Tripclap: Creating Memorable Experiences for Travellers by Helping Them Explore the World


For an ardent traveller, life is a Tripclap tale of exploration from places of dreams to destination. These travelling spirits demand perfect guides in the form of expert, authentic, and reliable travelling agents who can help them achieve their dream experiences of journeying far and wide. This is where comes Tripclap, a technologically advanced travel marketplace platform which enables travellers to access only the best travel agents and instantly connect with them.

In 2007, the Founder and CEOGaurav Gupta, embarked on his entrepreneurial ride with his first startup venture. While it was an incredible learning experience, he truly discovered his passion for offering solutions to the travel industry. “The idea of creating memorable experiences for people and helping them explore the world resonated deeply with me.”

In 2009, Gaurav took a bold step and dived into the dynamic tours and travel management field. “Motivated by the visionary behind MakeMyTrip, Deep Kalra’s journey from inception to building a global travel giant inspired me to make a similar impact by offering innovative solutions and exceptional experiences to travellers with a travel marketplace,” he says.

Gaurav initially focused on empowering small travel agents by providing them with technology and a platform to increase their business, especially after COVID. Delving deeper, he realized the immense potential for growth and diversification. Gaurav recalls, “It led us to expand our services, gradually incorporating domestic and international tours into our portfolio. We aimed to provide a one-stop solution for all travellers, whether exploring their backyard or venturing to far-off lands.”

The Journey 

For Tripclap and Gaurav, it has been a highly fulfilling saga, marked by challenges, learning opportunities, and the joy of realising travellers’ dreams. “Looking back, I believe the decision to enter the world of travel was one of the best I’ve made. It’s a field that constantly evolves and offers endless opportunities to positively impact people’s lives, one trip at a time.”

Tripclap’s core philosophy is rooted in making travel accessible to all Indians. Gaurav’s early recognition of travel as a luxury inspired the mission to change this perception and make the world more accessible. “I was motivated by the idea that travel is not just a leisure activity but also one of the most significant investments one can make for personal growth and enrichment.”

Gaurav democratized travel by making it cost-effective and accessible to a broader audience by curating an online travel marketplace. “We are a travel marketplace which connects travellers to relevant travel agents as per the needs and requirements of travellers.”

To achieve this, he integrated comprehensive travel services, covering transportation, accommodations, tours, activities, and more under one roof. Through their extensive industry connections, Gaurav and his team forged partnerships and collaborations, enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their service offerings. “We aimed to remove the barriers that often deterred people from exploring new destinations, whether within India or abroad.”

Their commitment to cost-effectiveness involved innovative cost reduction while maintaining high-quality travel experiences. “We enable local travel agents to come on par with big OTAs by providing them a platform––Tripclap.” It streamlined the booking and planning process by optimizing operations, negotiating favourable deals, and harnessing technology. “Also, we ensure travellers’ safety by only allowing travel agents on our platform who meet all the criteria of our quality checks + KYC verification so that we can avoid any fraud, which is a big issue in the travel sector.”

This philosophy has made Tripclap one of India’s most cost-effective tours and travel management companies, proudly contributing to accessible and affordable travel experiences that promote personal growth, discovery, and cultural enrichment. “Our guiding philosophy has been, and continues to be, about making the world more accessible to everyone, and we are dedicated to sustaining this commitment in all our endeavours.”

Gaurav’s Leadership Approach 

It centres on the belief that effective leadership is vital for success. He draws inspiration from ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins, emphasising the importance of assembling the right team. This philosophy shapes his team-building and leadership style.

Getting the Right People: Gaurav emphasizes that the key to a thriving organization lies in its people. He places great importance on hiring individuals with the right skills and a shared commitment to Tripclap’s values and mission. “I seek team members who are passionate, driven, and share our commitment to excellence.”

Transformational Leadership: Gaurav leans towards a transformational leadership style rather than a transactional one. “I believe in inspiring and motivating my team to reach their full potential.”

Empowering Team Members: “I strongly emphasise empowering team members to take ownership of their roles and decisions.” When individuals feel valued and trusted, they are more likely to excel in their positions and bring innovative ideas to the table. Gaurav encourages open communication and a culture of collaboration where every voice is heard.

