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  •  Space Travel

Today, nothing is impossible! Humans are looking out at the stars beyond the sun. It is predicted that around 35% of the population in the world strongly believes that space will be a possible destination in the near future.

  1. Musk’s SpaceX is breathing life into the space travel industry.

Elon Musk’s leading company – SpaceX – is actually changing the traveling mindset. It is attempting to completely revolutionize the way of thinking about the train travel, as well as actually opening up space travel to the public. The future of travel they are painting is not only exciting but affordable too.

  • Face Recognition and Digital Travel

Massive advancements in technology have changed the living of the entire world. With this budding new-age technology, researchers have predicted that that in near future there are almost 50% chances of replacement of passports by human face recognition technology. Also, almost 58% of the paper passport could move to digital devices.
A.     Airports Roll Out for Facial Recognition and Digital Travel Technology
Several airports have already adopted facial recognition technology, allowing tourists to prove their identity and board flights by briefly standing in front of a camera, removing the need for boarding passes.
B.     Hotel Marriott, China
At two of the Marriott International properties in China, guests have the option of arriving, going to a kiosk and using facial recognition technology to check-in quickly and effortlessly, without any need to queue or wait for a member of staff.

  • Underwater Hotels

The world is now seeking for grand infrastructure projects now more than ever. With the increasing interest in the innovative infra-structures, near about 40% of researchers have predicted that in the 21st century, there are chances of underwater hotels might become more of reality.
A.     Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
B.     Subsix at Niyama, Maldive
For creating experiences like Waking up in one of these exclusive suites which located underwater in Atlantis, The Palm’s at Dubai and Sbsix at Maldive, are only made for spreading more happiness and sweetness in life. One will have sublime views of a model of the imaginary lost city of Atlantis, Maldives, and the thousands of colorful fish that inhabit it.

  • Flying Cars & Transatlantic Trains

The flying cars, we have been dreaming about it for many decades, now exist here. Researchers have predicted close to 24% possibility of flying cars, with 26% possibilities of transatlantic trains. So, soon flying cars and transatlantic trains are coming to your way.
Example: Uber’s VTOL taxis -flying taxies in Dallas and Los Angelas.
The unbelievable efforts are tending to involve wings, enable flying electric vehicles to travel farther and more efficiently. These improved designs make affordable point-to-point air travel suddenly feasible.

  • Virtual Travel

From choosing travel destinations to selecting hotel and booking flight/train, virtual reality travel experiences will change the way we all travel. The industry has been quick to adopt virtual reality as a way to target consumers. As virtual reality grows in popularity, it is expected to more than 50% of the explosion.
Hilton Waikiki beach uses VR to stand out from the competition
To put the new experience –Hilton Waikiki Beach implemented the virtual tour for the resort is nothing short of breathtaking. From the incredible oceanfront views visible from the Tropics Bar & Grill, to the beauty and utility of the Coral Ballroom, this virtual hotel tour showcases the unique Waikiki property and inspires potential guests.
-Shruti P. Jambhale
Source :-The 10 Highly Recommended Business & Corporate Travel Companies

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