V. Bhanumathy: Empowering Women’s thought Process and Innovating Technology To Make Lives Safe, Secure and Comfortable

V. Bhanumathy
V. Bhanumathy

A successful visionary is someone who wishes to tread on a different path and wants to mark her own trail. Women visionaries are the ones who are independent in thinking, but rooted in values. She is someone whose hunger for success is matched by desire to benefit larger society and fruits to be shared with all and she is the person who wants to put to use the learning fully in what she does and learn continuously in the process too. Her dreams keep her vibrant and she is definitely the one who others would like to emulate.
One such successful businesswoman empowered by innovation, technology and modern thought process, who is redefining the idea of women empowerment, is Bhanumathy Venkat, Founder and Managing Director at Venba Tech (P) Ltd, a leading design, engineering and project management firm in the field of extra low voltage systems (ELV). Instead of being concerned about gender equality, Bhanumathy acknowledges gender diversification and how that difference in attributes and thought process can empower women uniquely.
After earning extensive work experience while contributing at various multinationals in Dubai, Bhanumathy returned to her country  and started venturing her entrepreneurial skills and exploring the Indian business sector. Bhanumathy’s rich experience and extraordinary skills proved to be beneficial for her company winning various recognitions as Energy Conservation Award from Leaders of Tomorrow, ET sponsored by India Mart and helping herself to win Women Entrepreneur Award for South Zone.
About the Journey from Multinationals in Dubai to Own Business Enterprise in India
After excellent stints in blue-chip management in Dubai, managing a large portfolio like Business Manager at Honeywell, Bhanumathy decided to relocate to India to benefit her child’s well being. That stood to be the turning point in her life. After coming back to Chennai, it was natural for her to join any corporate enterprise, instead she started thinking differently.
She was struck by the idea of initiating a startup where she could pursue her ambition and practice the professionalism which she has  inculcated along her tenure in Dubai and instill that culture in her team, in her own organization. Determined to be an independent woman who could work in her own space, time and style and with the ambition to create something of her own, Bhanumathy created Venba Tech.
About the Company, Safely Securing and Comforting People’s Lives
Venba Tech is a technology oriented organization with solutions addressing unique propositions that are aimed towards providing security, safety and comfort to occupants of buildings and homes. The company provides integrated building management solutions for commercial complexes ranging from IT parks to shopping malls. This building management solution monitors and controls the energy usage of complex structures while simultaneously ensuring the comfort of every occupant in the building.
While talking about the company’s Home Automation Solution, the MD of Venba Tech mentioned, “We program the home to understand your lifestyle and make it delightful for you to enjoy the ambience, moods and accessibility of your home from within and outside, anywhere in the world.” She adds further and says that the security and safety of Homes is very important feature of Venba Tech’s solution.
Being the MD of this innovative company, Bhanumathy considers vision to look ahead and updating the organization are the key aspects she looks after. She is responsible in designing the business line such as the products, services and geography of operation among many other things. She spends enough time in the organization instilling culture and values that they would pursue as the unit. She has even mentioned that the culture and values stands out to be “the heartbeat and the health on which the whole body of the business is dependent and plays the most crucial role in any achievements of the enterprise.
“Learning ─ a continuous process ─ is the first thing we all know,” asserts Bhanumathy
According to Bhanumathy, the stages we mature through professional cycle is interlaced in to learning and unlearning process. She started the company from a hardware dominant, proprietary, centralized control, organization-centric perspective, but now the company has moved on to app based edge empowered people-focused enterprise. She has even mentioned that the professional learning has followed to a great extent the evolution of technology and the emphasis is no longer on the control and monitor of people, but it empowers and unleashes.
Bhanumathy made an interesting comment on the process of exploring one’s abilities and said, “I tend to think that a lot of the abilities I possess tend to come from my soaking in the whole ecosystem. It comes from my colleagues, my clients, business partners. So it is around you. Only we can make it harder if we are not open. All I do is to be open to new things, to learn from all situations, circumstances and people.” She further added, “The voice of conscience however I think is rooted in the value system. I don’t think it is something that undergoes change. It is about ethics. It is a constant thing.
Bhanumathy has apparently said that the focus is important in any activity from professional to personal. She has even mentioned that the common thing between all successful people in the world is their passion. While talking about the role of gender in business, Bhanumathy said, “From my experience, I always believed that gender in business should never be a considerate, what needs to be there is pure passion and clear goals.
Venba Tech Plans to Grow in Multifold in the Near future
To make a Social change for better, Venba Tech believes in employing people from the needy environment. With the pace in which the company is growing, Bhanumathy expresses her plans about expanding their services and shares her thoughts about opening new offices in major cities. Currently located in Chennai and Bangalore, Venba Tech plans to spread in Mumbai and Hyderabad soon.
Bhanumathy concluded their future plans by saying, “Our growth lies in our customer satisfaction and we thrive to ensure that we are appreciated in all our assignments that we undertake.” She further added, “Maintaining balance between partners, stakeholders, employees and customers is always a challenge and we always strive to keep the circle growing.
Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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