Continuous Learning: Gaurav promotes a culture of constant learning and professional development within his team, including providing access to training, resources, and opportunities for personal growth.

Leading by Example: “I believe in leading by example, demonstrating the dedication and commitment I expect from my team.” Gaurav aims to set the standard for hard work, integrity, and a customer-focused mindset.

Building a Positive Work Environment: Fostering a positive and inclusive workplace is vital for team morale and performance at Tripclap. Their mission is to create an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to perform at their best.

Inclusive Ethos 

They extend to Tripclap’s approach to tours and travel management, emphasizing the importance of smooth operations and an enhanced customer experience achieved through a holistic organizational strategy.

Onboarding the Right People: “Our journey begins with onboarding the right individuals into our team. We believe that the commitment to customer satisfaction starts with our team members.”

Creating a Positive Work Environment: Recognizing the link between contented employees and contented customers, they prioritize cultivating a supportive and positive workplace, emphasizing employee well-being, personal development, and job satisfaction, as these factors directly influence the customer experience.

Establishing Efficient Processes: With a motivated and skilled team, they concentrate on refining and documenting procedures to ensure operational efficiency, allowing the team to follow well-structured service guidelines.

Training and Development: They invest in continuous training programs to keep the team updated on industry trends, customer service best practices, and technological advancements. “Well-trained team members are better equipped to provide efficient and satisfying services to our customers.”

Feedback Loops: Tripclap keeps open channels of communication with both employees and customers, fostering a feedback loop that identifies areas for improvement.

Customer-Centric Approach: Every decision at Tripclap is customer-centric, tailoring services to meet customer needs and consistently exceeding expectations.

Continuous Improvement: Tripclap maintains a culture of continuous improvement, consistently seeking opportunities to enhance processes, efficiency, and the overall customer journey, striving for excellence in operations and customer satisfaction.

At Tripclap,

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility 

are integral to modern tours and travel management, committed to providing memorable travel experiences while minimizing their environmental impact and contributing to a sustainable future.

Green Partnerships: Collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers and partners with the same commitment to sustainability, Tripclap contribute to energy-efficient operations and waste reduction.

Eco-Friendly Transportation: They prioritize eco-friendly transportation options – hybrid or electric vehicles, wherever feasible, encouraging group travel and carpooling to reduce the overall carbon footprint of their tours.

Reducing Single-Use Plastics: They actively reduce single-use plastics, including promoting reusable water bottles to travellers, refill stations, and choosing accommodations and restaurants that minimize single-use plastic usage.

Promoting Responsible Tourism: They educate travellers about responsible tourism practices – respecting local cultures, wildlife, and natural habitats. Their guides and materials emphasize the importance of positively impacting the destinations they visit.

Our commitment to sustainability enhances the quality of travel experiences for our customers and contributes to a more responsible and enjoyable world of travel.

Tech-Driven Travel

At Tripclap, they also recognize that technology is a driving force in enhancing efficiency and delivering exceptional travel experiences. “Technology is not just a part of our operations; it’s our strength and a vital component of our success.”

Strong Tech Leadership: Tripclap’s commitment to technology starts with Gaurav, an engineering and product management professional. It shaped his vision for integrating technology into their services. Additionally, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) brings a wealth of diversified experience in technology. This leadership ensures that technology is at the forefront of their strategies.

Continuous Tech Upgrades: They understand the importance of keeping up with technological advancements. They continually upgrade their technology stack to stay ahead of the curve and provide their customers with innovative solutions.

Integration Across Operations: They integrate technology throughout their operations, from streamlining the booking process to enhancing the customer journey. The website (, mobile apps, and customer portals are designed to provide easy access to information, booking, and support, making it convenient for their customers.

AI/ML Implementation: They are actively exploring the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in their operations. “This includes our itinerary builder tool, where AI and ML technologies can be used to create personalized and dynamic travel itineraries, making travel planning more efficient and tailored to individual preferences.”

Efficient Communication: Technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining efficient communication. They utilize digital channels, chatbots, and automation to address customer queries promptly and provide real-time assistance.

Data-Driven Decision Making: They harness the power of data to make informed decisions. By collecting and analyzing data on customer preferences and travel trends, they tailor their services better to meet the needs and expectations of Tripclap’s customers.

