Vijith Sivadasan: Master of a Trinity of Futuristic Business

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Vijith Sivadasan | Co-founder | Codelattice

Vijith Sivadasan grew up in a business family watching his father and learning the dynamics of intelligent money management. As early as college he was on the lookout for his real calling and ran small businesses to fund his education. Landing a dream job at 21, Vijith soon transformed into a jet setting corporate working for GE, AON, Northwestern Mutual and Infosys in various capacities across the globe for a decade before deciding to go it alone.

Thus was born the technophile entrepreneur who now has a soaring investment portfolio spread over a dozen companies globally and several more burgeoning business profiles under his belt. Vijith’s multifaceted core trinity of companies, Codelattice, V2Angel and Igloopupa, is spread across technology, investment, growth, marketing and most importantly sustainability.

The self-starter’s affinity for ingenious and creative ideas and his passion to aggressively hunt down path-breaking solutions has made him an excellent mentor for budding startups. This, added with his impeccable and dynamic technical expertise and global exposure has sure given him a gleaming edge in the distinctive business pursuits bringing the best out of every concern he has been associated with.

The Core Trinity

Codelattice is an adaptive and accurate marketing solutions provider that streamlines a client company’s growth needs on a three-stage Activate, Elevate, and Accelerate program. Employing highly efficient digital technology and a unique tech-first approach to tailor-made marketing and customer-centric solutions, Codelattice is now growing in a non-linear fashion shifting from a service-oriented approach to more of a solution-centric approach.

The company has expanded its presence to 8 countries globally by starting AI and cloud centres of excellence and is one of the prominent Amazon Web Services & Google partners in the region. In this segment, the company caters to global giants like Air Arabia and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

V2Angel is an innovative technology incubator that identifies and strategically invests in early-stage, high-growth technology startups. Via V2Angel, Vijith has expanded his portfolio to include highly popular names like FreshToHome, Above-5, Booked Happy, B0A8, Bayzon and Digital Orange.

Vijith is also the co-founder of Igloopupa : a carbon-negative travel company.

A globetrotter himself, Igloopupa was Vijith’s sustainability reality check and he chose to up the game of the social enterprise infusing some much needed deep technology. Igloopupa works as an aggregator for carbon negative vacation rentals across the subcontinent and connects responsible hosts with eco-conscious travellers offering unique, sustainable and experiential stays.

A Team Across the Globe

With their eyes locked on the challenging digital needs of Fortune 500 companies, Codelattice set difficult targets for itself and made a spirited sprint across the corporate plane bringing in clients from among the who’s who in the industry. For this, Vijith brought onboard the best talent and tapped into the flexible framework of the startup ecosystem, offering a distinctive, flexible and positive work environment accommodating the demanding schedules of his employees, especially women.

Future Offerings

Vijith’s latest product, Livelattice, is a definitive watershed offering from Codelattice and is capable of redefining the shopping experience offered by offline stores. Infusing the power of digital technology and artificial intelligence to augment the sense of discovery offered by conventional brick and mortar stores, Livelattice will redefine the way conventional shops exist and operate. Designing the ‘experience shops’ of the future, Livelattice will create extensive savings in operational expenses.

Take on life ‘persistently consistent’

An early riser and avid reader, Vijith is motivated by a disciplined outlook on all things in life and vouches by his success mantra- ‘being persistently consistent’. Vijith affirms that in business it is all about finding the ‘right solution for the right problem at the right time’. Even a small share of the market pie is enough for the right product as a good product can seize and expand the market for itself.

According to him creativity and consistency play a major role in building an entrepreneur’s career.

A self-confessed fan of ‘people who are driven, ambitious and constant learners,’ Vijith says, “The man whom I met the other day working on a problem in a village where he was born, women entrepreneurs who strike a balance between work and personal life, my nephew who has already declared that he is a legend in the making and is striving for it…, I do not restrict myself to a particular source but derive lessons from everything around me. When inspiration meets commitment it brings some real motivation with it.

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