TSS Consultancy: Redefining Compliance & Operations with Innovative Solutions

Technology, demography and consumer expectations of today’s community are continuously changing and disrupting the business world along with the finance industries. From all the numerous survey reports including financial reports, it is predicted that these changes are embedding a severe strain on traditional business models. There is no surprise that organizations are facing huge challenges in the aspect of security and protection. On the other hand, many organizations are striving hard to deliver prominent Compliance and Operations solutions to the financial sectors in today’s demanding world. TSS Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is one such organization that is committed to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Outstanding Solutions making TSS Consultancy Protuberant

Since a decade, TSS Consultancy is one of the fastest growing technology solution providers in the business. The company is building innovative products for the financial institutions by focusing their attention on compliance and operations. TrackWizz is one such product suite offered by the company, which has many different modules that are helping them to compliance with their overall financial operations.

Insightful Leaders of TSS Consultancy

TSS Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is founded by the Tanna brothers, Sagar Tanna and Sameer Tanna. This duo trailblazers are the Founders & Directors of the company.

Sagar is an engineering graduate (IT) from Mumbai University; whereas Sameer did his graduation in Computer Science from Cornell University. Before starting TSS Consultancy, they had an extensive experience of equity broking and external organization techniques, from their own family business. The journey started with Anti Money Laundering compliance in the year 2008. As always, the capital markets were required to fulfill these norms. Further, by understanding and realizing the opportunity present in this sector, the Tanna brothers launched the AML Solution. They initiated their journey with a couple of customers and today, with their consistent efforts, the company has been serving more than 150 institutions across the BFSI sector.

Under the guidance of Sameer and Sagar, TSS Consultancy has secured a new level in profits and continues to grow every year. It has achieved the second place in MSME Ratings twice in a row. It is said that –‘Opportunity is as big as the ocean, so you have challenges of course, but not as big’. Some of the challenges overcame by the expert team of professionals are highlighted by the leaders of TSS. Those are raising expectation of regulators, amount of data scattered across is beyond the knowledge to the Risk and compliance team, the pace of launching new financial products, and less availability of quality compliance resources.

A Unique Solution Provider in Risk and Compliance Industry

TSS Consultancy has one innovative solution named asTrackWizz. It is a compliance and operations suite, which is available at a subscription pay per use model in the market. Since, the security providing organizations are committed to deliver quality services to the clients who have allowed them to focus on the growing business, while the TSS Consultancy protects it from the risk arising out of non-compliance. The company is developing a culture, which drives to do every possible thing to help its customers to meet their needs. Some unusual and excellent initiatives of the company are: appointing the FATCA CRS Consultant which helps its customers to recognize who have subscribed to its software, getting the free consultation about FATCA CRS compliances and opinion. Also, the company is partnering with Thomson Reuters, who is assisting its customers to screen their customers through the largest repository of global data feeds.

Core Segments of TSS Consultancy

Some of the core segments of the company are –Customer Life Cycle, Anti-Money Laundering Solution, Insider Trading & Research Analyst Regulations, Process & Document Management, Franchisee / Channel Partner, Spend Management.

The Customer Life Cycle segment of TSS contains CKYC Solution (CERSAI Compliant CkycIndia.in), Customer Onboarding & Static Data Change Solution, FCS Solution (FATCA CRS Compliance), and Re KYC Solution (customer digital interaction).

The distinct Anti-Money Laundering Solution contains Screening Solution with/without special local feeds and global feeds, Risk Profiling / Customer Due Diligence Solution, Transaction Monitoring Solution (AML & Surveillance), Regulatory Reporting Solution (FIU Reporting).

The Insider Trading & Research Analyst Regulations comprises of Employee Dealing / Code of Ethics Solution, Client Insider Tracking Solution, Research Analyst Regulation Solution.

Process & Document Management segment contains Business Process Management, Document management system.

The Franchisee / Channel Partner segment contains Onboarding & Management Solution, Risk Profiling Solution, Static Data & change management solution.

The Spend Management segment contains Budgeting Module, Procurement Module, Payment & Approval Process, Forecast, and Planning Module.

Stepping Towards Growth by Overcoming the Challenges

Hearing out its customer and the industry need; Ensuring that whatever solution it is building must be effective in solving the problem, so it keeps measuring and improving till it meets the specific objective; Compliance should always be done in spirit; Never underestimate any kind of risk that an organization could be exposed; Continuous Learning of team members; Keeping knowledge up to date; Keep beating and not meeting targets of improvements and enrichment of features and functionality, as the Risk and Compliance is a continuous journey; are the core pillars”—states Tanna brothers.

TSS Consultancy believes that its products are the strong foundation for the company, which will help the company to serve the customers a long way. With the strong vision to become a trusted partner to the progressive institutions in its compliance and operations, TSS Consultancy is making consistent efforts to achieve milestones.

The Contribution of TSS Consultancy in Risk & Compliance Sector

TSS Consultancy is contributing to the risk and compliance sector by offering the important and outstanding solutions to the world. Those are namely TrackWizz CKYC Solution, and Anti-Money Laundering Solution.

TrackWizz CKYC Solution helps Financial Institutions to submit or exchange information with Central KYC Registry. It is the single largest product contributing to the majority share in the total records uploaded to the CKYC Registry.

Anti-Money Laundering Solution is currently serving more than 100s of institutions. Even this solution is amongst the market leaders in capital markets having more than ninety percent market share among institutions using an AML Product. It has earned a reputation of the reliable partner with a robust offering and significant contribution.

Clients Benefiting by the Excellent Solutions of the Company

TSS Consultancy is a software provider with a service model. The company keeps enriching and rapidly pacing with the changing time and requirements. The unique solutions & software provided by the company are affordable to every institution. Even the changes, which are requested by its customers, are delivered free, and in a time bound manner. Also, the knowledge webinars are arranged by the industry leaders for its customers.

Future Endeavour

TSS Consultancy sees them at the peak point in the risk and compliance sector. It envision itself as a premier technology partner, trusted by the most progressive and credible institutions for their compliance and operation needs. Also, TrackWizz solution is heading to become one of the best compliance and operations suite in the world.

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