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ITH Technologies
ITH Technologies

ITH, a prominent Strategy and Technology Consulting Company, is determinatively transforming the world by providing pioneering technologies and prevailing modern science with acute intellect and foresightedness in terms of novelty and sustained assistance to its partners, emerging entrepreneurs, and startups. It brings sagacity to develop agiler, comprehend novel evolution prospects, and keeps inventing. Unleashing the power of data through business intelligence, it enables customers and partners to drive intelligent and innovative disruptions. ITH is a software technology company which have mainstream services in the regions of Technology Consulting, Business Strategy, BlockChain Research and Development, Turnkey Solutions for Crypto-currency Mining, Electronics, Robotics and Brain Computer/Machine Interface.
ITH routines their creative tools to its partners through,

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Best in class Infrastructures
  • Best in class Standards
  • As well As Business intelligence for market research and as well as applicability of technology in a respective businesses

Backed-up by these competencies, the company is flourishing in the technology sector with their Business Intelligence. As far as block chain research is concerned, they have their own products which have been utilized by some of the biggest players in the industries like Blockchain Deployment and Fintech Company.
Innovative Approach with Remarkable Exploration
ITH is excellently an expert in High Availability Infrastructures that are being created as a solution product line with extreme traffic. They are currently managing the system that have capability of upto 5 million requests per/hr. Also, they have deployed huge stacks of more than 87 nodes/dedicated server to feed just one client in the infrastructure which is an online advertising company.
ITH’s ICO Distribution and KYC Compliant Solution is a legal compliant platform which is utilized by numerous tech ventures. Since a year, the ICO World Fundraising has beaten Venture Capital Fundraising that crossed figures of traditional fundraising as well. With their solutions some of the major partners of ITH have framed their laws for ICO that makes their system the most compliant one. Hence, ITH is the pioneer of ICO fundraising in India as well as in the world to provide the legal KYC Compliant Solution for ICO.
The company delivers complete solution for KYC service which is organized by supervisor and is fully automatic and accountable. This is an exclusive product amongst many other products by ITH which are delightful in the era of Blockchain Products and Developments. They have research and development team on Blockchain which is dedicatedly working on “Distributed Cloud Computation Blockchain”- the third distinctive contributions of ITH in the field of Blockchain.
ITH is a Turnkey Solution Provider for setting up CryptoCurrency Mining Farms. They are partnered with BlockGen Corporation (Seattle, US) where they are stakeholder in the company and Gaurav is the Director of Information on the Board. With their international collaborations, ITH has created CryptoCurrency Mining solutions like software solutions and they consult and provide Turnkey Solutions to establish the CryptoCurrency Mining Farms, where people can setup their own computational field to mint their Bitcoins and other CryptoCurrency self-sufficiently inside their server farm. The company has their own mining farm in the Washington, US and has in hand experience to setup mining farms of 200 GigHashs per Second.
In the epoch of Robotics, ITH is working on the 3 major products- ‘Agricultural Drone’, ‘Oxygen Supplying Air Purifier’ and ‘BCI (Brain Computer/Machine Interface)’. They are passionately building the Agricultural Drone’. This device is meant to fly over the fields with loads upto 45-50 KG and support the farmers in their day-to day farming desires like pesticide and supplement spraying. This Drone can also support a few very specific requirements like evaluating the quality of crops and partial irrigation. They do end-to-end design and deployment of drones for cultivating the farmer’s life. For this project, they have acquired land on the Border of Kanpur city to do real-world farming and have clear cut hands on these drones.
Another product that they are working on is the Oxygen Supplying Air Purifier which has main purpose to nourish the air by adding some chemical nutrients including oxygen.
ITH in the field of BCI (Brain Computer/Machine Interface) are developing an education system that reads the Brain Waves of students to provide their innermost response towards the events happening around them. The aim is to understand the impact of an Institutional subject, activity, Game or event on the Brain of an individual and accordingly focus on the skills supported by the personality/individuality. This system also enables targeted evolution of a specific skill because the trainer could peep into the present receptability of the subjects at a given time. The trainer could also judge the best method of training as the system would provide real time stats on the ‘State of mind’ of the subject. Artificial Intelligence further enhances the scope of this project by providing guidance as well as predictions to the trainers on their ongoing sessions. It is a Patent Project of the company.
ITH’s Strategy and Execution have created architectures where they structure and strategize for their partners. They guide and generate more and more traffics and capitalize on their login traffics. They have also designed, implemented and executed “Payment Systems” that would accept payments in the Bitcoin, Altcoins and other CryptoCurrency and also have designed Payout System” in CryptoCurrency and other financial System for their partners. A cross border payment, which was a 15 day job for their client, have been streamlined and eased to execute within a minute. Thus, their clients can get their payments as soon as possible and easily withdraw currency from their banks. Moreover, they facilitate and mentor CryptoCurrency mining farms in India and overseas to provide support to outfit while executing efficiently.
ITH is also consulting a European Country for their Strategic development in establishing CryptoCurrency Mining as an Industry and creating avenues for the Nation to be able to invite Businesses/Investors to their country.
ITH takes charge of End-to-End deployments where they don’t just suggest but also implement and works till the end, which makes them different from their competitors. They believe in Partnership Model wherein they are proposing and sharing the company by taking share of the company who can value their technology. They invest end-to-end on the technology which is their standard frame.
