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Talent acquisition has always been an important part of the hiring strategies and recruitment practices for any organization. But in the last few years, it became more critical than ever. After the economic downturn, there was a surge in unemployed professionals; there simply weren’t enough jobs for them to fill. Now, with the economy and job market alleviating, companies are competing against each other for the same talent – and often finding them a bit flat-footed. This has created vigorous changes across the talent acquisition and recruiting sectors – and has made it extra important for industry professionals to stay in the loop and on top of current trends in order to use them to their best advantage.
In a quest to do just that, StepUp HR is providing integrated HR solutions in executive search, recruitment, project-based hiring and contingent search. In a very short span of time, the company has become a trusted vendor for more than 100 clients including MNCs and Indian Companies. They not only provide quality deliverables, but also provide excellent services on time. The organization conducts contingent searches and their work have been appreciated by all their valuable clients in various domains including E-commerce, Construction, Health Care, BFSI, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Building Material, Mining/Minerals/Metals, and Automobiles etc. On the other hand, they make an effective impact through their Board Advisory and Diversity Solutions.
StepUp HR is an expert in sighting CVs for critical posts rapidly which ensures that the ‘WOW’ factor is retained for the company.Thisalso helps in successfully cementing a long-term relationship with their clients. Recruitment team of the company personally gets on a call with the shortlisted candidates to sensitize them about the client and job requirement, thus mitigating any discrepancies before the first round of interviews by matching the expectations of both the parties. The ‘No Repeat’ policy of the company is the icing on the cake which ensures that once shared profiles are never repeated with the same client, hence erasing duplicity.
Creative Minds behind the Company
An experienced recruitment and staffing expert, Abhishek Upadhyaya, Founder and CEO & MD of StepUp HR, connects businesses across industries with the right human capital, thereby forming winning teams that can generate long-term value for their organization. Abhishek is a strategic visionary and brings 17 years of professional experience in HR and Sales. He has co-established a school in Bengaluru. He is also the founder of Global Achievers Forum a platform to recognize those who increase happiness index & world around them and acknowledge the efforts of professionals and entrepreneurs who matter the most to a society.
Bela Sethi, Co-founder, COO & Head Retained Search of StepUp HR, is the most experienced leader who has worked with national and international firms, and has an effective ability to think from the client’s perspective, understand the recruiting process in the sector and take ownership for meeting recruiting targets for an organization.
Swikar Sethi, Founder & CAO of StepUp, is a textile engineer by qualification and brings more than 26 years of experience in business development into use to scale STEPUP’s operation.
WOW Services of StepUp HR
StepUp is one of the leading solution providers of inclusive HR integrated services with a team of highly skilled recruitment professionals havinga multi-location presence across India. Abhishek expresses, “StepUp focuses on understanding the relationship between the client and the specification received, pertaining to which head hunting begins.”
Their groundbreaking services are
Executive Search/Leadership Hiring – StepUp is introducing a Global Boutique search firm which helps them to provide unique solutions towards their clients and candidates.
Project-Based Recruitment – StepUp has the bandwidth, technology, processes, and expertise to support client’s high-volume recruiting needs. The company can quickly respond to enormous hiring requirements at a local, regional, or national level – without compromising on the quality.
Recruitment Solutions – StepUp offers ingenious solutions for companies aiming to lower their cost-per-hire; focusing on speedy delivery, timely onboarding, and quality hires.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing – StepUp develops their recruiting outsourcing strategies according to business needs. Their full-service employing experience and network of recruiting experts use consultative and client-specific strategies to find appropriate talent for the company’s culture and business demands.
Inspiring Voyage of StepUp
StepUp believes, Recruitment & Talent Acquisition is an ever-changing business where companies need to update and upgrade their skills periodically to stand tall among their competitors. Witnessing cent percent growth till 2013 when it majorly served Oil & Gas centered firms, StepUp HR was hit badly by the falling oil prices of 2014 as 65 percent of its revenue came from this sector alone.The company was smart enough to avoid the trap of recession and withheld from degrading its services; moreover it ventured into e-commerce and health care & Financial within a year enrolled more than 50 companies as its clients. This gave the much-needed boost to the revenue growth, which currently is at 60 percent.
Work Environment of the Company
In StepUp, one can experience a noteworthy work culture that is as modern as it is traditional. While music pumps up the mornings and late evenings, the early evenings are full of devotion with aarti and spiritual songs taking the charge. Complimentary tea and snacks are a part of the diurnal routine of the company to ensure that every individual can enjoy their work.
Bright Future Ahead
In the coming days, StepUp aims for becoming one of the top three recruitment firms in India and have more than 100 subject matter experts. The company believes that after acquiring the core 100, their dream won’t be far from realization.

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