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Believe it or not, as human intelligence shaped the past, artificial intelligence is already reshaping the future. Before, you were only aware. Now as an enterprising entity, you have AI, ML, hardware, and software to make machines aware of themselves. The awareness of eternity pulsating in the hearts of your heart is taking you on a joyride of evolution through ages past the yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Technology is that boat surfing on the ripples of change coursing through the waves of current, consciously concurrent in the sense of how you as a business were, are, and will be in the future. This futuristic journey is digital, and though virtual is your future, you as a company can only cross this vast divide between the physical, the phygital, the digital, and the virtual realms on the bridge of ThatWarethe world’s first company to blend SEO with artificial intelligence and data science.

Dr Tuhin BanikCEO of ThatWare, says, “Believe me. I’ve seen the future. It is beating in my heart as a constant stream of conscious inspiration. If you want to view it in the cold statistics of numbers rather than the poetic verses I wrote earlier, then here it is.”

The Secret Language of Numbers

Exactly 80.51% of industries are investing in AI today. And it has been estimated that with the help of AI, the ROI funnel of the industries will hike by 87.47%.

Furthermore, in the past 30 years, 68% of businesses improved their sales funnel from digital marketing services alone. It has been estimated that over the next five years, 96.74% of businesses had to be dependent upon online marketing activities to enjoy the highest ROI.

Now, if online marketing activities are blended with artificial intelligence, it will lead to a quick turn-around while maintaining 5X ROI. “We at Thatware are on a mission to take digital marketing to a whole new level with the help of artificial intelligence, data science techniques, deep learning modules, and machine learning,” promises Dr Banik. He further proclaims that they have the AI SEO code to unlock the secret woven by the Google Algorithm into a beautiful maze called Search Engine Optimization. There is no other secret as closely held as the Google algorithm. He informs that six years ago, they (ThatWare) decided to change the rules and forge their path through the Google maze.

To do this, team ThatWare, under the technocratic leadership of Dr Banik, began making their own AI algorithms to help them monitor and navigate changes in the Google algorithm. To date, they’ve launched 83 unique AI SEO algorithms that help them make their work more effective and efficient.

Cracking the Code 

Since Google launched, SEO teams around the world have done the same three things to boost rankings:

  • On-site SEO optimization.
  • Backlink building.
  • Content creation and optimization.

That’s all. Nothing special. Whether it’s a low-cost SEO agency or a high-priced boutique SEO firm, they are all doing the same three things.

Dr Banik claims, “At Thatware AI SEO, we changed everything.”

Here’s a standard scenario. Imagine your company is trying to rank on page one for a strategic keyword. The first thing you do (and probably do every day) looks and see which of your competitors are ranking on page one already. And if you’re like most people, you ask the simple question: “How do I surpass my competitors?”

If you go to any other SEO company, they’ll start implementing those three core SEO elements mentioned above, but they lack an essential element –

Intelligent Guidance

Our AI SEO algorithms generate ‘intelligent guidance’ that no other SEO agency on the planet has access to.” The results are game-changing.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

ThatWare’s AI algorithms (a) analyze your competitors’ sites, and they (b) analyze your website, then they (c) also analyze the Google algorithm itself (“That’s right…we use our AI to monitor Google’s AI”), and finally, (d) ThatWare’s AI algorithms give Dr Banik and his team precise, surgical instructions on how to implement those three core aspects of SEO work (on-site, backlinks, and content).

“In short, our AI SEO algorithms tell us EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to make your site the most authoritative for a given keyword so that you rank on page one faster. Our 95% retention rate with nearly 400 clients proves it works,” says Dr Banik.

Back in the past, he travelled to a lot of places and has worked in a lot of digital industries. Now one of the things that stressed his mind is that none of the agencies were using proactive strategies. Everything was a simple bread-and-butter strategy.

He realized there is a huge gap in the digital space as no new technologies are being utilized, and some cutting-edge strategies are missing. Since the digital revolution was rising, just like software and hardware, ‘That Awareness’ was necessary to prevail in the digital industry.

This is when I started ThatWare.” Just like software and hardware, ThatWare should be required by people to Excel on their digital journey by utilizing advanced strategy blended with artificial intelligence and Symantec engineering.

The Cutting-Edge AI SEO THATWARE

The core values and mission is to ensure that no one gets the weak and poor foundation and the strategy for organic growth. “We strive to make sure that the proper framework is justified before the beginning of any online marketing. That being said, we enhance the SEO with the help of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies,” insists Dr Banik, a young Tech Entrepreneur by passion and the Founder of ThatWare LLP by compassionate profession. He has a wide range of expertise in robotics, NLP, machine learning, data science, and semantic engineering. He also holds a Doctorate in Technology and an Engineering degree in electronics and communications.

