Trends for Structuring Ever Increasing Graph for Trending e-Commerce

E-commerce, an electronic commerce, has become the biggest trend with the birth of the online shopping industry; unlike thousands of other industries e-commerce has never seen ups and downs. It has always been on the rise. It has shaped and reshaped the face of web technology. Every brand needs branding, so does e-commerce, it also needs latest trends to keep it trending. These trends will make e-commerce cost efficient, leveraging and money making for buyers and sellers.
Last year, we were able to see many online shopping companies hopping around in joy, as number of sales during the festivals went by successfully. The Black Friday or Christmas, Diwali or Eid, online e-commerce industries celebrated them with firecrackers flying sky high. One may say, the future of e-commerce may not even see the sunset by looking at its present. The next year we will see new and some exciting trends in the e-commerce industry. Let’s take a look what to expect from the unexpected, ever glowing, most electrifying and exciting technology of the last two decades.
Mobile Shopping Spree
The long wait for the success of mobile shopping may seem because of the lack of interest from mobile users, as e-commerce industry may seem to do enough to attract customer base by offering bonus points, special offers and coupons. But the reason to wait is far from these as accessibility, drawbacks of applications, over dependencies of hardware and lack of marketing are the major causes. The up gradations and improvements can help to dismantle the barrier, so that the new customer base can be found.
The mobile shopping spree may seem to be fixed at 33% across U.S and little more or less on the global market. This is expected to grow in upcoming years as many e-commerce industries are looking at it seriously.
Decorating the Web-Sites
The websites of many e-commerce companies are more than fine. These are attractive and to the point. What makes things complicated is that they all lack simplicity while building or using these complex structured web-sites. There are many professional designers who find difficult to put their ideas across. The recent technology and use will be changing the face of this scenario as it offers drag and drop technology which will allow individuals across a functional site with their ideas at the center. Further, sliding through a number of web pages for selecting your product and transactions, need to be done on a single screen.
To further attract users, web-site makers can use live chat support to guide and to help them gain their trust.
The Use of Analytics
Analytics have always played a major factor for taking feedbacks from customers. Most of the time, the board members will sit down at year end, figure out plans and mistakes while using data analysis.
For future years, we will get to see more enhanced real time data analytics; this will help in the analysis of real time data and add the excess of capabilities to further solve problems in real time only.
Virtual Sales Forces
Long gone are the days, when companies had to wait for the questions from users and answer them after a particular interval of time. From now on, companies will start using the popups, live chat tools, notifications and other tools. These not only provide information to customers, but also will help to attract those lost ones.
Whether you like it or not, accept it or not, e-commerce has a golden future ahead of itself. The e-commerce companies will be more aggressive in their strategies to attract and increase their customer base.

                                   -Pankaj Shrotre


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