Thukral Law Associates: A Pioneer in the Legal Industry of India and Abroad

In these changing times, when the world is quickly pacing towards the easy to access technology that makes lives easier to live, the legal industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. The industry now looks more reshaped than ever before. Gone are those days when law was all about legacies of a family pursuing the profession, toiling long hours, sweating it out and more, but with the advent of technology, advanced tools and apps on hand, the face of the legal system seems to have a sudden makeover. Law isn’t just a means to make money, but it’s an instrument to secure people’s justice. With the impact of technology and influence of the client relationship, and financial and corporates suffering from the effects of the economic downturn, there’s still plenty of scope for growth in the emerging markets.
Seeing the space to grow and the necessity of a legal firm to help companies and individual to handle legal matters with ease, enters The Thukral Group, a leading Indian law group substantially comprising of diversified structured firms providing extensive range of legal services and legal representation to domestic as well as international clients in various fields of law. One of the most important segments under the group is Thukral Law Associates, a leading legal firm partnering with more than 120 law firms and international lawyers around the globe.
The beginning of the firm was extremely humble and the law journey commenced in a tiny 300 sq. ft. office with the acquisition of one computer, a printer and an extremely modest capital of Rs 20,000. Now, after myriad years and hundreds of sleepless nights, The Thukral Group has catapulted to soaring heights and the firm is now the best option to opt for representation for individual and numerous corporate entities. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and not a science. For Karan S.Thukral, the first opportunity arrived with the immigration sector where people who have moved abroad faced difficulties with their legal matters in India. With great foresight, vision and lucrative dreams in his heart, Karan established the The Thukral Group.
Being a leading firm in the nation and abroad, various cases handled by this firm have been highlighted and published in the most renowned media publications all around the global like The Guardian, Indian Express, The Hindu, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. The extraordinary services of Thukral Law Associates have helped the company to win multiple awards, including Best NRI Law Firm-2015, M&A Legal Awards; Best NRI – Dispute Resolution Professionals, I PAC Legal Awards-2016; Best law Firm for Family Law: Divorce & Adoptions, Constitutional Law Firm of the Year, I PAC Legal Awards -2016; Acquisition International Awards, England-2014; Best Professional for Wills, Inheritance, Acquisition International- England-2015; Civil & Criminal Litigation Law Firm of the Year, International Advisory Experts-2016.
The Areas in Which the Expertise of the Firm Lies
The Thukral Group is diversified in various sectors of the legal industry. It consists of Thukral Law Associates, Thukral Business Services, Thukral Global Immigrations, Thukral Real Estate, and Thukral Espion Services. Each of these sectors specializes in each of its respective areas of expertise. With a wealth of experience and enormous expertise in the legal atmosphere of India and the world, The Thukral Group works primarily in the sector of Constitutional Law, Government Laws & Writ Petitions; Litigation, Divorce, Family Laws, Child Custody, Inter- Country Adoptions; International Arbitrations; Real Estate, Property Matters, Inheritance Laws, Wills; Corporate Consultancy, Business Startups, Subsidiary Launch; Immigration Law, Citizenship Matters, Deportation & Extradition; Investigation & Exploration Services.
Thukral Law Associates, being the most important segment of the firm, caters its legal services to people from 25 countries worldwide. It enjoys the distinction of being one of those firms which have a full legal service presence in almost all major cities of India through its associate offices, including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Punjab, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jammu, Allahabad, Nainital, Bangalore, Pune and Haryana. The firm extensively deals with the litigation aspect of work and has built up a renowned reputation in the legal fraternity.
The firm was set up with the mission to serve people as Lawyers, specifically those who are living around the world far away from their home town in India. With a vision to provide the clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner, the firm strives to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness in a highly efficient manner.
The Firm Ensures Legal Services Easily Available, Affordable and Hassle-free
With every challenge comes equal and opposite opportunity. It’s the law of universe! Every challenge is an opportunity to recognize something important, seize the opportunity- make a difference! Among the daily challenges, one of them is to uphold communication with our global clients. We have tackled time zone differences to coordinate with our international clients in certain cases where collaboration is required,” said Karan S. Thukral, the Managing Partner of Thukral Law Associates. Apart from this, like any other firm, Thukral Law Associates also faces challenges like Consumer Education as in almost every case, the client has something at stake, either money, freedom, reputation or anything else, and a failure to properly understand what is happening can lead to catastrophic consequences.
The Managing Partner of the firm quotes a line of Henry Ford, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress; working together is success”. He clearly states that his valued team and its power of co-operation are helping the firm to overcome every challenge that comes on its way. With such motivation and high team spirits, the firm helps NRIs as well as domestic clients to handle legal matters with ease. NRIs and other individuals residing in foreign countries often find themselves in the middle of a complex web of Legal Situations, sometimes affecting their overseas immigration status/career or even their ability to visit India. It is where Thukral Law comes into the scene to help those people who are seeking help for certain legal guidance.