Mobile Accessibility: In the digital age, travellers expect easy access to information and services via mobile devices. “Our mobile app offers travellers the convenience of on-the-go access to booking, itineraries, and support.”

Eco-Friendly Practices: Technology also contributes to Tripclap’s sustainability efforts. The firm employs digital ticketing, e-vouchers, and paperless documentation to reduce paper waste and promote eco-friendly practices.

Increasing Trustworthiness: Tripclap is using technology to build trust among its patrons. “We have also introduced our new service ‘Pay with Tripclap”

Pay with Tripclap aims to protect travellers’ money by not paying travel agents outside their state/city directly. “We began this service because most people are hesitant to pay upfront for booking to travel agents outside their home location.”

Wonderful Workforce

At Tripclap, Gaurav firmly believes that his workforce is the cornerstone of their success. “We’re dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous growth, skill development, and empowerment among our employees.”

Skill Development Reimbursement: Tripclap supports employees’ pursuit of skill development and further education. “When an employee decides to upgrade their skills or pursue additional courses or certifications, we reimburse the course fees.”

Workshops and Training: They conduct various workshops tailored to the specific needs of different teams, including sales, operations, and technology.

Reward and Incentive Programs: Gaurav established a robust system of rewards and incentives to recognize and encourage exceptional performance.

Team-Building Activities: Grasping the importance of a positive and engaged workforce, they organize team-building activities and outstation parties to celebrate successes and strengthen team bonds. “Recently, we went to Jim Corbett to celebrate a remarkable milestone of achieving an all-time high in revenue.” These events provide a platform for employees to relax, unwind, and foster camaraderie.

Feedback and Growth Plans: Regular feedback and performance reviews are essential to Tripclap’s employee growth strategy. These reviews help identify areas where employees can improve and grow. “We then work with employees to create personalized growth plans that include training and development opportunities.”

Outsmarting Obstacles

One of the most remarkable instances demonstrating Team Tripclap’s resilience and ingenuity occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. This global crisis presented an unprecedented challenge to the travel industry, as travel restrictions, lockdowns, and uncertainty significantly impacted the sector.

Gaurav recollects, “Amid this adversity, we were confronted with an environment that was seemingly adverse for the travel industry. Many of our peers were forced to make difficult decisions, such as laying off employees or closing their operations entirely. However, our team made a collective commitment to overcome this challenge.”

They focused on several key strategies:

  • Adaptability,
  • Customer Support,
  • Cost Efficiency,
  • Employee Well-Being,
  • Innovative Solutions.

As a result of these efforts, we managed to weather the storm and successfully emerged from this challenging period. We did not see any attrition, and our team remained steadfast in their commitment to our mission.”

Fostering a Future of Exploration

Gaurav’s vision for the future of Tripclap is rooted in his commitment to removing any barriers that stand in the way of travel bookings. “The freedom to explore the world should be within reach of every traveller. It is our mission to facilitate that access. It serves as the driving force behind our aspirations to continue significantly impacting India’s tours and travel management landscape.”

Their roadmap to achieve this vision includes the following key elements:

Seamless Booking Experience: “We aim to provide a seamless and hassle-free booking experience for travellers.” This involves leveraging technology, streamlining processes, and creating a user-friendly platform that empowers travellers to plan and book their journeys effortlessly.

Global Reach: Aspiring to extend its services beyond the borders of India to serve citizens globally, Tripclap’s goal is to become an international tour package marketplace that connects travellers with reliable travel companies and destinations worldwide. “We envision becoming the go-to platform for travellers and tour operators on a global scale.”

Enhanced Employment Opportunities: As Tripclap expands its reach and grows, it envisions generating more employment opportunities within the travel industry.

Industry Impact: Aspiring to impact the tour package industry profoundly, Gaurav drives innovation, promoting sustainability. Providing cost-effective solutions, Tripclap sets new standards for excellence within the industry and inspires positive change.

Gaurav’s vision is not just about the success of Tripclap; it’s about the empowerment of travellers, the prosperity of travel companies, and the overall enrichment of the tourism landscape. “Driven by a commitment to serve, connect, and create opportunities for travellers and travel companies alike, we believe in breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of exploration. It will make a lasting and transformative impact on India’s and the world’s tourism and travel management landscapeWe are now starting inbound services to cater to international travellers.”

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