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Terabay Consultancy

Unveiling and discovering the inspiring story of Terabay Consultancy Pvt Limited, it was founded in 2015 with a commitment to assist companies and businesses to flourish efficiency and enhance the operations. Terabay commenced its operations as a Business and Process Consulting organization and gradually expanded in the areas of OD and training as well. It strongly believes in partnering with their clients to make them successful and not just be advisors! Being a part of the entire project support life cycle has been one of the mainstays of the company to meet the desired objectives of their clients. For Terabay, trust, encouragement and repeat business given by their esteemed clients lays the foundation of its success.

Over the last decade, there has been a remarkable growth of business establishments, out of which, a majority are startups. Driven by the market-friendly policies, ease of financial assistance, and innovating ideas, entrepreneurs and recognized players have grabbed the opportunity to expand their line of business. However, only a few of these ventures are able to withstand the journey. One major reason for businesses not crossing the horizon is the lack of expertise and knowledge and this is where consulting companies come into the picture. From business transformation to expansion, consulting companies are the backbone of the business fraternity.
Key features that play a pivotal role in a consulting market are innovations in technology and acquiring the right skill sets. Alongside, client satisfaction decreased costs, and increased revenue are the latest trends that are driving this segment. Moreover, the necessity of an authentic consultation is rising at its peak. When it comes to delivering precise consultancy, the advent of temporary advisors who actually have limited resources and capability has become a burden.

A Dynamic Individual Leading from the Front
A National Six Sigma Award Winner from the late President – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Mrs. Sunila Ahuja is one maverick executive who manages the process consulting and training domains at Terabay. As the Director of Terabay, Sunila is a B Tech in Electronics and MBA in HR and has over seventeen years’ of rich experience in service, sales, and manufacturing industry.

Her business acumen and expertize in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Process Re-engineering, Six Sigma methodology, SLA management, ERP implementation, CRM implementation, and project management has taken the company to astounding new heights. Sunila is a perfect planner and achiever of all the tasks she takes up in both personal and professional life.

Journey Fostering Creativity and Innovation
“Make customer’s problem your problem; by solving their problems and needs, you create a partnership” – Shep Hyken
Terabay strongly believes in the above mantra and hence designs its services around the same. Within a short span of three years, Terabay has successfully managed to grab the eyeballs in the consultancy industry. Focusing on the needs of global carriers and businesses to constantly improve and expand, this futuristic organization offers its services in the below four areas of the telecom business:
-business expansion
-business transformation
-managed services, and
-customer outreach

Having a very robust portfolio in the Telecom and IT services, this entity has assisted its client to align with the best partners and suppliers to ensure that they get the best services at the most attractive prices.
The company has crafted a well-established consulting process wherein it has re-engineered the processes for many companies. This innovative lifecycle process encompasses various aspects including pre-sales, sales, operations, manufacturing, delivery, services, supply chain management etc. that has ultimately assisted the clients to correct the gaps and operate more efficiently. Co-partnering and having seasoned consultants who have worked with corporates for many years and have been on the other side of the table are two unique prepositions of Terabay.

The company is pioneering in training people and working on various intervention based programs along with process consulting projects in various industries like manufacturing, service, personal care, Telecom and IT. It has also amassed vast expertize in the areas of Product, Sales, Channel management, Operations, Production/manufacturing, Customer Services, Supply chain, Quality, Six Sigma, and Lean to name a few.
Cultivating the skill sets and expertize along with participating in the journey to execute the process has made a positive impact in achieving the objectives of the businesses. Client-satisfaction has been the motto of the organization and the company is very committed to delivering world-class solutions to their clients. It goes to the extent of performing ‘Gemba Study’ which is basically to figure out the actual situation so that they can measure the quantum of the problem and offer the best-suited solution that meets the business objectives.
“We are true to our proposition of being Business Catalysts and we ensure that we not only come and deliver on a certain set of expectations but help in the complete business cycle and ensure that we help the organization deliver the expected business objectives” – this is how the management showcases the competence of the team and their USP.

Nurturing Core Values
Terabay considers their clients to be the biggest asset of their organization. Embracing the core values of honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, and excellence, the company endeavors to be the numero uno in the consulting domain. Terabay believes in the philosophy that improvement has no limits. Terabay optimizes human potential, increase happiness, and maximizes the engagement of people by providing superior consulting and training solutions. Additionally, designing, and improving the processes and systems of the customers is what makes Terabay unique and the preferred choice in the industry.

Eclipsing Challenges and Rising to the Occasion
The company offers a very honest stance by accepting that the advent of new players coming in along with the existing competition is a stiff challenge. Having said this, Terabay is confident enough to conquer every challenge in the journey to achieve excellence. The collaborative approaches showcased by the company along with the value addition are the significant differentiators that keep the company stands ahead of its peers. The collaborative approach has guided Terabay to create a cohesive work environment while working along different teams and stakeholders. This has further cemented the comfort and trust levels and has proved to be a critical weapon in the armory of Terabay in keeping the competition behind. Upgrading the skill sets and being acclimatized with the current developments pertaining in various industries has helped the company to be in line with the trends of the market and the businesses.

Decoding the Mantra of Successful Business
With the experience and knowledge gained since inception, below are some of the mentionable elements for successful business relationships in today’s environment:
-be good at who you are
-be good at what you do
-be where people can find you
-be able to handle the business you generate, and
-be transparent
Terabay has evolved as a major contributor to the consulting market and firmly believes that the ecosystem of the consultant startups is healthy and is growing at a rapid pace. The consulting players are focusing on specific areas and creating a niche for themselves and that is helping them to stay afloat.

The Future Bioscope
Terabay holds an optimistic perspective about the emerging consulting market. The advent of technology and innovations has bought in positive change for the business. It has created the need for people to reach out to consulting companies. Be it for enhancing the skills of people for different technologies, revamping the processes to meet the technology advancements or just helping new companies to go market with new products and services, technology and innovations are proving to be a game changer in the consulting sector.
Varying requirements from the clients keeps the team motivated to continuous learning and build a strong foundation for the future. The company looks forward to expanding their services and verticals into the unexplored territories to attain more credibility and experience. Concluding this motivational story on a high note, Terabay is determined to acquire the podium as the most admired Management consulting organization by 2022.
Source :-The 10 Rising Consultants Startups To Watch In 2018

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