Time to Redefine the Present Tech Culture


The Indian Technology Sector has earned an enormous reputation throughout the world in previous decades. Some Indian Technology company has set its work culture at Global standard. Work Culture is all about the stakeholders and their coexistence with one another. The key factor for the tech firm is to maintain a culture flow comprising of particularly regular behavior and decisions. This conversation is mostly initiated at the top level to sustain the suitable work culture in the organization. Work culture has changed more rapidly with joining of the new employees across the world in the Indian Tech companies so handbooks and policies about work culture must be revised time to time. Indian Technology Company follows a different kind of work culture. Likely, some follow very strict work culture like banning even the use of mobile phones in the office or wearing casual clothes. On the other hand, some companies are provide an employee friendly work environment, foe example they even allow them to work from home,  emphasizing on achieving targets, rather than following very strict or disciplined work culture.
Over the last decade, Indian Technology Companies has raised significant capital to build businesses and expand its base beyond its boundary. So in most of the Indian’s Tech Company’s work culture is more versatile compared to other. As defined by one of the leading Tech Company in India “What is culture but a shared set of beliefs, values, and practices? Our culture is the foundation of our success and it is completely people oriented, touching lives and making a difference to employees, stakeholders, customers and partners alike. We believe that excellence is not a destination but a journey of continuous improvement and we keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and actively transforming it into action”.
Management desired work Culture 
In a Technology Company most of the employees are very young and fresh college graduates. So they always expect them to be very innovative and provide new insightful ideas. They’re also always ready to provide liberty to their employees to experiment with their ideas and thoughts. Some companies create an atmosphere where the new employee gets the power to be involved in small as well as big strategy decision. So that each employee is glued in to what happens in the company.
The tech firms provide employment solely on the basis of applicant’s competencies and qualifications. They strive to create a work culture where an employee will enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, including training conditions of service, recruitment and career growth. Furthermore, they are committed to maintaining a workplace where each employee’s personal dignity and privacy is respected and protected from threatening or offensive behavior including violence and sexual harassment.
An example is wherein the countries renowned IT Company based on its market performance, gives a lot of importance to the gender diversity and believes that the high number of women employee holds the company in high esteem and creates huge goodwill in the market. Most of the Technology Companies run Management Development Program throughout the year and allowed the young employee to learn Management skill.
Young Employees Aspire High
As growth rate has slowed down due to multiple factors, it will be huge challenge for the Indian IT companies to manage expectations of their employees including retaining of their staff, in the era of rapid technology evolution. Employee expectations are a delicate thing to deal with. Providing too much will probably spoil a company’s profitability while too less could result in higher attrition rate. This is already very high near to 15 % in Indian Technology Companies. Career progression, benefits, leaves are the normal expectation of the employee as in other industry too but as in Tech companies most of the employee are very young and they are hungry to receive the acknowledgment that he or she is doing a good job and they also wanted to learn new things ongoing basis. It is of paramount importance to maintain diversity in the workforce because the imbalance in workforce percentage may create the negative vibe in the women workers. As Technological development strengthens Firms, clients are facing industrial disruption and are always expected to deliver best, cannot afford to be relaxed. But providing healthy, friendly and relaxed workplace atmosphere can do the magic in terms of meeting the expectations of the employee.
Current work culture Trend in Indian Tech Company
A Technology Company by its nature is democratic. Since most of the information remains accessible to all employee as most of the records remain in digital form.  This system helps the workplace become more transparent and accountable. Earlier Tech companies use to offer a challenging environment for motivating the employee to take out best from their works. But in recent past lot has changed in the work culture and they are creating an employee friendly work culture where an employee can feel relaxed even in the challenging situation. Many Tech companies now allow the employees to work from home and it creates lots of values in the mind of the employee and in turn helps companies to maintain a friendly relationship with the employee. Gym, library, relaxing zone, a good restaurant has become an integral part at the premises of a technology company. They also organize various entertainment programs on regular basis.  Not only this but technology companies also provide the opportunity for the employee to nurture their other talent like music band, photography club, painting, acting, movie making, guitar classes, Zumba lessons, sports tournaments etc, to help the employee to develop their overall personality.
Work culture play very vital role in the growth of a company. It defines the personality of the company. Work culture in any company gets influenced by the culture of the country where it operates. Since Indian Technology Companies has their widespread presence in many other countries, they represent and adopt global culture. One of the major challenges faced by Indian Technology is higher attrition rate. To retain an employee for the long term is of paramount importance, and to create strong work culture so that an employee fits within the culture easily and also help the company to improve the productivity.

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