This US based Smartphone manufacturer has a tough contender.

Smartphone manufacturer

Apple was known to have the costliest phones. Now, there seems to be a contender in the midst. Samsung has been a tough competitor of the Iphone since a considerable amount of time. The Worlds Biggest Smartphone company, Samsung has announced the launch of it’s second foldable phone, The Galaxy Z flip. This phone was priced at  Rs. 1,09,999 in India.

Having being lauched at this price, this Samsung phone is just Rs. 99 more than the Iphone 11 pro Max, which was launched at a price of Rs. 1,09,900 in India. They have drawn out a list of differences in the Galaxy Z filp and the Iphone 11 pro max. The major one being that Galaxy Z Flip costs Rs. 99 more than Iphone 11 pro max.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip comes in only one variant that is the 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage, whereas Iphone 11 pro max has a variant of the 64 GB.  The flip design in the Galaxy Z makes it very attractive and gives the Pro max a tough competition. Another novel thing among the Samsung phone is that of its bendable glass. This is the first time that any phone manufacturer has developed such a thin glass for this phone.

This Samsung phone ha striking resemblances to that of the flip phones and it also has a 6.7 inches screen which folds into half. Galaxy Flip can also open at different angles.

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