VAYA: Bringing Global Designs to Indian Home


It’s a fabulous thing to give life to fabric, to make something move well, the harmony of color- Hubert de Givenchy, French Designer
A fabric is a story in itself. A story built of intricate patterns, colors, and weaves which has the power to redefine everything it transforms into. The kind of fabric one chooses for designing one’s home speaks volumes about the place and its occupants. Today’s youth are extra conscious about everything that forms a part of their homes. For them, home is not just a place to live but a lifestyle in itself. And the demand is on an increase.
Customers have developed a renewed interest in home furnishings and are appointing trained interior designers to redesign their homes with bolder designs, colors, and higher quality products. Realizing this potential in the Indian market, Universal Textiles Mills (UTM), a third-generation old mill located in Bangalore ventured into the creation of textiles for the Indian market through VAYA, an in-house brand that offers globally-inspired modern designs for home furnishing.
Designing the New India
UTM had been producing fine draperies and upholstery fabrics for exports to countries like Europe, UK, US, the Gulf, South Africa, and Japan since 2002 via its second establishment Jaipuria Silk Mills Private Limited. VAYA was incepted in February 2018 by Abhay Jaipuria and Akshay Jaipuria to cater to the significant taste difference witnessed between the European and Indian consumers. VAYA is its in-house brand designing, curating, and producing textiles for home drapery and upholstery. Twining the understanding of the textile industry with international and creative, it brings together hand-crafted arts with machine exacted techniques unique to the mill. The VAYA collections aim to delight and surprise with fabrics that use patterns, materials, and colours fused together in unexpected ways, achieving new heights of artistry in textiles. The company releases 10-12 unique collections in a year across product categories like plains, textures, upholsteries, and draperies. Its collections have varied inspirations catering to different interior spaces. Its sub-collections are Luxvara, Fantasia, Venezia, Madison, Meraki and Lune.
VAYA boasts of an experienced design team that houses international and Indian designers dedicated to the art of creating beautiful textiles. Its people are its biggest asset who work tirelessly and supply fabrics to the biggest brands in home design and furnishings, all the while sticking to high operational standards. It has received a tremendous response to its design ethos, style of business, and innovations that have pushed product quality forward.
Uplifting the Indian Furnishing Business
The domestic home furnishings business is highly fragmented and dynamic hasn’t let the retail business move from wholesale stockists to interior fabric solution providers. The gradual shift towards branded fabric is now paving way for better choices. VAYA is playing a big role in moving the perceived value of Indian textiles by not selling products merely for the price points, but for their innovative design and usability. Its novel designs and techniques and unsurpassable quality enable it to gain a premium in the international markets.
VAYA is redefining the markets by winning people’s trust and giving them exactly what they expect, staying true to commitments, and consistently delivering on the promises. Decades of building trust, resource management, wise investments, and always being ethical, have made VAYA stand out. The consistent positive feedback and repeat sales from clients is a testimony to its products and the company as a whole. As a responsible company, it takes its environmental and societal duties as a priority. Its environmental goals far exceed government regulations. It ensures that its employees can provide wholesome education to their children by subsidizing education for them.
Future Designs
The home furnishings industry pegged at INR 1000 crore is in a state of transformation and VAYA is at the helm of this revolution. Never satisfied with the status quo, it tries to stay one step ahead, constantly changing and responding to its customers’ needs. Vaya is UTM’s first in-house design brand. Over the years UTM has worked on designing and producing textiles along with curators and editors, on restoration projects and with museums etc. That expertise is part of what gives Vaya such a strong foundation as a brand. Vaya is more like an addition to the existing offering, rather than an overhaul, of UTM
In the coming years, VAYA sees itself growing more in the Indian market, as well as catering to a new global consumer that prefers practical textiles. It hopes to project Indian textile as a premium product in the global sphere, designing and producing engaging and surprising textiles. It aims to achieve this by staying true to its values, thinking forward, challenging itself and thinking out of the box to design practical and quality fabric. Present in over 80 furnishing showrooms across the country, and winning several national and international awards, VAYA envisions growing into a globally recognized design brand.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Companies in Textile Industry

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