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Established in 2013, Quality Travel World Pvt. Ltd. is a one-of-its-kind travel company headquartered at Fort in South Mumbai. The company is genuinely driven by inspiration, imagination and passion to offer luxury holidays, honeymoons and corporate tours to its clientele.  With branch offices in Andheri, Badlapur, and New Mumbai, the company specializes as a Tour Operator in India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Dubai, Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, China, and Africa. It has exemplary expertise in Large Movement of Group Travel related to MICE and other incentive tours.
Over the years, the company has successfully earned its stripes and created a niche in the competitive industry through constant dedication to customer satisfaction and unwavering commitment to excellence.
Meet the ‘Director’
Prasad Pallival is the Founder and Managing Director of Quality Travel World Pvt. Ltd. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than one and a half decade of experience in the travel industry. With a vision to provide superior quality package tour facilities, he is on a mission to transform the travel industry for better! At Quality Travel, Prasad ensures that the services offered are exclusively customer-centric. Since inception, his primary objective is to make family holidays and tours more comfortable, exciting and memorable.
Quality Travel – Doing Things Differently
All-inclusive Products | No Hidden Charges | End-to-end Services
The knack of being different enables the company to stand tall amongst its peers. Aggressive, intense and zealous are the assets which best describes Quality Travel. By lending ears to understand the changing profile of today’s travellers, the company puts its best foot forward in giving customers a unique experience. It believes in providing true value for money and guiding the traveller with an all-inclusive price point.
The company works closely with its International and Domestic partners, whose tremendous purchasing power has made it possible to negotiate with suppliers at the best possible rates. This also helps in offering Air Tickets in Domestic & International Segments, Hotels, Sightseeing and Transfers at a competitive price. Moreover, the transfers and tours provided are from the best and most efficient operators in the business, who are licensed, safe and reliable.
Elite Service Offerings

  • Tailor-Made Itineraries
  • Specialized Training Incentives
  • Meetings and Events Management
  • Outdoor and Special Interest Travel

Single Window Service System

  • In-house Service on quantum basis
  • Dedicated Travel Executives
  • 24 hour Service Link
  • Services on Sundays

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Conferences / Events for Staff & Dealers – Within India as well around the World
  • Domestic & International Flights booking with lowest rates
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservations with competitive rates
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel Insurance
  • Domestic & International Tours
  • Car bookings – Within India as well around the World
  • Rail Booking – Within India as well around the World
  • Cruise Booking
  • Passport & Visa Assistance

A Good Product Talks for itself
Quality Travel is a one-stop shop for all travel related services benefitting clients to the core. Usage of automated ticketing from all locations and state-of-the-art technology through Amadeus/Galileo makes it a customer’s perfect choice. The company provides detail information about destinations before travel and also provides essential travel kit to its customers. They also have the privilege of giving their feedback through social media. With distinct product knowledge, the company is all set to change people’s perception towards travelling.
Teaming-up to Achieve Milestones
“There are several reasons, as my whole team is very important for me, mainly it allows me to achieve my and company’s goals,” asserts Prasad.
Quality Travel is well-equipped with IATA qualified –Airline Diploma Holders, Top Agency professionals, and Computer & CRS literate. This young and vibrant team empowers the company to embrace innovation and provide the right service at the right time. They are a valuable asset – first customers and brand ambassadors to the company, who strive hard to increase the productivity and generate profitable outcomes. Having long retention rates with loyalty, the company consistently motivates its employees by maintaining positive work-environment, arranging team lunches, and granting them holidays accordingly.
The Company’s Take on Technology
With five years of experience, Quality Travel found out that communication has been a theme-at-the-heart of some of the greatest 21st-century technological advancements. Technology is playing a huge role in enabling travellers – individuals, couples, families and friends to make and change plans in a jiffy with the help of their mobile devices.
Robotics and AI – These were seen as wildly futuristic, but such has been the rapid pace of technology advancement. It drives passengers directly to their departure gate, it is designed to recognize emotions, consider group behaviour and proactively respond to unexpected situations, potentially providing new-generation customer service and passenger experience tool. Every day, passengers miss their connecting flights due to delays, problems finding their way around the airport or language barriers. The processes can be improved by fitting in Robotics as well as AI.
Smart Baggage Solutions – It would be of the useful and sought-after trends to avoid the risks related to mishandling of luggage resulting in customer satisfaction.
VR – The travel and tourism industry is all about selling an experience; a feeling, a landscape, the history of a particular destination. Traditionally, this has been accomplished through compelling imagery, storytelling and user accounts, among other approaches. That’s why VR is definitively the most exciting innovation in travel and tourism marketing today. It enables people to live and experience, albeit for a short time, directly from their living rooms or experiential hub.
Fueling the Young
Quality Travel believes that unhappy customers are the most significant source of learning. It assists the beginners to focus on quality rather than quantity – one home run is much better than two doubles. The company advices the young minds to move and learn fast, as it enable to build more things. The idea is that if you never break anything, you’re probably not moving fast enough.
The most significant is to focus obsessively on the customers. Business opportunities are like buses; there is always another one coming. Business success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. As such, the company guides the emerging as well existing entrepreneurs to find remedies instead of faults.
Present and Future
India is the world’s tenth largest business travel market and is likely to clock the fastest growth in this segment in the next five years. In 2018, India saw a fifteen percent increase in business travel expenses, which will grow by a CAGR of twelve percent through 2020 to six percent by 2030. In the near future, India will likely be amongst the top five in business travel expenses.
Acknowledging that about eight percent of the Indians travel to be together as a family while twenty percent seeks to get a change from their busy schedules, Quality Travel is aiming to be the world’s most customer-centric company. The company is all set to expand outlets across India for customer council, develop a highly efficient online travel agent system, and establish an online travel bookings portal in the coming years.

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