction. This dedication to exceptional customer service has significantly impacted the company’s growth and success. Even during the height of the pandemic, TCI Express remained steadfast in its mission to provide uninterrupted supply chains to a nation under lockdown.

Under Mr. Agarwal’s exceptional leadership, TCI Express achieved remarkable financial milestones during COVID-19. For the third quarter ending December 31, 2021, the company reported a nearly threefold increase in income from operations, reaching ₹783 crore compared to the same period the previous year. Net profit also nearly tripled to ₹93 crore, with earnings per share (EPS) rising to ₹24.14. Notably, TCI Express stands out as a profitable player in the express logistics sector, in contrast to some competitors experiencing rapid growth but operating at a loss.

Mr. Agarwal’s holistic approach extends beyond customer satisfaction to encompass the well-being and development of his employees. By creating a healthy work environment and prioritizing employee training and development, he has fostered high employee satisfaction and performance levels. This approach ensures that TCI Express’s workforce has the knowledge and skills to adapt to the evolving logistics sector.

Furthermore, TCI Express, under Mr. Agarwal’s leadership, has emphasized round-the-clock pickup and delivery services across the country, meeting the dynamic demands of clients. The company has continued to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape by providing a responsive and well-trained workforce. Mr. Agarwal’s visionary leadership, customer-centric approach, and commitment to employee well-being have been instrumental in TCI Express’s ability to maintain service quality, ensure customer satisfaction, and achieve remarkable growth despite the COVID-19 pandemic. His strategic leadership has positioned TCI Express as a standout player in the logistics industry.

Holistically Sustainable 

TCI Express has taken substantial steps in demonstrating its commitment to sustainability within the logistics sector. This dedication is showcased through various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices.

One key aspect of TCI Express’s sustainability efforts is adopting renewable energy sources, particularly installing solar panels at sorting centres in Pune and Gurgaon. These installations demonstrate a commitment to reducing the company’s ecological footprint and contribute to energy self-sufficiency, making substantial strides in carbon emissions reduction.

In addition to renewable energy, TCI Express has actively embraced environmentally responsible practices. These include efficient waste management, optimized packaging techniques, and an increased focus on recycling to minimize environmental impact. Rainwater harvesting and promoting sustainable behaviours among employees and stakeholders further underscore the company’s dedication to responsible practices.

A notable milestone in TCI Express’s sustainability journey is the LEED Gold Rating bestowed upon its Gurugram-based ‘GIGA’ Sorting Centre, marking it as the first in India and South Asia’s B2B express logistics sector to attain this recognition.

The sorting centre’s LEED Gold certification from USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) emphasizes responsible environmental practices, including rainwater management and solar energy generation. It prioritizes reduced parking space, effective waste management, water conservation, and optimized energy usage. The installation of 600 kWh and 280 kWh at Gurugram and Pune sorting centres, respectively, generated a substantial 804,311 kWh of renewable electricity in FY2023, underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. To further its sustainability objectives, the company has invested in renewable energy sources, energy-efficient equipment, LED lighting, responsible water management, and the promotion of green mobility options such as CNG, electric, and BS VI-compliant vehicles. These measures collectively aim to conserve resources, reduce the carbon footprint, and minimize emissions.

TCI Express’s strong commitment to sustainability has garnered notable recognition, including the prestigious Greatest Sustainable Brand 2023 and Asia’s Greatest Brand & Leader for Sustainable Practices 2023.

The Constant Pursuit of Perfection

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Agarwal, TCI Express is set to continue its remarkable growth trajectory and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the express delivery industry in India.

TCI Express envisions a future marked by persistent growth, relentless innovation, and a prominent position within India’s dynamic express logistics sector. The company’s future goals and vision are deeply rooted in its unwavering commitment to sustaining rapid expansion and its status as an industry leader.

In a logistics sector projected to grow at a CAGR of 8-10%, TCI Express aims to harness this growth potential. Leveraging its expansive nationwide network, encompassing over 50,000 pickup points and 60,000 delivery locations, the company seeks to diversify its service portfolio further and cater to an even broader spectrum of industries, aiming to reach every pin code nationwide.

TCI Express has demonstrated remarkable revenue and profit growth over the past seven years, and it is determined to perpetuate this trend through a strategic blend of innovation, operational optimization, and automation. Introducing services like Pharma Cold Chain and C2C Express showcases the company’s forward-looking approach as it strives to maintain a leading position in the logistics industry.

This expansion is anchored by a comprehensive set of strategic initiatives, encompassing the doubling of branch locations, expanding the fleet, and implementing automation across all 28 sorting centres. TCI Express plans to invest ₹500 crore, primarily sourced from internal accruals, to automate every sorting centre nationwide. Additionally, a significant focus is on embracing eco-friendly practices, such as integrating CNG and electric vehicle fleets.

TCI Express will actively engage with industry organizations and governmental initiatives to actively influence the logistics sector’s regulatory landscape, fostering an environment conducive to growth. The company’s steadfast dedication to customer-centricity, operational excellence, and a value-driven approach will remain at the core of its vision.

TCI Express’s Hall of Fame:

TCI Express has received several industry recognitions, awards, and certifications for outstanding performance in the express logistics sector.

Organizational Awards

  • Iconic Brands of India 2023.
  • Sustainable Organizations 2023.
  • Asia’s Greatest Brand for Sustainable Practices 2023.
  • Most Trusted Brands of India 2023
  • CII SCALE Award 2022 for Supply Chain & Logistics Excellence.
  • Superbrands 2023.

Leadership Award for Mr. Chander Agarwal, MD, TCI Express

  • Influential Leaders of India 2023.
  • Asia’s Greatest Leader for Sustainable Practices 2023.
  • Most Promising Business Leader of Asia 2022-23.
  • Youth Icon of the Year 2022-23.

Recognitions and Certifications 

  • LEED Gold Rating for GIGA Sorting Centre, Gurugram.
  • GEM5 Certification- Gurugram and Pune Sorting Centre.
  • Great Place to Work.

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