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Sonali Chowdhry, Director – Marketing, Netcomm Labs

Gone are the days when salary day meant an envelope containing our hard-earned money – all crisp and green. Today, instead of waiting at the desk of the company cashier to receive the payment, we look up to our mobile screens to read the words ‘salary has been credited’.

The role of the cashier too has changed and they have been replaced by a full-fledged Human Resource (HR) team that takes care of everything from compensation, appraisals, employee verification, attendance management and much more. Ensuring a smooth transition to these new modes of people management, is the omnipresent technology.

In today’s Digital Age, businesses find it difficult to exist without technology. HR is a very vast function in any company covering activities right from recruitment, performance appraisals to the entire employee lifecycle management. Handling this manually without the use of any Intranets or HR tools can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. HR Technology Companies like Netcomm Labs Private Limited leverage their expertise to simplify the tasks of the HR executives 

The Inception Story

Sonali Chowdhry, Director – Marketing, founded Netcomm Labs 18 years ago with entrepreneurial zeal and experience gathered during her tenure at NIIT R & D. Armed with a degree in Business Administration it was the right timing to make a foray into the arena of Web Technology. In 2000, Netcomm started as a web design firm which diversified into the area of Enterprise Web Applications, Ecommerce and Mobile Apps which are the new market demands today.

Today, Netcomm Labs is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, Crisil-rated company with a talented pool of designers and developers. It was awarded MSME segment Winner for IT and IT-enabled Services by National Productivity Council in the year 2019.

From Simple Designs to Expert Solutions 

Netcomm’s flagship product is a ready-to-use Intranet product called “Officenet”. The HR product has been deployed in 200 plus enterprises in the last 10-12 years. Indigenously built with a rich HR experience gathered over time from customers and a complete ‘Hire’ to ‘Retire’ feature-list of modules, available both on cloud and on-premise.  

Officenet today is a complete HR Suite with all the features required by HR teams for employee self-service, employee engagement, communication and collaboration. Hosted on a company’s Intranet, Officenet acts as a single-window platform for employees to fill and submit their online requisitions following the automated approval workflow matrix. These could be in the form of leave requests, travel claims, help desk queries, downloading company policies or just sharing and sending their suggestions. For the enterprises using Officenet, we do customize the workflows as per their requirements besides also changing the design interface to match their company’s brand guidelines.

Being There for Clients

Netcomm’s highly organised team understands the nuances of its client’s needs and prepares the project accordingly. A refined and best quality work is sifted and delivered in the end. Officenet deployment takes almost 6-8 weeks which includes the customization and changes as per specific enterprise requirements. “This is our strongest USP along with the HR domain expertise which we bring with the constant enhancement and enrichment of our feature-list,” exclaims Sonali.

Good Customer references have played a significant role in Officenet’s increasing deployments on a PAN India basis. The customer gets complete HR automation whether on cloud or on-premise, deployed with a dedicated implementation team working with them. Prominent organisations using our Payroll solution are JK Cement, Havells, Patanjali, Wings Pharma, Sharda Motors among others.

Creating Resilient Business 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a greater emphasis on digitisation. Customers who had availed of Payroll services could process salaries remotely even while working from home. Those relying on Netcomm’s solutions had easy access to their payroll data and could help in financial decisions as regards outlay, expenses and reports with projections. The disbursements after automation have more accuracy, transparency and the statutory compliances also get better monitored.

Technology adoption has increased in COVID times and will stay post-COVID as well. So every company would prefer to maintain Payroll services with a trusted partner thereby minimising the risk of individual dependencies. Cloud-based Payroll software can be accessed from anywhere and employee-related data can be fetched from mobile-based devices thereby giving greater flexibility.

Words of a Stalwart 

We asked Sonali what she would like to change about the business landscape and she says, “While Business in India is undergoing transformation stakeholders need to see economic growth keeping the society’s interest in mind too. Large entities need to outsource to smaller and local businesses in order to bring them growth avenues as well.” 

Sharing her advice and experience with the new entrants in the industry, Sonali says, “Payroll Services is a very complex financial offering because it deals with the core of any business which is the human capital. Hence aspiring entrepreneurs need to have in-depth domain expertise as the ruling pertaining to the different laws, taxation, compliances and accounting are involved.” 

Moving Ahead 

An agile development process that interacts with the customer at every stage has been helpful towards building the right HR solution for the domestic market. A modular product delivery which is scalable has helped Netcomm Labs offer competitive pricing. Going forward, the company would like to stay true to its mission of walking an extra mile to deliver quality solutions to its clients. “We intend to innovate further with our Officenet Product Feature list and thereby maintain our position of a trusted HR Partner,” concludes Sonali.

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