The Biggest Cellular Tycoons come together against TRAI.

Cellular Tycoons

These 3 cellular giants were on the same page regarding the issues of transparency in tariff plans. Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea all agreed on the issue created by the sector regulator regarding the need to publish all the details of all the plans except for the ones on offer. They stated that the publication of the already withdrawn offers would create public chaos and raise a lot of customer complaints.

Jio, in its statement to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said that the posting of the withdrawn inactive offers along with the now available and active offers would create confusion amongst the users and would not be apt. There were a limited amount of users who were looking forward at availing these offers and this publication could create serious confusion which would lead to customer downfall.

Airtel mirrored Jio’s views and stated that customers were unhappy and this process was similar to that of a call center. Vodafone backed this statement by stating that such a decision would take up too much space, become costly and cause unnecessary confusion amongst client base.

Earlier, the larger cellular operators had issues with Jio regarding the transparency in plans. They wanted the tariff plans and some offers to be kept private for competitive advantage. In December 2018, the Telecom Dispute Settlement and appellate tribunal had come with a rule that required to report all tariffs for the preservation of transparency and non-discrimination.

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