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Xicom Technologies
Sonam Madaan, Assistant Manager, Xicom Technologies

Xicom Technologies is an established offshore software development company in India with an enviable and proven track-record engaged in providing software development services, mobile app development, technology consulting and IT outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide. Over the last 18+ years, Xicom has earned its spurs deploying the whole gamut of IT outsourcing services both to offshore and onshore businesses.

Apart from focusing on client delight, the company is also focused on making its employees as comfortable as they can be. As Sonam Madaan, Assistant Manager -Talent Acquisition, puts it, “We are highly motivated with a zest for life, that is reflected in everything we build & together we make Xicom a fun place to work. This environment, distinguishes us among other companies, enabling us to excel and innovate in what we do for our clients and in what we stand for as a company.”

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Kindly brief us about the company and your association with it.

I joined  Xicom Technologies in Nov 2013 into Business Development ..Being in Sales for a good tenure I decided to move on to a more stable profile ,Fortunately my mentors witnessed my social hunting experience and that’s how my organization has offered me a role in Talent Acquisition team..Since then I’m associated with Xicom …Long time !

At Xicom, we empower enterprises to transform their businesses by accelerating digital innovation, enabling agile business platforms and shortening time-to-market through our distributed project management capabilities. 

Kindly talk about your acumen in the areas of Business Development and Talent Acquisition?

For me these two profiles are quite similar via different perspective :-

Business Development –Art of Selling Products /Services to acquire Clients.

Talent Acquisition –Art of selling company’s USP to acquire the best talent around.

Undoubtedly ,Both the profiles require extempore quality ..We need to simultaneously make quicky and tricky decisions either while talking to a client or a Candidate..Else we gonna loose a business equation. 

How has HR domain transformed over the years?

Indeed HR Domain has transformed a lot over the years. Earlier recruiters were only known for making cold calling on the data fetched by portals. But now it has evolved to a huge dramatic profile. Gone are the days when recruiters were solely dependent on job portals. Now-a-days Recruiters have to act like a MARKETER.

They have to involve into EMPLOYER BRANDING. With the passage of time Recruiters have understood that PASSIVE candidates are not available on Job portals. They have to change their working style in order to target the creamy candidates available in market..And that’s how Modern Recruitment has replaced Traditional Recruitment.

Please share the latest technology that the company is utilizing to offer better services.

We follow the Modern Recruitment Practices here. I’m being involved into Employer Branding ,To create a Great pool of Talent Pipeline. Relationship Building with the Employees /Candidates.

We have been constantly using latest technologies to strive our best services to our clients. We are currently using Nodejs ,MEAN /MERN ,Kotlin ,React Native ,Flutter ,Blockchain ,IOT. 

Given the new normal, the role of HR and related HR solutions is expected to change as remote work will become more mainstream. How do you think it will affect the HR Solutions industry and how is your company prepared to handle it?

Considering the current Pandemic situation ,Virtual hiring is completely streamlined now as We at “Xicom Technologies” as a Proactive organization didn’t feel such a drastic change because we have been already implementing digital HR solutions like Task management tool (Asana) ,Internal Applicant tracking system, Talent management suites. Yeah one thing has got changed drastically that’s INTERVIEW MODE .In order to maintain social distancing all interviews are getting conducted remotely via Zoom ,Skype ,Anydesk. 

What can we expect of the company in future?

We at Xicom Technologies have a great vision to move towards Emerging technologies (like Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ,Internet of things (IoT) ,Cloud Computing for future trends.

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