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The private security industry has witnessed higher growth in the past years and expected to continue its growth at a massive pace. This industry is one of the highest employment providers in the country and will generate more employment opportunities in the near future. Traditionally, the security industry was dominated by unorganized players. The private security sector was totally unnoticed and overlooked, during that phase; though Major R. C. Nanda started TOPSGRUP, Dr. Dewan Rahul Nanda current Group Chairman was the one who made TOPSGRUP a prominent name in the sphere of security services. Over a period of time, the private security industry has matured through various regulatory policies and TOPSGRUP is a major contributing factor by being an industry trendsetter.
Asia’s largest security group and one of the top services group in the country, TOPSGRUP was incorporated in the year 1970. It is a renowned security service solution provider and the most esteemed brand in security solutions space. Headquartered in Mumbai and spread across 253 offices with 30,000 locations pan India, TOPSGRUP offers personalized security and safety solutions to over 9,700 customers in India.
TOPSGRUP is providing quality services for more than 48 years in India and through this span of time, the company has transformed significantly. The company provides diversified services in the area of Security Solutions, Emergency Response Services, Investigation and Background Checks, Logistic Services, Staffing Solutions, Government Services and more. ICICI Venture, Everstone, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RARE enterprises are the leading and esteemed investors of this company.
According to TOPSGRUP, “Security cost should be treated as an investment, not an expense.” If security is treated as an investment, then the chances of the world becoming a safer place will increase. The level of crime, theft, terrorist attack, and such activities has increased in the world. In the fast-growing business world, with high level of competition it has become a necessity to protect the business with proper security solutions and techniques. TOPSGRUP believes in implementing the latest technology solutions in order to provide appropriate security services.
Enhancing Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Through their ‘Customer First’ Mantra   
TOPSGRUP is customer-centric company and believes in long-term customer relationship.  It has Command & Control Centre which provides 24 hours timely and effective services to its clients. The company focuses more on client’s needs and provides customized security solutions. This has resulted in the industry-best client retention rate of 99.6%, which apparently indicates that the clients are fully satisfied with their services. The company has globally-renowned clients such as Airtel, Microsoft, Tata Group, Apple, Junliant ( Dominos), ATOS, TVS Motors and many more.
TOPSGRUP has exclusive Key Account Management (KAM) System for timely coordination with the clients. KAM provides reliable and quality response to the clients for any incident and emergencies. KAM make administration process simpler which saves cost and time.
Employees are specially trained under 22 PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, 2005) approved training centers across the country to meet specific needs of the clients. Apart from this, they follow the ISO 9001-2008 procedure to provide proper solutions to meet their clients’ needs. The company arranges regular client review programs with senior management which helps them to satisfy the needs of the clients efficiently.
Vigorous and Undisputed Leader Who Transformed the Entire Business
Dr. Dewan Rahul Nanda serves as the Group Chairman at TOPSGRUP. In 1992, he joined the business at a very young age of 22 and expanded operations beyond Mumbai to 50+ cities. He is recognized as the most prominent leader and spokesperson of Indian Security Service Industry. During his 26 years of leadership, the company has achieved tremendous progress with a turnover of Rs.1500 Cr. With his sincere dedication and innovative tactics, the company which had two employees and one client has turned into its current position as India’s most trusted security service provider. He has brought the business a reputation and market share, which was previously unseen in the industry.
Offers Extensive Security Solution Services
TOPSGRUP provides a wide range of services that include, Security Consultancy, Manned Guarding, Electronic Security, Investigations & Background Checks, Emergency Response Services, Alarm Monitoring & Quick Response Team (QRT), Manpower Support Services, Logistic Management and Integrated Facility Management. TOPSGRUP comprises different companies which include;
TOPS Security Limited: Provides personalized security solutions and safety services to customers like Event Security for Corporate events, Sports events, Concerts and Award ceremonies. Apart from this, TOPS security provides Footfall Management, VIP Escorting, Traffic Control, Data Protection, and Close Protection to celebrities, Chief executives, Public figures etc.
TOPS Investigation Services Private Limited (TISPL): Risk intelligence and investigation services offered to the clients to secure physical and intellectual properties and corporate reputation like Banking solutions, Insurance Claim Investigations, money laundering, hostile takeover, copyright infringement, and more such services are provided by TISPL.
TOPSGRUP Logistic Private Limited: Offers logistic services which help to reduce inventory costs and manage distribution services like, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Transportation Facilities, Storage, First Mile Delivery, Last Mile Delivery and more logistic services.
TOPS People Services Pvt. Limited: Staffing solution services that help the clients in Recruitment, Selection, Training, Temporary staff, Payroll Services, Labor Supply and more manpower services are delivered by the company.
TOPSGRUP International Security Academy Private Limited: Provides counseling for prediction and protection from potential threats, High-end security, and Technology, Government Consultancy, Workshops, and Training consultancy to companies.
TOPSLine Life Response Services Private Limited: Offers emergency medical facilities, rescue, and evacuation services to help people in an emergency. TOPSLine provides assistance for emergencies like road and fire accidents, medical traumas, assaults on women, leaving victims helpless etc.
ADTECH Power Systems Limited: Delivers latest building management services for commercial as well as residential buildings that include  modern technology building-management systems helps the clients to manage the buildings intelligently and economically. ADTECH provides a range of security systems like Electronic Article Surveillance Solutions, Display Secure System, CCTV/IP CCTV, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, Fire Detection Systems and Entrance Control Systems.
Guardwell Detective Services Private Limited: Guardwell is a Bangalore based security agency which was acquired by TOPSGRUP in 2008.
Influence of TOPSGRUP on the Indian Security Service Sector
TOPSGRUP has a leading position in the Industry and with its continuous innovations since last four decades has transformed the Indian Security Industry. TOPSGRUP is an inseparable element in the evolution of India’s services industry. In the year 1995, the company became the first company to be listed on stock exchange and Indian Security Group to introduce Marine Patrolling Services. It is the first Indian company to offer integrated total security solutions to its customers. TOPSGRUP started International Training Academy and launched India’s first largest air ambulance services. The company has pioneered various new security services in India which revolutionized the entire Industry.
Major Accolades and Achievement in Past Years

  • TOPSGRUP is the first security group in Asia who has achieved the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification from Bureau Veritas, an international certification agency.
  • As per the brand trust report, TOPS has been Ranked #1 as India’s most trusted Security Services Brand for 4 consecutive years since 2014.
  • Tops Security Limited has been awarded for Established Enterprises at Great Indian Workplace Award 2017.
  • India’s # 1 brand in Security Company category by Indian Brand Leadership Awards in 2017.
  • Recognized as Asia’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 in Security Company category by Indian Brand Leadership Awards 2016.

Industry Scenario and Opportunities
In India, the key drivers for growth of private security services sector are raising urbanization, rapidly rising shopping malls, Independent townships, IT parks, more constructions and growing economy. The mentioned key factors will create more demand for private security services. Apart from this, increase in the terrorist and criminal activities has also contributed in the growth of the demand in the security services. The industry mainly covered man-guarding previously but now it is shifting towards cash handling, integrated facility management, electronic security services, security training and more new-age security services.
Future Ahead
TOPSGRUP believes in continuous innovation and development that helps them to be ahead of other industry peers. The private security sector has huge opportunities and by providing latest and customer friendly services, soon the company is expected to reach its milestone of becoming the top global security service provider in the world.
Source :-The 10 Most Trusted Security Companies

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