The Actors: Off and On stage

At one stage or another, we all are actors, maybe mute one or sometimes loud one. But in reel life, the mute actors are often called as Junior Artists or the subordinate character who gets less of importance and the performers who have lots of words to say are actually dignified with the title “Actor.” Why some get better acting skills with 100 crores of success and others thinking to act better next. As said by William Jennings Bryan- Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice; likewise we could say successful people do put their 100% to place things right with their choices. So let’s just get friendly with some of the traits of great actors who have just not inspired the actors community but also the masses to achieve better.
Ain’t an actor is hidden in every one of us, don’t we try to get funny sometimes with imitating someone around and sometime in a situation where you don’t know what to do next then you just try to collect characteristics of the great characters in your life and think how they would have reacted in the same situation and you try to act similarly. How convincing you are at your acting skills could be observed with others reaction in real life whereas in reel life your success is calculated with number of zeros added to the box office.
We all have the traits of an actor but just some of us try to be an actual actor and if you are going for reel life you need to acquire them, which is worth count your acting life as well as personal life (at workplace, around family and friends). Control over your emotions is what we call “Emotional Intelligence” which could be a great help to act properly around people with better intellect. The questions you are supposed to ask yourself for being a better performer both at personal and professional life are:

  1. Who am I?

Most of the times we try to find answers to the questions like “why we are here”, “what is the purpose of our existence” and“who are we,”  but sometimes it is a lot better not to ask these questions of yourself rather try to CREATE yourself. Hundred times, you might have heard, try to gain something with your experience, but it is always your choice what you want to experience. Just try to say “NO” sometimes as for your personal health some experience could be disastrous.
But when we talk about the reel life, every kind of experience counts because that is from where you plant memories, backstory and anecdotes which gives you potential to relate with the story and character. A good script is always a plus point to enhance your acting skill. And you really need an intense research on the story and character’s feeling at different points. Visualization as well as imagination power or in simple words better your visceral understanding to strengthen your acting skills.

  1. What do I want?

 Are we all clear of what we want from life? Blessed are those who know and it may get a life for some to know. Getting clarity is half  the way to success.
Similarly, sometimes actors don’t do the roles they wanted to do. They just forget what their passion was, they just start chasing the crowd and the creativity is lost. But, actors with clear mind would even drop a movie if they are not satisfied with their role or script, they would rather adopt a role in web series which could bring victory as well as satisfaction. So better be clear.

  1. How do I achieve it?

 Have you gone to a presentation without preparation? If yes, you could totally understand how adverse it could affect your self-esteem as well as your job. Likewise, key points for the actors are “ Your motive and the motivation behind it should be clear and the actions you require for that. ” With just imagining a situation in mind doesn’t give you the benefit of good acting, it requires that extra effort to give yourself that physical action, which can be anything ( method acting which is very trending) that fits your reason for being in that room.
Think over this, you may be the next great actor audience is waiting for. Or your emotional intelligence could get people to do you a favor.

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