With an objective to make available legal services which are affordable and hassle free, Thukral Law Associates offers a service which helps their clients residing in foreign countries to not be physically present in the court, saving them from losing their earning while staying from home as well as ensuring their personal safety in serious cases. The embodiment of a successful lawyer, is committed to being of service to others in an ethical, compassionate, and caring manner. One has to be committed to building and fostering relationships.
Provides Personalized Legal Solution to Each of its Clients
Being an independent firm, the office has the flexibility and the focus to offer clients with outstanding and responsive service in litigation as well as corporates needs. Each of its clients enjoy personal attention backed by personal commitment. The Managing Partner of the Firm spoke about client satisfaction and said, “By fully understanding our clients’ objectives and taking ownership of their situations, we can assemble the appropriate legal team to meet our clients’ needs. We listen, advise and deliver our absolute best in every case.
Mr. Thukral further added, “Nowadays, law firms and lawyers are hired to help clients avoid pitfalls and identify problems before they’ve arisen, rather than sitting at desk waiting for the problems to come to you.
The firm is strictly against the idea, “One size fits all” and gives a personalized legal solution to each of its clients. “Based on the principles of practice area specialization and complementary advantages, we assign professionals who are the most experienced in the related fields to each case to ensure that the client receives customized response to their needs,” said the Managing Partner of Thukral Law Associates.
The law firm just does not revolves around the formula of merely providing legal services to clients, but provides a set of effective management systems like Strategic Planning, Financial Management, People Management, Administrative Systems, Managing the Production of Legal Services, and Information Management System. Mr. Thukral is leading the firm to ensure that all aspects of operating the law firm have been accounted for and are monitored, and progress is being made towards improvement.
About the Leading Entrepreneur behind this Promising Legal Firm
Mr. Karan S. Thukral is the Managing Partner of The Thukral Group as well as the Managing Partner of Thukral Law Associates. He is a practicing lawyer who is credited with the inception and establishment of four different entities, each operating in a distinctive service segment. In his capacity as the Managing Partner of the firm, Mr. Thukral has been the chief architect in making a shining presence of the The Thukral Group in almost every field of law, internationally and within India.
The pivotal aim, which he has always kept in mind, is to serve the community as a lawyer, not as a business man. He substantially gives the credit of his success to his father, Mr.H.S.Thukral, who is also a prominent lawyer practicing in the Delhi High Court. Serving the community is a crucial point, which can’t be ignored. As a real lawyer, he thrives to fight for what is right and bring appropriate result through the justice system. In addition to his pivotal role as the Managing Partner of the Firm, he is actively involved in advising and guiding foreign and Indian clients on diverse matters involving International and Indian laws. His name and the law firm appear in the global legal directories of lawyers, law firms & Attorneys in Gulf Advocates. He is a foreign associate Business and Immigration lawyer with the famous international Beijing Yingke Law firm in China. Interestingly, he and the firm became the International Partner of RL Advocates Law Firm in the year 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal.
In various prominent legal cases of the nation, including the one where a prominent doctor was struggling to take her adopted child back to the US, Thukral represented and successfully handled the matter. He was also the main legal counsel who represented the Australian couple before the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court in the famous surrogacy case. He was also the main legal Attorney representing the Solicitor from Canada in the well-known adoption case before the Delhi High Court.
Thukral has been practicing constitutional law dealing in mostly writ petitions directed against the government departments and banks. Karan is an extraordinary entrepreneur who is not only leading this promising legal firm, but is also actively associated with various trades, industries and legal bodies, bar associations including the American Bar Association, Chicago; Inter-Pacific Bar Association, Japan; AEA International Lawyers, Europe; International Bar Association, London; Delhi High Court Bar Association, India; Canadian Council – International Law, Canada; and Australian & New Zealand Society of International Law, Australia.
The Future of the Legal Industry from Thukral’s Perspective
The legal profession in India has undergone various changes over the last few decades. Since 1991, law as a profession is not limited to the three organs – Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary.  Law has witnessed dynamic changes while also covering the whole range of financial activities in the country, including industry, media, Intellectual Property Rights, Information Technology, data protection etc. Legal education in India, which has emerged as an honorable career , has witnessed an emerging scope as the field is still growing. Thereof, legal education has a promising future, if you are able to keep it up with your devoting attitude.
After personally overseeing the impediments and hurdles that a single independent young lawyer faces in this diverse and overly competent field, Mr.Thukral identified the main five assets which brought his vision to reality, and they are Patience, Courage to take risks, Readiness to Evolve, Humility, and Innovation.

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