Textile Basket: Helping Sellers and Buyers in Creating New Business Opportunities

Textile Basket

There is an unnamed and unique place in the middle, where modern consumers use both brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce to reach their goals, where these two channels (brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce) comes across. Both these channels are taking advantage of the internet in order to reach the relevant customers and are doing really well. The entire textile B2C segment has already shifted to online selling through Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. But at a B2B level, there have hardly been any players in the market.
Textile Basket is an E-commerce B2B fabric portal which fills this middle place perfectly. The platform is both online and offline and works on three models – Make to order, Fresh readily available and discounted leftover stock fabrics. It is one of the world’s largest textile marketplaces where the customer can buy any fabric. With the quantity of textile material readily available in India being extremely large, Textile Basket organizes the market and help sellers and buyers in creating new business opportunities through a large platform. It is also one of the first portals to sell textile material directly to customers online without contacting suppliers. With years of technical knowledge, the team of Textile Basket helps companies find solutions in sourcing fabrics from across India.
About the Leader
Coming from a textile family background, Ravvi Mansinghka, CEO and Founder, was running a manufacturing company which was exporting garment to USA, Canada, Europe, and the UK. He always had a problem of sourcing variety of fabrics that the buyers used to demand, which was always difficult to get as he did not know the suppliers for it. For this, he created an online platform called Textile Basket which gives an access to a wide array of fabrics to buyers, exporters, brands and garment manufacturers across India.
Talking about the organizations’ responsibilities Ravvi asserts, “Service is the most important aspect of business for Textile Basket. The motto is to do business between suppliers and customers ethically and systematically that will help create bonds for years to come”.
The Commencement
As a manufacturer and exporter of readymade garments, Ravvi always found sourcing textile material an utmost task. Even though there are millions of meters of fabrics readily available vastly across the country, approaching the right supplier at the right time has always been a great difficulty. And with this, an idea was conceived. The idea was to organize and create the world’s largest textile marketplace where a customer can buy anything from a raw material to a finished product at a click of a button. Consequently, Textile Basket was born.
Merging the Middle Gap
In the earlier systems, the buyers would continuously need to track suppliers, ask for swatches and sample meterage, and constant follow up would be required. Textile Basket fills the gap between modern and traditional ways by showcasing a wide range of fabrics from suppliers all across India to the customers online. This helps the customers obtain an extensive range of fabrics under one roof with a quick response rate and swift delivery time, which helps the customers to reduce their production and processing time extensively.
Recognition among Brands
Textile Basket’s vision is to become the world’s largest B2B online e-commerce marketplace, selling all kinds of textile products where a customer can buy any quantity at a click of a button. The firm is following this vision accordingly and has received constant business from large corporates like Myntra, Reliance, Shoppers Stop, and many other brands and exporters. It is an achievement on its own for Textile Basket. In accordance, the firm states, “The happiness that is felt by the suppliers as they are receiving business without any marketing whatsoever is what helps us work harder. The best feedback we receive from customers is when we help them create business and turnover where they never expected it because they did not have the source for the fabric they wanted”.
Customers behind the Success
The firm contributes its entire success to its customers. By going online, customers enable themselves to view a variety of fabrics and order them. They can order for free sample swatches which enable them to touch and feel the fabric. This gives an opportunity for them to grow their business exponentially as they get a large variety of options at their disposal. The company also sells leftover fabrics which enable customers to buy at discounted prices as well.
Fabric for the Future
Textile Basket’s mission is to become a one-stop shop solution for all kinds of fabrics to its customers. With a current rate of two hundred percent yearly growth and more than three hundred suppliers and customers transacting smoothly, Textile Basket envisions itself to expand its supplier and customer base to over ten-thousand in the next two years. The firm says that the customers will be observing the addition of different verticals like accessories, clothing, home furnishings and import and export of textiles in the forthcoming years.
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