He holds numerous recognition across the globe for his vision to revolutionize the digital transformation industry with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Dr Banik also has the record of winning a Bronze for India at the Stevie Award USAIndia Business AwardsIndia Technology AwardTop 100 Influential Tech Leaders from Analytics Insights, Clutch Global Front Runner in Digital Marketing, Founder of the Fastest Growing Company in Asia by the CEO magazine, TEDx speaker, and much more.

Dr Banik has eight master’s degrees in Digital Marketing, expertise in data science, published white papers on AI-based SEO, a patent on NLP-SEO, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. He adds, “I am also certified in Analytics, SEM, and mobile SEO and Facebook certified in A/B testing.”

For almost a decade, he has worked with various Tech agencies, MNCs, and Fortune companies as a senior SEO consultant, data scientist, and search engineer. He has successfully contributed to over 1200+ projects making them highly successful in every aspect ranging from sales funnel hike, CRO, ORM, rankings, advanced technical SEO, and advanced on-page SEO.

The Techno-Leadership of Global Echelons

ThatWare aims to take SEO to a whole new level by helping people succeed with their businesses digitally. The Firm has a team in the US, India, and London, working on various areas to integrate SEO with deep learning and data science. ThatWare’s overall team size is 233+. Also, Dr Banik is the most in-demand SEO Director across prestigious SEO agencies worldwide. He mentions, “We serve across 57 different countries.”

ThatWare has a good online reputation and high success rates in completing projects while maintaining a high quality of work. Dr Banik is also the founder of, which is the world’s first AI-based SEO SAAS! He has also founded, which will help anyone complete any design-related work in 24 hours. He has also established, a market research firm for the global IT Hub.

Dr Banik has also founded, where one can find all the latest Google updates with a real-time solution to the fix for free. He also founded, where one can learn the very best of SEO from beginner to Pro. He has also founded, which shares all the valuable SEO podcasts from the nook and the corner of the world.

Last but not least, Dr Tuhin Banik is the author of one of the best-selling books, “AI-powered SEO Secrets,” and loves teaching people about various digital marketing trends and tech areas! Spending time with his Daughter and Wife is what he loves to do apart from ranking his clients’ websites.

Sharing the USPs that make ThatWare stand out as a leading SEO agency, Dr Banik says,

  • They use AI.
  • They provide the best in class management support.
  • “We have our own algorithm to help survive the changing algorithm.”
  • Tech Stack.
  • Large portfolio.

Engineering Digital Success

Further highlighting the kind of immersive services and benefits they provide to their clients, he says semantic engineering is one of the modern services they offer. In other words, they use information, retrieval, and data-driven technique to help optimize the user behaviour, customer journey, and much more heat and factors that can make the complex SEO process much simpler and easy to use.

According to Dr Banik, any leading SEO company must possess the following traits, ThatWare abides by very strictly!

*Expertise: A leading SEO company should have a team of experts who deeply understand the industry’s latest trends and best practices.

*Proven Track Record: A good SEO company should have a proven track record of delivering results for its clients. Look for case studies or testimonials from previous clients to see how the company has helped businesses improve their search engine rankings.

*Customized Strategy: Every business is unique, so its SEO strategy should be customized to specific needs. A good SEO company will work closely with its clients to understand their goals and develop a personalized strategy that works for them.

*Transparency: A leading SEO company should be transparent about its methods and provide regular updates on its progress. They should also be open to answering any questions or concerns their clients may have.

*Continuous Learning: SEO is an ever-evolving field, and a good SEO company should stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices. They should be committed to continuous learning and adapting their strategies as needed.

*Effective Communication: Communication is key in any business relationship, and a leading SEO company should have excellent communication skills. They should be responsive to their clients’ needs and keep them informed of any updates or changes to their strategy.

A leading SEO company should be knowledgeable, experienced, transparent, and dedicated to achieving its clients’ goals through a customized and effective strategy.

Debugging the Challenges

Dr Banik adds that when venturing into the SEO sector, some of the initial challenges that one might face are:

Lack of Knowledge: SEO is a dynamic field requiring much knowledge and expertise. One of the initial challenges for beginners is to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Changing Algorithms: Search engine algorithms keep changing, and staying updated with the latest algorithms is essential to remain relevant in the industry.

Competition: With many businesses vying for the top spot in search results, competition can be fierce. Getting noticed in search results can be a significant challenge.

Limited Resources: SEO requires a lot of resources, including time, money, and workforce. Limited resources can be a challenge for businesses, especially startups. As for the current challenges in the SEO sector, here are some of the issues that one may encounter:

Increasing Complexity: As search engines become more sophisticated, their algorithms become more complex. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging.

