TomTom Touch released a fabulous fitness tracker.

Modern technology and gadgets have positively made our lives a lot simpler and better. Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends and family, cleaning the home, listening to music or just about anything else, there’s a gadget accessible for everything. Even if you want to get into form, a fitness tracker  that can assist do it.
Nearly all fitness trackers contain the basics such as measuring the steps walked and tracking sleep. But the new TomTom Touch claims that its Body Composition Analysis feature gives it the edge over the competition.
TomTom Touch is powered up of two parts – tracker module and wrist band. The band itself is produced from a soft yet tough latex-like material. It sports a metallic button  on one end, which has two fastening pegs that bump into any two of the most consecutive and tightly spaced holes on the other end of the band, covering the Touch around the wrist. And having worn the TomTom Touch on my wrist near-incessant for over a week, this wristband is one of  more comfortable than ever been. It’s fairly flexible and doesn’t cause even the slightest bit of itching on the wrist.
The USP of the new TomTom Touch is its ability to compute Body mass composition. It gives an evaluate about the percentage age of muscle and fat in the  human body. The company claims that the tracker should be worn on the wrist for 15 minutes before determining the body mass composition.

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