VotaryTech: Unraveling the Challenges of Contemporary Times with Leading-Edge IoT Solutions


The power of IoT fascinates everyone. IoT gives the end-user the ease of finding the contents of their refrigerator from a remote location with the assistance of mobile device. Any old machinery with IoT helps the manufacturer determine the operational efficiency of the machine, thereby preventing complete shutdown. For example, an IoT enabled air conditioner can automatically send a service request when an air conditioner needs a repair. A Smart home with automatic door locks, tracking and monitoring different service in real time and the smart security system are enthralling facets of IoT supported devices.
A fully integrated and functional IoT requires a trusted and prominent name that has proven its mettle time and again by successfully implementing IoT services. VotaryTech is the trendsetting company that has built a robust niche in the market through its incredible and cutting edge IoT services. Founded in 2009 and within a decade the company has made deep inroads into the technological sphere by delivering a seamless integrated solution of hardware, software, data, and service.
VotaryTech is one of the fastest growing wireless technology companies in India with a mission of empowering its clients by providing a robust, integrated and tailor-made mobile solutions for attaining better efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
This Hyderabad-based company has a team of adept professionals who have deep expertise in mobile technology. VotaryTech professionals always focus on delivering extraordinary results with world-class standards in mind. With the strong mobile technology experience and innovative culture, they have created many products that are now gaining immense popularity in the computing world. The company has proficiency in delivering solutions for various mobile platforms.
Innovative Solutions that are benefitting the World 
VotaryTech has established healthy relationships with some of the significant Fortune 500 companies in the world and has demonstrated incredible progress as well due to its superb product quality and effectiveness which it brings to its clients businesses. VotaryTech has innovation as DNA and their white paper is published in Intel’s insight.tech and they are part of Intel® IoT Solution’s lead management system Alliance as well.
Some of their advanced IoT enabled services include VITA (VotaryTech IoT Architecture), Smart Campus, Smart Transportation, and ReachSafe security platform.
VITA: VotaryTech has developed VotaryTech’s IoT Architecture (VITA) which enables IoT Services to focus on Smart sensors, Device hubs, Gateways, Cloud & Analytics. Consumers can leverage their VITA (VotaryTech IoT Architecture) platform to solve real-life problems by having E2E control of their systems.
Their technology solution and flexible business models cater different sectors, technologies, devices, and applications. VITA provides easily pluggable, reliable and scalable base platform allowing customers the flexibility and ease to develop and deploy SMART services & solutions rapidly. VotaryTech’s IoT solution framework helps customers to reduce risks/operational inefficiencies, costs and take proactive, knowledgeable data analyses measures in line with their business policies. This trademark solution can be utilized across varied business verticals such as automobiles, healthcare, retail, energy and more.
VITA has embedded analytics that provides clients real-time knowledge to proactively identify risks thereby increasing their profitability.
Smart Transportation: Travelling is a vital part of life. Students travel to schools/colleges, and professionals commute to go to their offices. While taking public transport many times, commuters need to wait due to a variety of reasons. To overcome this problem and to save precious time while commuting, VotaryTech developed Smart Transportation.
This ‘IoT Connected’ solution helps monitor transportation assets with an end-to-end, scalable and secure IoT solution which includes a centralized web-based IoT Portal that seamlessly integrates mobile apps and enterprise systems.
It enables commuters to track the exact location of the vehicle and the estimated time of arrival as well. It also sends alerts if there is any emergency happening during the travel along with the precise location. It provides an end solution for transportation manager as well. With this solution, administrators can check each move of the vehicle instantly on the touch of a finger, ensuring the safety of commuters with utmost care. Due to its time saving and advanced safety feature, this solution has been deployed in many places across India and has become an excellent boon for parents, students, and working professionals. Wide-ranging analysis, real-time dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), capacity utilization report and smart alerts make this solution a must-have among people in schools, colleges, and the corporate world.
ReachSafe Integration Solution: Safety of women and child holds a significant concern in our society. The horrific case of Nirbhaya shook the nation’s conscience and forced the government to come up with stringent laws for women safety. VotaryTech took the cognizance of that awful incident which happened in Delhi on 16 Dec 2012 and pledged to strengthen women security with the power of technology. ReachSafe is the result of that pledge. This solution is now being used by schools and parents to live track their children’s travel.
The ReachSafe is the only solution integrated with Police Control Room where monitoring continues round the clock- 24*7. Due to its effectiveness and vast popularity, this solution is now being used by employees of over 150 companies daily through SHE Shuttle.
Apart from these advanced services, the company also has immense expertise in Device Management, Storage Management, Smart Applications, Analytics, Hardware- Design Implementation, Design Verification, ASIC Design and FPGA Design.
These leading-edge solutions have assisted the company in earning valuable praises from the industry and also helped to attract prominent client across the spectrum. Telangana Police, Government of Telangana, Airvana, KPIT, Navionics, LG Electronics, Accenture, Flextronics, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Toshiba, Sony, Reliance and more are some of the notable clients of VotaryTech. They are also licensed partners of Qualcomm in some of the fastest selling chipsets in the world
Nurturing a Pool of Talent to Cater Diverse Client Needs
The lack of skilled human capital is a big concern in every industry including IT. Management faces challenges in onboarding right talent as the skills required by the industry are not present in most of the job applicants. To bridge the wide gap between the industry requirement and relevant skilled professionals, VotaryTech has started a Competence Center (Academy). The competence center instills core technical skills, domain skills and soft skills among engineering professionals to make them future ready for any role. The flagship VGate program is a seven-stage training module that is exclusively designed by VotaryTech to help the engineering talent to graduate into global standards professional. They have state of art labs, equipped with Cadence, Xilinx Vivado licenses as the team is working on cutting edge Multimedia and IP verification projects.
Ingenious Architect of VotaryTech
Sanjay Kamtam, a veteran technologist, is the Founder and CEO of VotaryTech. He has a vast corporate experience of over two decades in the mobile technology industry, where he has worked in various top management positions for many prominent companies like Tieto and Motorola.
At Motorola, he started his career as a software engineer and developed SMS and Cell broadcast stacks on GSM technology. His sharp technical skills, diligence, and meticulous attention in every assignment gradually assisted him to move up the corporate ladder, taking additional responsibilities.
Sanjay has worked in Motorola for nine years and gain valuable insights of mobile technology space. His ambitious persona, patriotic soul and a wish to do something better for the youth of India encouraged him to start his entrepreneurial stint, and this gave birth to VotaryTech.
After working in Product based companies, Sanjay has started his professional career in service based company by joining Fortuna Technologies, specializing in Mobile Platforms, which was later acquired by Tieto. Sometimes after, he joined Tieto and led its Mobile Devices business.
Sanjay has done a master’s degree in computer science from the University of South Alabama and B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nagarjuna University.
Future Endeavour
Change is the only constant. This proverb holds true in the technological sphere also. When one technology becomes outdated, a new technology emerges as the beacon of the industry. The management of VotaryTech thus believes in constant innovation and up gradations. They always put their energy into learning new technology for making their product far more alluring than earlier. They want to continue with greater zeal and passion for grander client satisfaction. They are confident to make necessary improvement in the embedded technology and infrastructure space to boost their IoT expertise further to make their products accessible to the far wider audience.
Source :-The 10 Best Performing IoT Solution Providers

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