Top most Money Making Opportunities in India

Top most Money Making Opportunities in India

Nowadays when rates are been cut every now and then, investing one’s money in traditional methods as Bank FDs are getting  old and less efficient. But investment planning depends upon the one’s future needs and risk appetite. There is also a fact that if one’s risk appetite is high then the returns expected from investment also becomes higher and vice versa.

Some of those investment Ideas which are trending these days are:


These days investing in Equity markets and holding for a long period of time is getting popular among the investors as holding for long-term results in high returns and an individual if in need of cash can get the money easily without any difficulties. In fact he has the freedom to withdraw the amount as per his requirement. There is also an option of investment in mutual funds, which also gives a way to start investing in SIP (systematic investment plan). SIP gives investors benefits of compounding, as investment is done on regular basis (monthly/weekly) for several years.

Arbitrage & Income Schemes of Mutual Fund

Investors who are looking for investments in short-term, and are not ready to take much risk of ups and downs of markets, can invest in arbitrage and Income or Debt schemes of Mutual fund in which again withdrawal as per need is comfortable. Investing here will definitely not give you the return, which you are expecting but will be more than the FDs.

Tax-Free Bonds

Investors looking for good returns but also want their money to be safe and can wait for longer period of time; here is the best option available for them which offer fixed return which is definitely more than the FDs. But to withdraw the money one has to wait till the maturity.

Public Provident Fund

Public Provident Fund is said to be the safest long-term investment program, which has almost no risk. It comes with locking period of 15 years, so if the particular individual requires money he cannot get it immediately as he has to wait for at least 15 years and the interest added is Compound interest.

National Saving Certificate

National saving certificate is risk free investment program with 5 years of locking period and fixed rate of interest compounded annually. Returns are taxable and as said has locking period of 5 years and withdrawal cannot be made when required.

Company Fixed Deposits

Company Fixed Deposits are deposits made in NBFCs which is strictly for high risk investors who are capable of bearing heavy loss if comes. Higher is the risk more is the return, and it is risky as there is no government involved. Minimum locking is 6 months.

My personal opinion to every individual who is investing or planning to invest that, you need to initially design your investment in which you need to check your risk bearing capacity, reason for investment, and time period of your investment. If invested with some of the points mentioned above, one can definitely get value for money.

Investing money in FDs is a traditional method, which is been followed from long time but with the frequent rate cutting the return is very less in long run, it means we need to switch to other options available for investment. Try to diversify the investment, just be careful while investing.

Neha Pandey