Thukral Law Associates: A Law Firm with an International Perspective

Leading a law firm these days may be one of the great roller coaster rides of modern
management. Earlier it was all about legacies of a family pursuing the profession, toiling long hours, sweating it out and more. But with the advent of technology, advanced tools and apps on hand, the face of the legal system has suddenly got a makeover.
Thukral Law Associates is a full-service law firm with a strong focus on clients’ residing
abroad who face problems with their legal matters in India. The firm has major clients living outside India in different countries who have to deal with myriad legal issues and matters in India.
“We always believe in the highest level of integrity, follow a solution-oriented approach and
give back to the society through Probono work etcetera. We continue to follow the principle
of ‘client first’ in providing reliable and highly assuring legal representation ,” − Team
Thukral Law Associates.
The office started its working in the year 2001 with a prolific lawyer, Mr. H. S. Thukral, who
extensively represented clients in arbitration and industrial disputes. With the passage of time and sustaining dedication and result oriented approach, the firm has reached soaring
echelon’s in various fields of law and has earned a spectacular reputation.
Thukral Law Associates at present is providing best and expert legal services to its Domestic & International clients from more than twenty-five countries around the globe.
Driving Force of Thukral Law Associates
Karan S. Thukral is presently taking care of the exemplary administration of ‘The Thukral
Group’. He is the Managing Partner of the Law Firm ‘Thukral Law Associates’. His name and law firm also appear in the global legal directories of lawyers, law firms & Attorneys in Gulf Advocates. He is a foreign associate Business and Immigration lawyer with the famous international Beijing Yingke Law Firm in China and many other Law Offices around the globe. Karan S.Thukral and his Office-Thukral Law Associates in the year 2015 also became an International Partner of RL Advogados Law Firm in Lisbon, Portugal.
Karan S.Thukral was the lawyer representing the Solicitor from Canada in the landmark
adoption case titled a PKH Vs. Union India before the Delhi High Court.
Mr. Karan S.Thukral also holds some of the highly esteemed memberships which include:
• American Bar Association, Chicago
• Inter-Pacific Bar Association, Japan
• AEA International Lawyers, Europe
• International Bar Association, London
• Delhi High Court Bar Association, India
• Canadian Council – International Law, Canada
• Australian & New Zealand Society of International Law, Australia
Extraordinary Approach
Thukral Law Associates continuously seek ways to improve their specialized knowledge.
Teamwork is highly valued because firm understands that the power of co-operation is much
stronger than fighting alone. Based on the principles of practice area specialization and
complementary advantages, they assign legal professionals from the team who are the most
experienced in the related fields to each case to ensure that the client receives a customized
and effective legal representation to their needs.
Main Strengths of Thukral Law Associates continuously include:
• Assuring aggressive Legal Representation for the client in Court.
• Pertinent focus on Confidentiality & Professional Ethics
• Extensive Experience with NRI & Foreign Clients
• Result Oriented Solutions with Impact
• Full-Service Law Firm. One stop place for all Legal Services & Representation.
• International Presence All Over the Globe through partner law offices.
Facilitating Non-Resident Indians
NRI’s/ Non-Resident Indians and other individuals residing in foreign countries often find
themselves in middle of a complex web of Legal situations, sometimes affecting their legal
rights, property matters, matrimonial matters, criminal defense, overseas immigration
status/career or even their ability to visit India.
“Our objective is to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle-free”,
says Karan S.Thukral.
NRI’s and other individuals residing in foreign countries also get assurance of not making
perpetual visits to India to appear or be present in Court in person, which saves them the loss
of earnings whilst away from home as well as their personal safety in serious cases.
Strategies for Success
• Strategic planning for every case and task
• Solution for every legal problem
• Fully dedicated staff
• Following and delivering solutions with bigger impact
• Pro-bono Work & Giving back to the community
• Always updated with emerging laws
• Keeping parallel shoulders with international legal updates, lawyers, and foreign law
Future Plans
Thukral Law Associates will continue to serve people as Lawyers, specifically those who are
living around the world far away from their home town in India. Their vision is to provide
their clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. They strive to handle
each matter with accountability and responsiveness as if they were representing themselves. Thukral Law Associates’ experienced Team and expert professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivaled service in all branches of law.
At present, Thukral Law Associates have reached partnerships with international attorneys
and foreign law firms in 25 countries, which include more than 100 law firms and lawyers.
Source :- The 10 Most Valuable Law Firms in 2017

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