While acting as active investors for startups nationally and internationally, ITH offers partnerships for people and startups that don’t have technical board. They propose stock holds in the company which takes care of the end-to-end technical requirements of such startups. Henceforward, they work as a CTO on the board of the company that they have partnered and that’s how their Engagement Model works!
Also, ITH is running an ISP (Internet Service Provider) from last 3 years, where they make available lease line and broadband connections and they are serving it for a few big organizations in the State of Uttar Pradesh, which include local power corporation (KESCo.) and the Kanpur Development Authority.
An Inspiring Persona of ITH Technologies
Gaurav Dubey, CEO and Founder of ITH Technologies, has completed his Graduation in Telecom Engineering. He has worked as a Broadband Consumer Complaint Executive for Reliance Broadband in Kanpur. After working with the reputed Broadband Company, he decided to start his Entrepreneurial journey as a Call Centre Consulting Company, then they moved towards Data Center Consulting Services and later it got converted into Strategy and Technology Consulting Company.
One client of ITH, named KESKO (Kanpur Electricity Supply Company Ltd.) has implemented ITH’s strategy consulting for their online billing, and MPLS Deployments of interconnectivity of all their service stations. After a stable establishment of ITH, Gaurav moved to Dubai for exploring the business horizons of the company and it fortunately brought him back to India.
Being an avid speaker, he has spoken in conferences around the World, in India and seminars for some renowned institutions in Kanpur and several other places to make people aware about learning and encouraging bright students to come forth in Entrepreneurship, Robotics, BlockChain and Technology in general.
Gaurav loves to interact with his team on the floor, where with his team members, he resolves all the problems and innovates new technology solutions for the company. Apart from these heartfelt virtues as CEO, he is constantly pondering over probable innovative resources and is concerned about the depletion of resources in the world and carrying out a significant research on the same.
Apart from research & innovation, his responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication in between the board of directors and corporate operations.
As a hobby, Gaurav studies latest technologies like Quantum Mechanics and BCI, repairs his household stuff, does cycling along with his team and also conducts long trip for the company employees nationally and internationally as well.
Tackling Challenges with Perfection
One of the major challenges that ITH came across a few months ago was expansion of its team by onboarding global talents. Expectedly, its partnerships with Global leaders in Human Resource like Randstad, Kelly Services, IndiHire and HR Hunt added some comfort to their lives. With their help, the company has been able to attract some really senior and quality talent from around the globe. The struggle still continues as it is bombarded with fresh projects daily but is forced to choose just a few. ITH has an abundance of opportunities for its inhabitants but they were more than happy when they recently inaugurated its Robotics department. It has turned ITH from just a Software and IT solutions company to an End-to-End Technology Solution Consultants.
At ITH, they are always ready to astound the challenges that are ever witnessed. One of the major challenges according to them is being ubiquitous when it comes to technology and entrepreneurship. It has a diverse environment at its place and each teammate is happily contributing and working together with the sense of ‘one team under one goal.’ And that is how ITH manages to confer and always comes up with the best and predictable results. They are always successful in their individual work because they have learnt to abstain from procrastination and stay diligent. They always keep brainstorming on research and development of various subjects and their implications as well.
Well-established and Delightful Working Milieu
ITH follows the ideology of “keeping the team on the forefront”, which has coaxed them to take efforts to create an open and collaborative environment and encourages ‘Team mates’ (they hate the word ‘Employees’) to present their novel ideas and voice their concerns. They constantly emphasize on being a single dominant team over plenty of seniors and juniors. This level of understanding and friendliness boosts the working capabilities of the company team and nobody has any disputes whatsoever.
ITH does expect people to sustain discipline in their work while ensuring that people have fun too. They keep organizing trips regularly/to and fro, be it hiking in the distant mountains or chilling out at the beaches of Bangkok. ITH thinks that traveling feeds one’s soul and brings forth creativity and prosperity within one’s self.
ITH offers a transparent environment at the premises and is always concerned about each of its employees. It always makes ‘Team mates’ feel valued and constantly reminds them that they are an asset to the organization.
ITH is engaged in a lot CSR activity including Twice a day meals for 250 people in front of the office on daily basis. This activity is done by company ‘Team mates’ where they serve it by their own hands. To widen the knowledge base, they invite different region/religious people to conduct sessions in the company like meditation, speech on different streams of religion and different games.
Taking Creative Steps towards the Future
ITH has a large amount of projects and presentations as a whole and it contributes to them to the fullest and provides final results on time. Yet one of the most important projects ITH is proud of is the Brain Computer Interface development that will change the way children learn. In current work engagement, they are working upon Quantum Biology and Quantum Computing as a learning tool which will become the future product of ITH.
The organization is ready to enhance its leadership and innovate business standards as a prerequisite and emerge as the topmost analytical research and entrepreneurial organization. Businesses are comprised of relationships and ITH has an inclined affection towards its clients and partners to successfully evolve and ascend together.
ITH is also concerned about operational strategies and customer-driven approaches to meet the needs and desires of a targeted market. It has advanced strategies that gauge and acclimate to fluctuating environments, continuously enhance core competencies and develop new strengths on an ongoing basis. Also, they have implemented Robotics and Data Management programs for better assistance and prolonged supports to businesses worldwide.
International trade and investment are important drivers of economic growth and development, and crucial for the success of individual businesses.

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