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The KariGhars
Abhishek Chadha, Founder and CEO, The KariGhars

As per an industry report, there are over 11 million homes in India to be constructed by 2025. Sure, the pandemic has put the plans on hold right now, but the industry is positive that it will recover fast and grow stronger.

Now these 11 million homes in making will reflect the changing lifestyle that is titling towards smart, luxurious, uniquely designed, and green homes. Owning a home is not just a necessity now, it is becoming an asset and that too a valuable one. Owing to these factors, the Luxury Interior Design market is bubbling with expectation and is on a path of growth and improvement.

“I feel like this is an ideal time for residential architects and different firms like our own, we have really expanded our ability to 200 percent staff.” – Abhishek Chadha, the Founder and CEO at The KariGhars.

Today, the industry is seeing a genuine requirement for luxury homes. Individuals need to have well-designed interiors as our homes have become the most significant pieces of our lives. Known as the undisputed ‘Gods of contemporary design’, The KariGhars is one of those leading interior design firms in Bangalore.

Established in 2009 by Abhishek Chadha, The KariGhars has undertaken complete turnkey projects for villas & apartments. Notwithstanding that, it designs closets, amusement units, modular kitchens, and built-in furniture to fit the space and style of a project.

With a dream to transform the ordinary into sensational spaces, the company conceptualizes, curates, and chooses cohesive shading palettes that further upgrade the aesthetics of the expanse. The company steadily works on the principle of moderation – ‘Less is more’ and keeps intricate details to a minimum, rather than running after sought after trends which come and go.

The Journey: from Commitment-to-the-Upliftment

The Founder and CEO, Abhishek Chadha graduated from Delhi University as a Bachelor of Science. Dedicated and diligent, he aced every one of his subjects and topped the university. He began his profession in 2001 as a lecturer in Indonesia, teaching IT. Later he moved to Bangalore as a senior programming engineer and advanced forward as the VP where he took a shot at UX & UI.

During this time, Abhishek and his better half—Aashita Chadha—got the interiors of their home done. The entire experience left them exasperated and inspired with a craving to begin their design firm. With the idea of bringing a glorious client experience and fresh design perspective to the table, they established the framework of ‘The KariGhars’.

Aashita Chadha, the CFO of ‘The KariGhars’ thought of the unique name of the firm and contributes inalienably to the design ideology. Before long, Abhishek understood his company’s colossal potential and that is the point at which he got his sibling, Vinayak on board. “Together, they are a force to reckon with!” added Aashita.

Abhishek’s source of motivation has consistently been the requirements and wants of his customers. He treats every project as a challenge and attempts his best to out-do their expectations. A learner and spectator commonly, he ingests information and attempts to actualize it in his designs. Every one of his designs has an arrangement for storage and functionality, yet, in addition, it accompanies his novel design style and a component of innovativeness.

For his enormous commitment in the field of Interior Design, he has been awarded, ‘Most Creative Interior Designing firm in Bangalore’, ‘Company of the Year Award by Silicon India’. He received ‘The Best Interior Design Services Award 2011’ for Residential projects in Bangalore from Dr Shashi Tharoor.

Aside from being the most sought-after designer in Bangalore, Abhishek is a multi-faceted man with commendable entrepreneurial skills,” says Aashita.

A Significant Influencer

It’s difficult to consider one individual who has influenced my growth,” says Abhishek. He has generally been a learner and onlooker; and has been around more seasoned, more experienced individuals. Further, he adds “I am attracted to the wisdom they have to offer, be it for design or life in general. There’s a long list of people whom I’ve learned from.” Even, today, despite everything, he still remembers his first customer for trusting and placing confidence in him. Also, Abhishek mentioned that he is extremely grateful for every single one of his clients who help him learn and challenge himself and motivate him to out-do himself every single time.

My success mantra is an ideal parity that should be kept up between the customer’s brief and our own creative expression,” says Abhishek.

Furthermore, while sharing the fundamentals of being an architect, Abhishek stated, “An eye for detail and passion for design is an absolute necessity to turn into a good designer. Search for motivation in all things and become acquainted with your customers. Flawlessness is a progression of little things done right.”

Providing his guidance to sprouting new companies, Abhishek says, “My advice to the budding start-ups & entrepreneurs is to not shy away from taking risks if they are strong in the belief of their passion. With hard work, sincerity & diligent efforts, anything is possible.

About the Managing Director

As the Managing Director and Design Principal at The KariGhars, Vinayak Chadha doesn’t just stop at meeting clients, understanding their requirements and suggesting the best designs. He goes the extra miles and adds a personal touch to the complete process. Right from providing timelines, suggesting unique and innovative designs, seeing them to perfect execution, squeezing in lastminute requests by clients to adding a ‘Wow Factor’ to the final finish, Vinayak does it all with natural ease.

The Wellspring of Motivation

The process of designing their own home lead Abhishek and Aashita to dive in this field of Interior Design. They felt that the field needs a consolidated level of polished methodology and responsibility which has been missing. Team ‘The KariGhars’ filled that missing gap. When they take over a project, team ‘The KariGhars’ submit themselves completely into it until they accomplish customer fulfilment. The team absolutely makes sure to give the client a whole experience, ensuring that they are a step ahead always.

At the end of the day, a happy client gives you ravishing reviews & when others follow suit, that’s when we know we hit the bull’s eye. That is how we grew,” says Abhishek. That is the way The KariGhars has grown to a family of over 250.

One of a Kind Interior

Team KariGhars creates extravagant homes that reflect the owner’s personality, passion, and style. This is one of the major reasons for KariGhars being one of the most eminent names in the field of Luxury Interiors in Bangalore. It has undertaken complete turnkey projects for villas & apartments. From initiation to execution, conceptualization to curation, they likewise oblige the customized demands of the customers. But the real challenge is to implement sustainable development in the design of every home. Major factors like planning, proficient utilization of room, picking materials with low carbon footprint, reducing energy consumption, pollution and waste play a significant role in executing sustainable practices. The thought of the “green home” has taken form and warrants the need to exchange environmentally damaging materials with eco- friendly assets.

Furthermore, Abhishek said, “I love to see the look on my client’s faces when we successfully execute their dream house into reality. I truly love what I do & put the best foot forward.”

What’s New?

Innovation currently grows by leaps & bounds. At the company, team ‘The KariGhars’ implement it in every way possible. They use cutting edge computer-aided-design software that converts initial sketches and measurements into 3D designs for the architect and customer. This gives them a virtual image of how all aspects of their home would resemble, rather than leaving things to their imagination and afterwards having troubled amazements. These 3D designs can transform any conceptualized design into a viewable and navigable model. Even though it might sound simple, it requires creativity, design experience, and a lot of talent.

In recent years, we’ve become increasingly used to connecting everyday devices in our homes to the internet and to each other to make the places we live more comfortable, economical, entertaining, and safe. This trend is certainly set to continue into the next decade. “As the technology undermining this revolution continues to get faster and more powerful, we can expect home automation and artificial intelligence to offer domestic help in new and innovative ways. We the domestic face of the Internet of Things (IoT) and we as a company are already implementing it in our projects,” predicts Aashita.

Fantastic Future

Team KariGhars is on a mission to build up ‘The KariGhars’ as the lead luxury residential interior firm in India while keeping up its enduring standards. Its core values ensure that it will convey the best conceivable service experience and quality; apply the highest standards of design excellence, and continually strive to enhance its contributions to the community. Also, it is visioning to create a significant brand experience for its customers while upgrading the quality of life for everybody it serves.

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