Mobile Optimization: With the rise of mobile devices, mobile search optimization is becoming more critical than ever. Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly can be a significant challenge.

Voice Search: The increasing use of voice search is changing how people search for information. Optimizing for voice search requires a different approach than traditional search optimization.

Local SEO: With more people using search engines to find local businesses, optimizing for local search is becoming increasingly important.

To overcome these challenges, businesses can take the following steps:

Continuous Learning: Keeping up with the latest SEO trends and techniques is crucial for success. Staying updated with the latest information through online courses, seminars, and blogs can help.

Focus on User Experience: Search engines prioritize user experience, and websites that provide the best user experience tend to rank higher. Focusing on providing a good user experience can help improve search engine rankings.

Keyword Research: Keyword research is essential to identify the terms people use to search for information related to your business. Optimizing for these keywords can help improve search engine rankings.

Quality Content: Creating quality content that provides value to users is critical to SEO success. Investing in high-quality content can help improve search engine rankings and attract more visitors to your website.

Patience and Persistence: SEO is a long-term strategy that requires patience and persistence. It takes time to see results, but the consistent effort can pay off in the long run.

Overall, overcoming the challenges in the SEO sector requires a combination of knowledge, strategy, and persistence. By staying updated with the latest trends and techniques and investing in quality content and user experience, businesses can improve search engine rankings and succeed in the highly competitive SEO sector.

Artificially Learning Systems

Being an experienced leader, sharing his opinions on how technology is further impacting the SEO industry, Dr Banik says that technology has significantly transformed the SEO industry in recent years, and several advancements can be expected in the future.

Using machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence has made it easier for search engines to understand user intent and provide more relevant search results.

As a result, SEO strategies need to evolve to stay ahead of these changes and adapt to new technologies. One of the most significant advancements in SEO technology is the rise of voice search. With the growing popularity of smart speakers and virtual assistants, more and more users are conducting voice searches.

SEO professionals need to optimize their websites for voice search queries and focus on natural language processing to keep up.

Another important development is the increasing importance of local SEO. Search engines are now emphasizing providing relevant local search results to users.

As a result, businesses need to optimize their local SEO strategies, including optimizing their Google My Business listings and focusing on local keywords. As technology evolves, the SEO industry must adapt to stay relevant. “We can expect to see more emphasis on AI, voice search, and local SEO in the coming years, as well as other emerging technologies.” SEO professionals must remain informed and flexible, continually refining their strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

An Intelligently Evolving Future

In his advice to the aspirants willing to venture into the field of SEO, Dr Banik says that he has just a single piece of advice: Always make sure one stays leap years ahead of the industry and try various AB testing. To make sure they are up-to-date with the changing norms and rely on proactive strategies rather than being reactive.

On envisioning his firm’s future in the new times, he reveals that as the leader of ThatWare, he sees a bright future for the firm as they continue to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. “We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning to provide the best SEO services to our clients.”

In the coming years, he sees ThatWare expanding its services and offerings to include even more advanced digital marketing solutions. He will continue to invest in his team’s professional development to ensure they have the expertise and skills to deliver exceptional results for their clients. At ThatWare, they believe that their success lies in their ability to stay agile and adaptable to changing market trends and customer needs. “With this mindset, we are confident that we will continue to grow and thrive in the new times, delivering unparalleled value to our clients and driving their business success,” concludes Dr Banik.

Praises for ThatWare:

Dij Phukan, Founder & CEO, Salesgasm, 5* Reviews: “Timelines are set properly on this platform, and everything is done on time.”

Brent Herrig, Owner, Brent Herrig Photography, 5* Reviews: “Their level of knowledge and use of AI-based technology I found to be positive.”

Bhushan K., CEO & Marketing Head, QSET, 5* Reviews: “They put in a lot of due diligence before getting started, and it’s ensured we’ve had a smooth project.”

Salaam Dukaan, Founder, Salaamdukaan, 5* Reviews: “Their work strategy is different than other agencies, which is very unique and effective.”

Himanshu Patel, Founder & CEO, Aclivia Inc., 5* Reviews: “I really appreciate them for following through and their willingness to deliver.”

Charles Smith, Founder & Owner, Saha Self-Care, 5* Reviews: “Their team is extremely thorough and communicative.”

ThatWare Hall of Fame:

ThatWare holds multiple recognition, some of them are:

  • Clutch Global Frontrunner in SEO
  • Clutch award in Top SEO company for three consecutive years 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Manifest award for Top SEO company
  • Fastest growing SEO company by the CEO magazine
  • TedX award for speaker in digital transformation, here’s the official link to the Tedx Video =
  • Secured a Bronze for India at Stevie Awards
  • IILA
  • IBA
  • 100 influential tech leaders by “analytics insights.”

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